Monday, July 8, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond's rather stupid petty provincial minded stunt in the Royal box at Wimbledon shows how desperate he is for publicity for another re-launch of his failed Scottish independence campaign, his lack of class backfires, utter buffoon!

Dear All

First Minister Alex Salmond is a clown and an utter buffoon.

The Scottish independence campaign has died, senior staff at Yes Scotland have jumped ship, Scottish people aren’t donating to the campaign, and Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have no one willing to work for them except their clique and some hangers on.

Dead is dead!

Despite driving their campaign into the deck due to their own stupidity, Salmond and Sturgeon are like two rats in a barrel running around desperately trying to get out and going mad in the process.

The latest sign of the madness of Alex Salmond was his rather bad taste of waving a Saltire behind David Cameron's head in the wake of Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon victory.

I personally thought that the SNP would have a stunt ready to go and low and behold, Alex Salmond steps up to the plate to prove me right.

Salmond appeared to deliberately raise the Scottish flag behind the Prime Minister's head in the Royal Box on Centre Court yesterday so it would be in the television shot.

Student politics and unworthy of someone holding the office of First Minster of Scotland, unionists supporters have since accused him of "photobombing" David Cameron and breaking All England Club rules.

The rules are clear large banners and flags cannot be used around the courts.

Having done his stupid ill judged stunt which doesn’t help his independence cause, he has since went to try and laugh it off stating he had "no idea" what the seating plans were, and the Wimbledon authorities had not minded his actions "in the slightest".

Presumably they didn’t think it would prudent to have the argument then and there, however, future invitations might be a problem for Salmond and the SNP leadership.

In breaking the rules, Salmond said:

"I think it (is) a rule more observed in the breaking than the observation."

Salmond said the flag had been in his wife Moira's handbag so this was a planned stunt, I wonder would Salmond have raised the Satire if Murray had lost?

I think not!

Mr Cameron's official spokesman declined to say whether the Prime Minister regarded the First Minister's action as a "stunt", telling reporters:

"You will have to ask Mr Salmond about that."

He added:

"What the Prime Minister did was to ask for the Saltire to fly from Downing Street yesterday."

It seems that Although David Cameron was willing to act in a professional manner with a touch of class; it seems such lofty ideals are beyond Alex Salmond who has been described by some as lower middle class.

Education Secretary Michael Gove chipped in to suggest it was inappropriate behaviour for Wimbledon's Royal Box.

He told Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3:

"I think there is a difference between how you might behave in the Royal Box in Wimbledon and how you might behave in Hampden if a Scottish football team were to win... I think it was a wee bit of a stunt... my advice to Alex would just be 'Put it away dear'."

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are like two rats trapped in a barrel with no way out, in their madness they are running around in circles desperate to find a route out of their self inflicted troubles.

The Scottish independence campaign is dead, senior members of Yes Scotland have jumped ship, donations to the independence campaign are drying up and there is no one willing to work for Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

This sorry episode is just a symptom of the continual collapse of his political career.

Alex Salmond has no class and doesn't think it is a problem when he shows it off!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

It's usually Glesga neds who get their burds to smuggle bevvy or their chibs into nightclubs in their handbags but I never dreamed the First Minister would emulate Wee Malky at Wimbledon.
Tut tut.
Was that his Mother who accompanied him? He should have took Ms McAlpine with him.

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave the Union. Worried England Resident

Anonymous said...

Stop yer whining you lot So it is now a crime to be a patriot and wave your nations flag? God help us all. I am proud Alex waved his flag because it is his job to fight Scotlands corner and he is not ashamed of who he is! WELL DONE ALEX! .

Anonymous said...

He was waving his chances goodbye on tv for an indy win George