Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon, Not a World Statesman, embarrassment to Scotland Nicola Sturgeon gets it spectacularly wrong on backing Hillary Clinton in the US election as Donald Trump storms to an impressive victory, George Laird however gets it right again!

Dear All

Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States of America!

I have always thought that Donald Trump would win the Presidency and it is time to make my usual political statement:

‘George Laird right again’!

This election wasn’t just merely about Donald Trump, there are bigger issues for America to grasp; it was about the future direction of America and its allies as they interact with the World.

I have to say when Bill Clinton was President in the 1990’s; he seemed the perfect President, the embodiment of everything we thought a President of America should be. Bill Clinton however had a dark past while in political office.

He came to the White House offering hope, he left in disgrace!

I always thought that the Democrats were the ‘good guys’ and the Republicans were the ‘baddies’, a view reinforced by the Bush Administration both senior and junior.   

I would ask you to read this wiki page about a documentary on the Democrats by Dinesh D'Souza, it might give you a taste for wanting to watch the documentary. 

Watch the trailer for Hillary’s America.

I have seen the documentary and I would suggest that this documentary has played a part in the winning of the election for Donald Trump, what this documentary does is simple, it tells the truth and as I say when you want to do damage tell the truth and accept no other substitute.

If you haven’t seen this documentary then I highly recommend that you watch it, and watch it again and again, this is worthy of being placed in the United States National Archives, it is important.

I wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump and how he acted regards to HIS Golf Course in Menie in Aberdeenshire, I said I didn’t like the way he did business, as he had trampled on the ‘little people’, allowed to get away with this by the SNP Government under Alex Salmond. The SNP went on to make Trump a ‘Scottish Ambassador’ because the Nationalists are ‘toadies’ when it comes to people with wealth and power.

Then came the big fall out, Trump proposes a ban on Muslims entering the United States of America.

Nicola Sturgeon dependent on the Muslim vote to hold her seat in Glasgow Southside decides to strip Donald Trump of his role as ‘Scottish Ambassador’, at the time I said this was a mistake, and guess what although Nicola Sturgeon ‘wins’ a one sided battle, she then goes on to lose the war!

Donald Trump becomes President.

Nicola Sturgeon who can’t get anything right back Hillary Clinton, George Laird backs Donald Trump, and George Laird just like in the two recent referendums gets it ‘right again’!

As a small amusement to me, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale jumps on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon and even goes so far as to go to America and campaign for her, that didn’t turn out too well.

Many people will be laughing today at Kezia Dugdale’s bad judgement, in politics it helps to get it right, it helps to be on the winning but even more important, it is important to make the logical judgement on who is the better person to lead America.

That person clearly wasn’t Hillary Clinton!

Now the dust has settled the votes have been cast and Donald Trump has won, we now have Nicola Sturgeon saying on US election that this is ‘not the outcome I hoped for’. Of course it isn’t the outcome you had hope for Nicola, you are a shallow hollow inept vacuously untalented fool who can’t get anything right!

Why on God’s green earth would anyone think she would get the right decision for Americans, after all, she is just a shitty little ‘tampax’ campaigner, that is the level and mentality of her politics.

Nicola Sturgeon is no ‘statesman’, she is the shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn with a massive chip on her shoulder and angry wee troll, a grievance merchant,  a plastic disposable politician who has clawed her way to the top spitting out hate and shouting.

Nicola Sturgeon is a clown!

Although I supported a Trump victory all the way, I am glad that there is a ‘bonus’, a small little side issue of amusement for me to laugh over, Nicola Sturgeon being personally disappointed with the result is tremendous, yet again, she is not on the winning side of history.

Down the line this will impact on Scotland, our reputation in the World and in the eyes of the people of the US will be lesser now all because of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and third rate politicians at Holyrood who played Student Union politics against Donald Trump.

One has to wonder how much genuine good will was in the announcement by Nicola Sturgeon when she congratulated Mr Trump on his win.

I suspect this SNP spinner clown probably said to her and ger feral mob, we need to send out a ‘well done’ to Trump.

But Sturgeon being the pathetic clown she is couldn’t help herself as she said she hopes he will reach out to those who felt marginalised by his campaign and make clear that he will be a president for everyone in a modern, multicultural America.

He already said he would be, sometimes Nicola, it is just enough to say well done and then shut your vacuous mouth.

You might think that since Sturgeon has 46 special advisers that at least one could advise her to get to the right decision, but no, not a one!

Presumably choking back the tears, she also paid tribute to defeated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and said she is disappointed she will not become America’s first woman president.

Sturgeon said:

“While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we must respect it. I congratulate president-elect Trump on winning the election.”

She added:

“We value our relationship with the United States and its people. The ties that bind Scotland and the US - of family, culture and business - are deep and longstanding and they will always endure. It is normal in any election for those on the losing side to feel disappointment, but today many in America and across the world will also feel a real sense of anxiety. I hope the president-elect will take the opportunity to reach out to those who felt marginalised by his campaign. Today must also be a moment for those who share progressive values - all of us who believe in tolerance and diversity - to speak up loudly and clearly for the values we hold dear”.

And ended by saying:

“I also want to pay tribute to Hillary Clinton. While I am personally disappointed that she will not be America’s first woman president, her candidacy represented a major step forward for women in America and across the world - for that, as well as for her many years of public service, she is owed a deep debt of gratitude.”

Don’t expect a phone call from Donald Trump, Nicola, he already has your number, he knows exactly what you are and what you represent, the miserable grovelling luke warm congratulations are so miserable to be entirely laughable.

You might have 46 special advisers making a mint out of the taxpayer but the reality is you are too wee, too small and too stupid to hold the Office of First Minster of Scotland.

Finally, too many people from many walks of life backed Donald Trump, but I want to single out Milo:

It is worth a watch too, this is from the Rubin Report.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Anonymous said...

You have an uncanny ability to predict these election results, George. Have you got a crystal ball or something?

Al C said...

I am worried though, because what about Trump's foreign policy?

Smudge said...

Nicola Sturgeon said,,,,
"Not the result I wished for, but we have to respect the wishes of the American people".

Ally. said...

This 2 faced ersehole Sturgeon sent Donald Trump a message of congratulation, after running him down from day one. Remember that Donald,, the SNP are destroying Scotland, a useless shower. Why would Donald Trump want anything to do with these hateful, insulting SNP ratbags. Sturgeon,, a hypocrite,, more faces than a town hall clock,, a useless moron.

Anonymous said...


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"You have an uncanny ability to predict these election results, George. Have you got a crystal ball or something?"

I look at something as it really is, I put myself into the mindset of ordinary people in the US, I look at different things all the time, and then use the acid test, what would a person at this point in time feel.

Which is why I tend to get a huge percentage of my predications 100% right, that being said, the state of Labour Party leadership actually threw me a while ago, I didn't realise how badly they were doing until I joined them. It isn't just that they are out of touch with the public but in Scotland also out of touch with their own members as Holyrood 2016 showed.

Mike Dailly ‏@mikedailly on twitter today said:

"Labour is dead. Question is can we awake the corpse? Need to get rid of the Blairites writing blogs on the cadaver".

Kezia Dugdale backed Clinton, why on earth did she make this mistake, it was obvious that Americans wanted change and not Clinton.

and here is a taste of why:

Thanks for commenting and I hope you look at the video.


Robert Wilson said...

The woman obviously has no sense of irony given her statement of 'congratulations' to President Elect Trump.

"“We value our relationship with the United States and its people. The ties that bind Scotland and the US - of family, culture and business - are deep and longstanding and they will always endure."

She'd do well to value Scotland's special relationship with the rest of the UK, where many of us have family ties and where around 800,000 Scots live and work.
She'd also do well to value the amount of trade Scotland does with with the rest of the UK, particularly England, since 48% of our exports are sold there, as well as the interdependence of our financial services industry, and the dependence of our military shipbuilding industry on the Union.

Anonymous said...

Thank you George, and I will. Fingers crossed that Trump doesn't turn out to be the ogre he's been made out to be, and pulls a Reagan. That is something to hope for, I think.

vonnyk61 said...

Brilliant 😂

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the angry wee nat will be bowing to pressure to ban Trump from Scotland, but she's going to look like an idiot (not hard for her!) on the world stage. What a quandry eh wee eck? Can't wait till this crops up when trump decides to visit.

G Laird said...

Dear Al C

Can you have faith in previous American foreign policy?

The Middle East is littered by American mistakes, I was disappointed when Obama said he wanted to go to the Far East and I thought, the last thing we need is a right bloody mess down there, we don't want a repeat of Vietnam.


Al C said...

Sorry for the late reply George, I must've missed your latest comment.

To be honest George, I really don't. Obama's comment must've slipped past me, and in all honesty, he has been a great disappointment in my eyes. I mean, Afghanistan had a good a reason as any in my opinion, but Iraq 2003 was a ham-fisted disaster and a mistake. And you are right, we don't want another 'Nam, especially if Britain were to get involved.

My main concern of Trump hasn't been "We shouldn't have change" but more whether if he's the right change. I was concerned if he was canny enough to suss out foreign and economic policy, especially with ISIS and the Russians. Despite my scepticism of Trump, I am happy to be wrong. Considering Trump said the following:

"(We) should understand the strengthening and promoting western civilisation, AND it's accomplishments will do more to inspire positive reforms around the world than military intervention."

I am hopeful.

And I'm not convinced by the idiotic claims that Trump is the boogeyman they've made him out to be. Sexual predator? Yeah, he gets up the noses of the rich and powerful (the political elite, the old media, Hollywood) and pisses them off, THEN he gets fingered for S.A. Well, isn't that convenient? Added to this, I have NO sympathy for the elites calling him racist and sexist. Well, if that's the case, they were more than happy to put up with him all these years. Hypocrites.

In fact, the "racist and sexist" comments seem to have had some tactical logic behind them: