Thursday, November 24, 2016

Offside, Tory MSP Douglas Ross faces call to be sacked by the SNP after he missed key meeting to referee Real Madrid Champions League match, given the SNP are a bunch of hypocrites it is highly doubtful that Ruth Davidson will cause a ripple at the pretend parliament, but down the line she might face a problem

Dear All

The Tories were able to capitalise on the collapse of the Scottish Labour Party in 2016, they saw an opening by saying they were the party of the Union when Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said she could consider voting for independence.

The mistake was to prove costly as Labour voters who supported the Union felt betrayed and decided that the Tories were the best bet. Since her mistake, the Labour Party has been rewriting history to now be a party of the Union, one problem, the deputy leader Alex Rowley has since said that Labour is now not a unionist party.

You could say at present the Scottish Labour Party is experiencing a ‘ratner’s moment’ where their credibility is shot, Westminster 2015 was the worst disaster in Labour’s history in Scotland, Holyrood 2016 was the worst disaster in Labour’s history of the Scottish Parliament, voters have deserted them, activists have deserted them and donors don’t want to fund them.

2017 on paper is looking really bad unless they get some good luck by other people’s bad luck, Scottish Labour cannot change their fortunes because of the Blair faction which controls the party.

Double jobbing isn’t new in politics; several people do elected political office as a part time job which provides them with a second additional source of income and security. All the political parties do it, the SNP in the shape of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has several money making schemes on the go to rake in the cash. From top to bottom in politics, there are people who are elected councillors who also have a full time job elsewhere; a common trick is to be the councillor and parliamentary assistant to an MSP or MP in the area you were elected to ‘serve’, in effect paid twice for doing the same job.

The Tories did very well because of the stupidity of certain people leading Scottish Labour, but they also now need to play a more clever game if they are to crack open and get seats in council elections beyond their core support.

Douglas Ross is the Tory justice spokesman, ironically he is now facing calls to be sacked as an MSP after he missed key meeting to referee Real Madrid Champions League match. You have to wonder what the mentality was in selecting him in the first place if he wasn’t going to fully commit to the job.

To miss a vital parliamentary committee meeting to attend the match is a disgrace, he wasn’t there in the stands; he was on the pitch running the line at the Sporting Lisbon vs Real Madrid game in Portugal and making a few bob on the side.

So, Douglas Ross gets an MSP salary which is £59,089, he also draws a councillor salary representing a ward in Moray and then he tops its off by referring which is said to be worth £40,000 a year.

The Tories have gone up to be the second party of Holyrood, and if they keep on acting in this sleazy fashion, they will find that the ‘goodwill’ they received in votes can simply banish, previously when Ross disappeared the Tories described this as a “one-off problem”, it isn’t, it is an on-going problem beyond Ross.

I am not joining the bandwagon for Douglas Ross to be sacked as an MSP like the SNP have done, the Nationalists are just as bad when it comes to second jobs, they are hypocrites, I would say that Douglas Ross cannot miss any more meetings of Parliament or duties he has been entrusted with, in fact it would be better if he was replaced as Justice Spokesman and placed on the backbenches if his fitba thing is so important to him.

SNP MSP Ben Macpherson said:

“The arrogance and blatant disrespect of ‘three jobs’ Tory Douglas Ross is simply staggering.

Let’s take out the name Douglas Ross and replace that with Alex Salmond and ask if he would say the same thing publicly.

Imagine SNP MSP Ben Macpherson saying for a second:

‘The arrogance and blatant disrespect of SNP MP Alex Salmond is simply staggering’.

Of course Macpherson would say this or his career in the SNP would be finished, but we shouldn’t associate Ben with having courage.

The Tories last night dismissed Macpherson’s complaint because in politics you don’t acknowledge the complaint of the other side as being valid.

A spokesman added:

“Earlier this year Ben Macpherson asked Douglas to kindly speak to clubs in his constituency about refereeing – presumably this invitation has now been rescinded.”

The Tories might feel this is a storm in a teacup given that Scottish Labour is imploding at present, but in politics the long game is more important, I don’t see any joy for Scottish Labour, this side of May’s council elections, but the idea of the greedy sleazy Tory is still a powerful thought in the minds of Scots.

Tory welfare spokesperson Adam Tomkins was criticised last week after missing a social security committee event because he was busy with his lucrative second job as a university lecturer. I personally don’t see the appearance of Adam Tomkins as anything other than being put in place to help bring in Federalism in the UK. Tomkins like Ross didn’t commit to Holyrood either; in the main it could be that he thinks like me that this is a pretend parliament of not much worth. The reason the place is of not much worth is the calibre of the people elected to it, particularly the SNP along with others made it a talking shop for bullshit student politics.

If anything was to light a fire under the Tories to act on second jobbers, it would be the Scoittish Labour getting their act together, however as I wrote above, the Labour Party in Scotland is imploding.

Tory justice spokesman Douglas Ross needs to be removed by Ruth Davidson if he wants to continue going to the fitba, he should be given a straight choice, do you want to be a justice spokesman or do you want to referee, and then let him pick. Of course, she won’t do this, by imposing a standard she would be forced to offer Adam Tomkins the same choice, so Douglas Ross is safe for the moment.

But the Tories down the line might not.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Georgeiboy think you may be being a wee bit harsh given the game, its not as if it was a Pollock united match


Sherbie. said...

What about bitch Joan MacAlpine missing a meeting because she was out having a meal with fuckwit Salmond.