Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Europe in Crisis, One in three Germans feel they are 'strangers in their own country', Germany is a country that is gearing up for civil war, in a war there are no bystanders, how long will it be before German politicians are seen as ‘legitimate’ targets, Angela Merkel has brought down Germany, soon there will be a backlash

Dear All

Prior to being offered power, the appeal of the Nazis Party under Adolf Hitler was in decline, the German establishment thought by offering Hitler power they coul;d control him.

That didn’t work out too well as history demonstrates all too painful, the second world war is estimated to have cost 50 million lives. The highest toll was on the Russian people which the Germans saw as sub-human.

After the war ended, we entered the cold war as the Allies faced off against the Russians, caused by the actions of Stalin; a recognisable symbol of the divided Europe was the Berlin War.

At the end of the Second World War; we also witnessed a great displacement of people on the move across Europe, Germany lay in ruins, the country was divided up among the allies and the Marshall plan saw a new Germany rise from the ashes. This new Germany would later dominate Europe through the creation of what we know now as the European Union.

The Germans flourished, their manufacturing base was rebuilt, their infrastructure was rebuilt and the country had drive and purpose.

Now, there is a new Germany rising again, not a politician led Germany but a people led Germany, a people abandoned and ignored by the political class as the elite sign up to a global agenda. Angela Merkel has decided to stand for a fourth term in public office as Chancellor; no one in the post war era of WW2 has ever done as much damage to German unity as Angela Merkel.

How much damage you may ask?

One in three Germans feel they are 'strangers in their own country' due to 'Muslim infiltration', this is according to a study. And you should note the rhetoric being used 'Muslim infiltration'; this is strange wording to be seen in research by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation but in keeping with a lot of anger building up in the country. In Germany, such is the disquiet that the security services monitor their people and a quarter say they fear expressing an opinion 'without getting into trouble'. The security services aren’t just active in Germany, in Austria; the internal security is also watch groups like the Identitarian movement and its leadership, the Austrians are going to polls and it is possible that a new right wing government could win the election.

The Identitarian movement is slightly unusual as although it has been classed as a far right movement by their opponents, they don’t quite fight that profile especially in Austria.

In Austria, the youth of that country have been quite vocal about who they see as the problem, not migrants as they are seen as pawns but the global elite, who they see as a problem.
The study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is yet again another clear sign of what is becoming a 'disturbing' polarisation and violence Germany down the line that will lead to possible civil war.

I suspect that this time the civil war will put German politicians in the front line as enemy combatants when the violence starts and people will die. It wouldn’t be just violence that will be used; people will join political parties such as far-right, anti-immigrant Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). AfD is expected to grow and grow and they will win seats, the worst Germany becomes under the leadership of Merkel and her party, the easier it will be to win power.

When people become fearful they lash out.    

This has already started in German cities; now we have 'Muslim-hostile' marches taking place, violence against refugees being reported and open hatred being voiced toward immigrants. When you hear stories of German children being raped in swimming pools, the Cologne sex attacks, the epidemic of rape in Swedish women by migrants, you get a feeling of a fragmented Europe who will one day rise up against the political class.

What is interesting about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is that it is associated with the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDP), the trendy left is worried, worried because they are going to lose their voter base. When left wing parties lose their voter base, it is usually due to them not supporting the very people they were put in place to advocate for, the working class.

The German people haven’t gotten to the place yet where they will rebel as nation but they are on the road. If history repeats itself, when the Nazis took power a lot of people in then political elite end up dead, not just removed from power but removed from life.

Toleration might becoming to an end as Europe becomes more and more polarised, the Muslim terrorist attacks will take care of that down the line; then we will see a massive backlash.

Angela Merkel has opened the floodgates which will destroy Europe as we know it; her legacy isn't about to be written just yet, but future events will shape it. The rape culture she introduced will damn her just as it did the Soviets after they raped their way through Berlin to get to the Reichstag in 1945.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Yet another excellent blog. You always tell it like it is. The german leadership have trashed Wetern Europe for the third time in a hundred years. The current mess is in slow motion compared to the first two. However, each time the germans have decided to lay waste to the entire continent, the scale of the damage has been greater. The arrogance displayed by merkel is entirely comparable to both the kaiser and hitler. Merkel knew that the "migrants" would come from the South and would have to pass through other people's countries to get to Germany. She therefore decided not to consult the countries affected, nor even her own people. Now, she is apparently so pleased with the disaster she has caused to all of western Europe that she intends to stand for a fourth term as fuhrer, sorry chancellor. I have tried to get a handle on her standing in the polls but failed. I know that AfD and others are said to be rising and have inflicted political defeats on the merkelites. It would be very disappointing if this witch got re-elected and therefore got away with this monstrous attack on Europe. I would like to think that germans could not possibly be so stupid as to allow merkel to continue with her insanity. However, we live in uncertain times. AfD et al may not achieve enough support in time for the upcoming election to cause a serious political upset. I very much hope they will. In france hollande and sarkozy seem to be out of the running. It could just be that Marine le Pen will follow the current trend for the seemingly impossible to occur (Brexit, Trump). It must, at least, be possible that the current political class will get a bloody nose and start to lose their grip on power. Time will tell.

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Dear Auld Jock

Have a read of this post.

What I would also like you to look at is the youtube video by the young black woman, I was told about this on Thursday by an Austrian guy. The German Police want to 'question' this woman who as I understand has left Europe and gone back to America.

The situation in Europe is becoming a powder keg, and sooner or later it will blow up.