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Scottish independence: Alex Salmond says independent Scotland can have credit equal to Switzerland, triple AAA, where the evidence, where’s the facts, first he babbled about the Isle of Man, now, its Switzerland, what next, Scotland, the Saudi Arabia of Pies?

Dear All

When you think of Switzerland, you think secret bank accounts, Swiss Clocks and of course Chocolate.

As Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond rolls around looking for a narrative that works on currency today he has upped the stakes, yesterday he was banging on about the Isle of Man comparing that to Scotland. When that died a political death of ridicule he has decided to slightly enlarge his vision and babble on about Switzerland instead.

Perhaps it is because there are a lot of cuckoos there much like a lot of his ideas, and he would fit right in.

Prepare to be less than amazed; an independent Scotland could have the same “credit-worthiness” as Switzerland says Salmond.

Eh excuse me mister what about their bond market problems which have been flagged up as a major problem?

Although, the Swiss have done well, they like many countries have huge problems in the pipeline, and sooner or later, they have to be dealt with.

And of course, the Swiss don’t have a navy or a real proper Army and less we forget, are seen as neutral country, so less overheads.

Can Scotland have the same triple-A credit rating as Switzerland?


Switzerland is one of the world’s largest financial centres and a country that prides itself on its tradition of banking privacy.

They are awash with such huge cash deposits in their vaults, Scotland because of the RBS crisis would have gone the way of Greece!

Alex Salmond is wrong to insist that “creditworthiness is based on our economic prospects” with regard to an independent Scotland.

No plans exist and those coming down the pipeline are to be part written by a fiction writer.

Scotland’s strong financial centre could help it achieve a top credit status then again it could not!

Yet again assumption is presented as fact to try and sell a narrative that doesn’t work.

Alex Salmond hinges a lot on credit agencies, lets us remember that they are a con; yes it is just someone’s opinion which can manipulate the markets.

You could set up your credit agency and give Scotland a triple AAA rating.

And maybe Salmond would quote you as well.

Although Moody’s gave a triple AAA, rival agency Standard & Poor’s did downgrade the Isle of Man to double-A plus in 2011.

In what must be one of the most wishful pieces of nonsense, he rattled off a list of small countries to justify his position, such as Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg.

Not one is a direct comparison with Scotland.

Take Norway, they are sitting on an massive Oil Fund, Scotland doesn’t, therefore it is not like for like.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander says of Salmond’s plan for independence, it could lead to a eurozone style crisis.

He said:

“The Scottish Government have gone from comparing themselves to the arc of prosperity to a small island population. The reality is that a currency union between the rest of the UK and Scotland is unlikely lessons from the eurozone show the stark consequences of it. The only way to guarantee keeping the pound sterling is for Scotland to remain part of the UK family.”

And to finish off a speech of just miserable poor logic, he babbled out, Scotland must gain control over its own seas to rid them of nuclear submarines.

This is bizarre nonsense; nuclear submarines would still be sailing through Scottish waters even in the unlikely event of independence. His other point of “unelected commissioners” is just vacuous.

The final laugh is that Salmond says t hat Scotland is on the verge of a “second energy windfall.”

Has Alex Salmond ever ridden a horse?

If so, he knows what horseshit is, and that is what his speech is, a pile of horseshit, the “second energy windfall can only be harnessed “wisely” with independence.

The Scottish National Party isn’t up to the task of managing domestic matters such as health, but they were good at covering it up, a whole country is quite beyond their scope, they don’t have the talent, the vision, the plan or the abilities needed.

Salmond tried Isle of Man, then he upped the size to Switzerland, what country will he signal out next, the United States?

Why not Germany?

Have another pie Alex and start to think about the Saudi Arabia of Pies, you will get enough 'wind' from that plus the double hit of feeding the population.

You just plug people's arses into the national grid!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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