Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bitch Slapped Hard; former SNP leader Alex Salmond gets turfed out of Holyrood as he tries to use the building for a photo op by staff, and Nicola Sturgeon makes a fool of herself by lobbying for single market membership, maybe its time for a tv show with the intro, ‘previously on the Arse’!

Dear All

You should be angry, very angry as to what passes for a politician in Scotland, we don’t have giants strutting the world stage, we have eejits, self absorbed eejits who can’t get anything right and only think of their own waning importance.

Yes, I came across a story that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was blocked from handing over charity cheque in Holyrood because he’s not an MSP, Salmond decided that the rules don’t apply to him only to find out that as a has-been full of himself they do.

We then had the undignified spectacle of Alex Salmond in a foaming mouth rant that that the ‘snub’ was in his opinion “pompous prattery”. Oh how it must have hurt dreadfully the former would be ‘King’ of Scotland to be ushered out the door like a bag of waste.

In an act of defiance, he then decided to have his ‘event’ using the Holyrood building as a backdrop.

Salmond said later:

“Presiding officer Ken Macintosh asked me ways in which the Scottish Parliament could raise its esteem. They could stop acting like a bunch of pompous Westminster prats. The Scottish Parliament’s great advantage is that it has always been accessible and listening to people. To say ‘You can’t do that’ is absurd.”

What has this event to do with Westminster?

Absolutely nothing, this is to use the SNP phrase, ‘the best people to decide Scotland’s future are the people who live here’ and they did just that by telling him to pack up his circus and move along.

A clear sign of not just gone but not welcomed back in my opinion, after such a humiliation as this you would think that Alex Salmond would have gone legal and got a super injunction to stop the press printing the story.

As to Alex Salmond’s assumption that Scottish Parliament’s great advantage is that it has always been accessible and listening to people where did he get that notion from because it is nonsense, the building is regulated; you can’t do what you want in the place.

Personally when I heard this story yesterday, it amused me greatly, the mighty have fallen on a cold wet pavement

Now on to something which really is interesting, sad, pathetic and funny, the Scottish leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon who has become a laughing stock through Europe by her constant antics to get anyone to acknowledge her Scottish Brexit plan for a separate deal for Scotland.

No one has, no country has backed Sturgeon and the SNP, it is a waste of taxpayer’s money and a gigantic waste of time and resources to boot.

For some further amusement, this is the great BBC interviewer taking apart Fiona Hyslop after she tells him he doesn’t understand what is going on.

Gordon Brewer is like Andrew Neil, if you give him an opening or you give him enough rope you will hang yourself. SNP Minister Fiona Hyslop is just out of her depth as the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs.

If you have an understanding of what a contract is, you will realise that the United Kingdom via the Westminster Government holds the contract of EU membership; it isn’t sectioned up between the countries which make up the UK. In effect, the EU deals with the Westminster Government as the sole representative of the contract, the SNP Government has no say, no input in reserved matters.

Scotland’s doesn’t have an EU membership in its own right, and that is a problem for the SNP, no seat at the top table or even the kiddies table either. The problems in Europe are growing; the migrant crisis was like Scottish independence a tipping point for public opinion. Europe has its own internal domestic politics issues, Spain has a problem where the Catalonia region want independence from Spain, in Belgium there is a movement to have the Flemish part of the country leave and become a separate State.

If we were independence if Scottish independence had been granted, the 28 Member States would all have the right of veto of Scottish membership, including the United Kingdom but you can forget them using the veto for political reasons.

It is not a mystery why Spain will veto Scotland, internal Spanish politics applies here re Catalonia, and that issue is a powder keg which a Scottish Membership could set off. Spain by default will veto Scotland’s separate deal no matter what the merits of the case are.

Nicola Sturgeon if she has any brains knows that a separate deal is impossible; you cannot have a deal unless you have a contract and she has no contract of EU Membership for Scotland. Dancing, singing, wee trips to visit Germans or French or Italians makes no difference to the cold hard facts, as a lawyer Sturgeon should know this, unless of course she is a shit lawyer.

As well as getting the cold shoulder by Europeans, Nicola Sturgeon is finding out she really doesn’t have allies will to back her stupidity, her Welsh counterpart Mr Jones said:

“For me, what is absolutely crucial is we get the best deal for the UK — all four nations of the UK.”

Best deal for the UK means no separate deal for Scotland.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said of the separate deal:

“I can’t see how it would work.”

He is right, it can’t work, imagine fighting a fight where you end up looking like an idiot, what kind of strategy is that?

Sturgeon’s Brexit proposals have come to nothing, to continue with this nonsense only makes her look a fool, so keep speaking, she is just a ‘tampax’ campaigner, civic nationalist, vacant and inept.

MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons, of Spain’s ruling People’s Party, said

“It’s impossible”!

He added:

“This is also my party’s position.”

Alex Salmond’s trips to Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to pave the way for Scotland to join a “Champions League” of EU bolt-on nations. Is another example of nonsense to dupe Scotland’s people that something is happening when in fact nothing is happening at all!

As the SNP squirm to find anything to show that the Scottish people, the idea of a future bid to enter the European Free Trade Association looks entirely meaningless as well.

Gonzalez Pons said:

“We’re not going to accept Scotland in the single market without the rest of the UK.”

Tory constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said:

“They’re simply stating the obvious that a separate deal isn’t on the table and is unrealistic.”

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop said:

“Nothing is impossible. We’re in uncharted territory.”

Delusion, the territory isn’t uncharted, what we do know as a fact and this is important, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP aren’t at the helm of anything, they aren’t steering Scotland or the UK to a deal, they are observers.

In a desperate attempt to invent grievance, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon used the fact that Theresa May was absent from the British-Irish Council summit in Wales as Sturgeon was pushing for single market status which will not be happening. Theresa May must deliver full Brexit to the British people and no backdoor deals or funny business will be acceptable to the people.

Nicola Sturgeon backed remain, now as an exercise, put yourself in her position if she had backed leave, what do you think the political landscape would have been then, she would be driving the intellectual agenda instead of being vacuous.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

Jesus,, I thought that was Joan MacAlpine in Salmond's arms,, hmmm,, just sayin,, lol.

Smudge said...

Speaking about rubbish like SNP George, I've been reading about that twat, Richard Lochhead. He's complaining about WH Smith not selling Scottish bottled water at Waverley Station,,, yawnn. Last week we had SNP MP Colin Beattie complaining about Toblerone, and now we have useless Lochhead complaining about water. These firms don't need tosh like these 2 telling them what to do, and as for Dichard Lochhead, well, that thing had to resign because he was absolute crap as farming minister. To Scotland's farmers, Dipstick Lochhead was a useless waste of space. There's many more like him in Sturgeon's ratpack.

G Laird said...

Maybe the bad haircut through you totally Sherbie.

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Anonymous said...

The Gordon Brewer interview was massive car crash TV at its best Geo, Hyslop was all over the place, and the attempted put down of Brewer was stupid. Great article as always, keep up the good work.