Thursday, July 11, 2013

In the trial of Nationalist MSP Bill Walker, it is alleged that he 'put former wife in hospital by pushing her to the ground', hospital records show a head injury from "blunt force trauma", no sign of Nicola Sturgeon, apparently this one ‘Court’ she doesn’t want to attend.

Dear All

The trial of National MSP Bill Walker is one Court that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister doesn’t want to be seen at.

Wimbledon okay, Edinburgh Sheriff Court not okay!

Through-out this trial we have heard sensational claims heeped on sensational claims of how ‘yours for Scotland’ warrior Walker allegedly behaved towards his former wvies.

This could definitely be a movie.

Latest high doe action is that the MSP allegedly put his former wife in hospital by pushing her to the ground.

The trial of Nicola Sturgeon’s close colleague Bill Walker heard that his second wife, Anne Gruber, had to go to accident and emergency after hitting her head on concrete.

The independent member for Dunfermline is exercising his legal right to deny 23 assaults and one breach of the peace.

On the fourth day of his trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Dr Kranti Hiremath said she had been asked to review Mrs Gruber's medical records from the 1970s and 1980s.

Expert witnesses carry quite some considerable weight in a trial.

Dr Kranti Hiremath read to the court an entry made by Mrs Gruber's doctor on November 5 1983.

It said:

"She attended the accident and emergency department at Royal Infirmary at 4am or 5am, having been pushed by her husband, falling to the ground, striking her head on concrete."

The doctor's notes said she had bruising and swelling to the back of her head.

Dr Hiremath then delivered a classic line that perks people’s interest when she agreed that the injuries were consistent with "blunt force trauma".

And she also agreed with the account the account given by Mrs Gruber.

The notes also contained an explosive entry from the period:

"My opinion is that Mrs Walker's condition of anxiety and depression over many months has been largely due to her husband's behaviour which appears unreasonable and latterly violent."

Under cross-examination by Walker's lawyer, solicitor advocate Gordon Martin, Dr Hiremath did agree that the medical records were based on Mrs Gruber's account of events, however Martin’s problem is that this account was sealed and locked away for decades.

During an interview with Detective Sergeant Paul Dick who detained Walker, the MSP said that Mrs Gruber once tried to stab him with an old metal dagger.

So far in this trial, we have had evidence of ‘fists of fury’, blade weapons and firearms, of fences being jumped over, dog possibly being frightened.

And another day and another no show by Bill Walker’s close colleague Nicola Sturgeon, doesn’t she know that it is free to go to Edinburgh Sheriff Court?

She had no problem going to the Centre Court at Wimbledon, but then you wouldn’t hear anything about heads bouncing off the concrete.

You have to go to the trial of Nationalist MSP Bill Walker to hear about this ‘yours for Scotland’ warrior’s private life for that revelation.

And to think when a relative of an alleged victim turned up at Nicola Sturgeon’s office, the Scottish National Party did nothing, the old story of the leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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