Thursday, November 10, 2016

Scottish politics in crisis, Donald Trump’s victory shows up how petty, backward looking and out of touch Scottish politicians are at the ‘Pretend Parliament’ at Holyrood, the World gets to see how ungracious third rate MSPs can be and what passes for leadership

Dear All

It seems that anyone with any sense was rooting for a Donald Trump victory, Trump was seen as the anti-establishment, the candidate who made it through despite the political elite trying to throw every obstacle in his path including coming from his own side.

It is the classic ‘little guy comes good’, it is rich guy bulldozes straight through all opposition.

Holyrood is described by many people as the ‘Pretend Parliament’, the parliament in name only full of third rate politicians who really would struggle to be councillors, although there are a few bright lights, the wattage level upstairs in the ‘grey matter’ department is unsurprising low.

I enjoyed Donald Trump’s video in several ways, the main one was America needs change, it needs to rediscover its own people and help them; it needs to exercising better judgment on the World stage, it needs to stop trying to do regime change on the basis they don’t the rulers of a small country.

And the side bit which I really get a kick out of it all the senior members of the ‘Pretend Parliament’ at Holyrood getting left with egg on their face in the wake of a Trump victory. Holyrood, needs to be outed as the ‘Pretend Parliament’, it needs to be outed as a national joke on Scots.

When Scottish political leaders yesterday spoke of their dismay at Donald Trump’s victory what they were really saying is their dismay of being shown to be inadequate, petty and backward looking.

Nicola Sturgeon made a real fool of herself, it was delicious, and she wasn’t the only one, Kezia Dugdale and Patrick Harvie also jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon, because in the pretend world of Holyrood, the bubble operates.

Sturgeon says claiming people would “feel a real sense of anxiety” following Trump’s election, I don’t feel any at all, is he going to start WW3, is he going to go round invading countries killing thousands of people, is he going to be bought off by the Saudi Princes.

I think the answer is no.

Nicola Sturgeon wanted her favoured candidate Hilary Clinton, one has to wonder why, some people say that the criteria was just female, yes, Sturgeon is that shallow and hollow, merit means nothing, the best candidate means nothing, the direction of the free world means nothing but if you’re Nicola, you just ask…. ‘have they got a fanny’!

Some Scottish politicians were blunt on a Trump victory, and apparently they were unable to hide their disgust.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said Trump was “responsible for a hate-filled campaign” that was dominated by “lies, misogyny and racism”.
Ms. Dugdale needs to wake up and stop using labels; she actively campaigned for a Clinton victory which was a huge mistake and a personal disaster for her credibility.

Kezia Dugdale’s days as the Leader of Scottish Labour are numbered, not because of this campaign but because of her opposition to Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum wants a new Scottish leader for the Labour Party.

I think that after 2017 regards of the result that Kezia Dugdale should step down with grace and return to the back benches or she can hang around and face a vote of no confidence by the grassroots of the party which has effectively walked away. 2017, Momentum will probably only be supporting Momentum candidates who are pro Jeremy Corbyn.

My personal favourite disaster of political judgment was displayed by Green co-leader Patrick Harvie.

I have absolutely no time for Patrick Harvie at all, he is a crap and getting worse, he exhibits continuous poor judgment and effectively is just a mouthpiece paid for by the taxpayer, he has been in Holyrood a long time, but what has he achieved?

I will be blunt……… fuck all!

He is a pretend politician in a pretend parliament who hasn’t created a better Scotland when I see him sometimes peddling his bike like the witch out of the wizard of Oz, I just think pretentious middle class wanker.

Like Sturgeon, Harvie uses the poor as a prop to advance his and his miserable little Green Party’s cause but in reality, he is now Sturgeon’s poodle.

Wrong on Scottish Independence

Wrong on Brexit  

Wrong on Trump

Let’s nearly finish up on Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond who predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton in advance, Salmond is as I said not a master strategist, he is a gambler, and when he throws the dice, he comes up with ‘snake eyes’ and loses. To recap on Salmond:

Wrong on Scottish Independence

Wrong on Brexit  

Wrong on Trump

He said:

“The difficulty with Donald Trump is not when he is winning and getting his own way. He is nice as ninepence in those situations. The difficulty with Donald Trump is what happens when he comes up against opposition.”

Ouch, sounds like sour grapes from Salmond who previously wanted Donald Trump to sign a letter supporting the release of Al Megrahi as cover for Salmond, a letter pre-written by Salmond’s aides, Trump rightly rejected it.

Holyrood is the ‘pretend parliament’ filled with people who display incredibly bad judgment and think small, act small, now the Parliament is held up in the eyes of the world to see them as they really are.

I would welcome President Donald Trump to Scotland, because there is a bigger picture beyond wanting someone because they have a fanny and beyond labelling them to be smeared.

Finally, a desperate Nicola Sturgeon had to backtrack and congratulate Donald Trump on his victory, what does this prove?

It proves that Nicola Sturgeon, the angry wee Nat is just a complete arse! 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Smudge said...

George, I'm sending an e-mail to congratulate Donald Trump on his massive victory. I'm also going to BEG HIM not to have anything to do with those 2 faced SNP HYPOCRITES, Sturgeon and Salmond. IGNORE THEM DONALD,they're pure hateful scumbags,,,, yesterdays rubbish.

Al C said...

I was weary of Trump, thinking that he was inept and not the right person to handle national and international security or prosperity. Though I cannot admit it to my friends for fear of them accusing me of being a supporter, I am open enough to be willing to be proved wrong, but the American left will not recover if they don't learn from their mistakes. They've screwed the pooch big time, and everyone knows it.

G Laird said...


Here is a video to watch on Donald Trump.


Al C said...

Thanks George. Very interesting video! I'll think about what he's said very carefully.