Monday, November 21, 2016

Things Just Got Worse, Blair is back, former PM announces he is 'returning to British politics' and cites the Tories are 'screwing up Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn is a nutter', Blair thinks he can fill the massive hole in British politics, he is responsible for one million Iraqi dead, if the law worked the way it should he would be in the dock at the Hague charged with war crimes

Dear All

Blair is back!

That would be Tony Blair who left office in disgrace, sold out the people of Britain, jumped into bed with billionaires and millionaires and ended up in a ding dong fight between ‘Blairites’ and ‘Brownites’ for the leadership of the Labour Party.

Tony Blair who has the blood of a million Iraqis on his hands is 'returning to British politics' because the Tories are 'screwing up Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn is a nutter'. In a previous existence, it was touted that Blair wanted to be President of Europe and was hanging around presumably in hope that a European job offer would come down the pipeline.

It never did!

The Europeans weren’t interested in President Blair leading a United States of Europe or indeed anything else, they had already picked out someone else, and Blair as everyone knows was seen as America’s poodle. The way he prostituted himself to George W Bush after the Clinton Regime ended was world class toadying of the highest calibre.

Do you remember Blair at George W Bush’s State of the Union address, where Bush pointed out Blair as America’s pal, it was sickening. Post exit from Office, Team Blair has run a business which raked in millions of pounds.

Tony Blair had a great run, he promised much and delivered little, his catchy tune for ‘things can only get better’ was great PR spin, but sitting here in 2016, we should reflect on Blair’s record both foreign and domestic.

In preparation for his return to politics, Blair kicks off by saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a ‘nutter’ and that Theresa May is a 'total lightweight.'

And this bit is especially funny, it seems that Tony Blair like the ‘Blue Brothers’ is wanting to put the band back together again, to that end it is said that he has ‘hired’ Jim Murphy. In 2015, Jim Murphy led the Scottish Labour Party to its worst election defeat in 100 years! So, due to Brexit, we have the ‘big corporations man’ Tony Blair wanting to influence the Government's approach to Brexit, in short many will see this as Blair wanting to sell out Britain to Europe for personal advantage.

To get the ball rolling Tony Blair is hunting for a new office near Westminster because he thinks there's a 'massive hole in British politics' that he can fill.  If he sticks one million Iraqi dead in the massive hole he will still be left with a massive hole, there is no way back for Tony Blair with the public, and certainly no way back in a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party. So, other than himself and his right wing Blairites still in the Labour Party who does Blair speak for?  

Is it just big business or the highest bidder?

It certainly isn’t the British people, they have spoken and they have said they want out of the EU and rightly so.

I have little faith that Blair setting up a new institute to seek to influence and advise the Brexit process is a sham, no one will want him, he doesn’t bring anything to the table not from Labour or indeed the Tories, he is yesterday’s man and the circus has left town. He should accept he isn’t wanted by the public and the political class in power.

The quip about May being a total lightweight will not be forgotten even if Blair meets up with May for a ‘coffee’ in the coming weeks. Tony Blair has is already sunk as May’s opinion is understood to be that Blair is part of an 'unholy alliance' of yesterday's politicians who are trying to frustrate the Brexit process. 

Tony Blair‘s choice to recruit former Labour MP Jim Murphy to advise him on how to merge his charity and business interests and to 'bolster the political clout' of his new Brexit-focused organisation is laughable. After his Westminster defeat, Jim Murphy effective ceased to be a political force and more or less just disappeared from the Labour Party however, it was said he still kept up paying the membership fees. How anyone can think Jim Murphy is a good advisor is beyond me. And his appointment is rather strange considering as I mentioned Murphy led Scottish Labour to its worst election performance in history. The Labour Campaign for Westminster 2015 was a shambles, you might remember my post written in Feb 2015; how the Labour Campaign was seriously going down the tubes.

Fucking it all up was bang on the money, who runs a Westminster election campaign with ‘fitba’ as a centre piece, especially when that campaign has no merit or mandate because the Scottish Parliament has this devolved issue and not Westminster. It was a stupid small minded campaign that the Labour Party ran and they deserved to lose as badly as they did, they had held voters in contempt.

Finally, I would like to give this documentary a plug:

It is called the Killings of Tony Blair.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Al C said...

That prick is partly responsible for the mess that Britain has been having to deal with for the past decade or so.