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Scottish independence: Nationalists losing the battle for independence as Prime Minister David Cameron mocks Angus Robertson in heated exchanges, Project Fear buzzword used in Commons, SNP outclassed on the political battlefield

Dear All

You have to feel slightly sorry for Englishman and SNP MP Angus Robertson.

He has a fancy title of being the director of the SNP's referendum campaign; that campaign is on its arse, no glory for him this time at the ballot box.

Angus Robertson isn’t effective, as the SNP defence spokesman, he has done a rather poor and shoddy job, as leader at Westminster of the ‘Malcontent 6’, he isn’t popular, and what does it say about the quality of his work, when there is no credible plan to protect Scotland, his remit. 

Angus Robertson is just another laughing stock!

Even Prime Minister David Cameron holds him in utter contempt, in one heated Commons exchange, Cameron appeared to silently mouth “will you fuck off”!

For all the good that Angus Robertson does, it seems like sound advice.

Yesterday saw Susan Stewart of Yes Scotland jumping into one of the lifeboats and left the sinking ship that is Yes Scotland, rowing furiously away, she was last seen heading towards “other opportunities”.

She didn’t take anyone else with her, the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity was remarkably quickly dropped by her after only 10 short months.

A sign that the ‘too many talent people’ gag isn't working on the middle level 90 minute Nationalists!

As the independence battle heats, poor Englishman Angus Robertson is looking increasingly like he needs a lifeboat as well.

Where would be row furiously away too, who cares?

David Cameron has a bee in his bonnet where Robertson is concerned, he has given his most confident assessment yet of the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK, when he boasts that the Nationalists are “losing the battle.”

Rather than the A team, it seems that the SNP have gone for the GAY Team.

But the happiness has been short lived, bit hard to be happy when you are getting taken up the politically arse on a daily basis.

In the House of Commons, Cameron returned to do battle with Robertson as the Prime Minister responded to the SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson’s call for Better Together campaign to drop “puerile tripe” on roaming and haulage charges.

One of the things in a war is to throw smoke about the place to confuse the enemy, Angus Robertson isn’t in a smoke free environment.

Robertson was swift to quote criticisms of the government’s latest analysis produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) which included controversial claims about roaming charges for mobile phones and £1,000 fees for Scottish hauliers to use the road network in the rest of the UK should Scotland become independent.

I see that as part of the fog of political warfare, you don’t fight smoke; you just let it drift across the battlefield while you prepare your own attack.

Angus Robertson said:

“The Prime Minister’s deputy party leader in Scotland [Jackson Carlaw] describes the UK Government’s scaremongering about independence as ‘silly’; one of his key donors in Scotland describes it as ‘puerile’; and the country’s leading Conservative commentator says that it is ‘tripe’. Given that the Prime Minister is in charge of Project Fear for the UK Government, will he ditch this silly, puerile tripe?”

Project Fear is the new SNP buzzword phrase, in a poster which copied Alien, “no one can hear you scream in Westminster”.

Yes Scotland seemed to have ripped that from Ridley Scott and Christopher Pincher MP.

As I said, there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

But they can read!

David Cameron is confident that the work produced by the UK government analysis papers will do the trick for a No vote.

I see their stuff as icing on the cake, the real work on the defeat of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon will be done by the Scottish people.

They will not be voting for Salmond’s right wing junta.

Robertson’s criticism is only being made because the SNP is losing the battle of facts.

That was one battle that they used lies as ammo!

Cameron said:

“The information that has been produced by the Government on what would happen under Scottish independence is impartial, extremely powerful and very sensible. The fact is that the Scottish nationalists are losing the arguments on jobs, the economy and the influence that Scotland would have in the world. I say bring on the referendum, because they are losing the battle.”

Unionists are clearly enjoying the Scottish independence campaign, they have the talent, the SNP have ‘cut and paste’, ‘answers on the back of a fag packet’, and people who are clueless who will change their story and say anything.

Project Fear, also appears to be a title ripped off from a first person shooter video game, much like the SNP strategy, you can fire as many bullets as you wish, but in reality, no one dies or even gets winged by Nationalists.

And looking at the Yes Scotland poster, the ‘Alien’ comes out of the top of the egg not the bottom.

The strap line that ‘In Westminster no one can hear you scream’!

Just as well, David Cameron is fucking Angus Robertson so hard up the political ass and so often these days in the Chamber; someone should call the Westminster Council to complain about the noise if a window is ever left open!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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