Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SNP, the Party with nowhere to go, Nicola Sturgeon cannot escape her destiny to fail, the sands of time for her have ran out as support for Scottish independence is at its ‘lowest since 2014 referendum’, any second indyref is doomed to fail

Dear All

Do you like music?

I do but I am not an expert, I like what I like whatever it is and from whatever time, we see pop bands and fall as the public have ‘stars’ placed before them as the next big thing. I remember my time at uni where lots of perfectly sensible female medics were all gaga ofver Marti Pellow and the band Wet Wet Wet.

Marti Pellow is now doing Aladdin at the SECC.

Everyone has their ‘time’ and then they fade, the same applies to political parties and policies.

In 2014, the SNP set the date of Scottish independence as September 14th that died a painful death, the lies and deception killed the dream. After being caught lying; the SNP leaders decided to keep lying, not having learned the lesson.

The truth of the matter, I never saw 2014 as a real date for possible independence, the SNP’s white paper clearly was a piece of garbage and show how the SNP had no idea what they were doing, you can’t win independence by lying to the public no matter what the issue.

At the Glasgow Count, the SNP cheered as they won every constituency in the City, in Pollok they with 30/40 activists got 27k votes, I was in the Better Together team of 5/6 people and we managed to get 22k votes. We didn’t have enough time, resources and people to cover the entire area to make our case but despite that the effort of the group mostly non-party political people was extraordinary. The Labour Campaign was weak and pretty much not effective; no one in Pollok which the party leaders neglected wanted to come out. 

Alex Salmond lost big, he marched the Nationalists up to the top of the hill and then he turned them round and marched them back down again, a humiliating defeat which led to his resignation in the huff. Next comes along Nicola Sturgeon, the shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn, presented as the broom, where Alex had failed Nicola would succeed, and we should remember her ‘success’ is based on people rejecting Labour who had failed the ordinary people. Is there any evidence, well the election results in by-elections show that this isn’t purely a Glasgow epidemic? In Arbroath just recent, the by-election result showed the Scottish Labour Party in fifth place. I have to say this is a surprise considering that Labour had John Ruddy as a candidate, he is experienced, but despite this, he received only 177 votes.

177 votes for a national major party is a shock, but it shows how far the Labour Party has fallen in the eyes of voters, and it is all self-inflicted by the right wing of the party dubbed the ‘Blairites’ who work to their minority agenda at the expense of the working class.

When you have a window of opportunity, you have to act, you can’t wait, the SNP went for independence too soon, the best date in my opinion which I blogged on was 2018 after doing two terms of Government, but as their government was a success of the two terms, they are back to minus square one. The support for Scottish independence is at its ‘lowest since 2014 referendum’.

We are at minus square one because Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP can reset history, it is now harder to achieve independence now since anytime since the start of the first SNP administration.

Bottom line, Salmond and Sturgeon blew it big time.

Support for Scottish independence has plummeted in the past two years but the SNP have still managed to remain the ‘protest’ party as people drifted away from Labour, their ports of call have been Tories and SNP. The findings from YouGov put support for separation at 44 per cent; this is one point lower than the independence referendum in 2014. Although not a big drop, it is a trend that should worry the SNP, they have peaked and the ‘audience’ like pop bands want a new ‘rising star’.

A new political party in Scotland since the SNP is damaged goods.

Backing for the union is at 56 per cent and I expect this to rise as people see the record of the SNP in Government, holding power is a double edged sword, you have the keys to the kingdom but you also have nowhere to hide from failure.

Polster John Curtis of Strathclyde University said the survey was the first to suggest the yes vote had fallen since the indy ref but it won’t be the last, just as you get sick of a hit record played too long, you get sick of a constant stream of SNP people only talking about independence, it is off putting.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: 

“The standout finding from this poll is the increasing opposition to another referendum on independence, and the drop in support for independence itself now lower than at anytime since the 2014 referendum. On the day the SNP finish their so-called listening exercise on independence, it is now time they finally paid attention to what Scotland it saying - no to a second referendum and no to more division, more uncertainty and more rancour.” 

A Scottish Labour spokesman added: 

“This poll is further evidence that a growing number of Scots are opposed to the SNP’s latest attempt to divide our country”.

Scotland is in political flux, the public may not know what they want but they have pretty strong ideas want they don’t want, they don’t want Scottish independence and they don’t want to vote for Scottish Labour under Kezia Dugdale.

The sands of time are running out for Nicola Sturgeon, every day the distance grows, the chances of indy fade and the dream which they say will never die is in a coma.

The public don’t want an independent Scotland and certainly not one run by the Scottish National Party.

Finally, you might want to go see Marti Pellow at the SECC, apparently he has got his act together unlike Nicola Sturgeon. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Scotty said...

Excellent post George!!! I love coming to this site for a sanity check, away from all the SNP smoke and mirrors and underhand dealings. Keep it up!

Al C said...

What a pathetic joke of a party. 80 years in the making, they might have to wait another 80 years. Too bad, so sad.