Friday, November 18, 2016

The fake world of Nicola Sturgeon, Sturgeon faces growing calls to resign by the public over her inept and incompetent leadership of Scotland, no amount of ‘selfies’ and ‘fake love’ from children pushed into Sturgeon’s arms can make up for failure to produce the goods professionally and personally for Scotland and its people!

Dear All

For some consider time I have been saying that Nicola Sturgeon is an inept incompetent shallow vacuous woman and unpopular.

This upset the Nationalists community as their fake PR managed ‘heroine’ was held up to the light by me. I have no doubt that Nicola Sturgeon is unfit to be First Minister of Scotland, and no amount of ‘selfies’ with children to act as a human shield by her can change that perception.

It is time that Nicola Sturgeon stepped down from front line politics, she and her ‘team’ aren’t up to the job of running Scotland; it is time that other people or parties got the chance to lead Scotland back into the light from the darkness.

I have mentioned that the SNP is effectively killing democracy in Scotland by the Holyrood Parliament by making the place a laughing stock, prior to the Colin Beattie story breaking, there were other SNP motions of breath taking stupidity that simply beggar belief.

The simple fact of the matter is that the SNP has filled its MP and MSP ranks with third rate politicians who think that pettiness equals politics, that ‘troughing’ expenses to give them luxury is a political statement.

Now more people are waking up to commentators such as me and starting to look at the SNP elected representatives and releasing that they aren’t very good at their paid jobs. Just recently; the calls for Humza Yousaf to resign as Transport Minister have rightly come thick and fast due to is inept handling of the Scotrail role. In grandstanding mode he declared that this morning he would be up at 6.30 am to monitor the situation and go to train stations. We don’t need him to go to train stations, people need him to draw up a plan, and patently he can’t do that, recently he declared that he was no expert on Transport, well, he is isn’t an expert on anything else either from what I can see other than ‘playing the race card’.

It’s great to see Sturgeon sinking in the mud as the stage managed PR attempts to portray her as a kind of superwoman fall flat, her failures both professionally and personally are legion. Sturgeon crawled to the top not by having ability but by playing a role as an angry wee Nat, the ‘nippy sweetie’, the loud mouth buffoon who gives the press good copy as they harvest the ‘stronger for Scotland’ nonsense.

The Brexit vote saw the Nicola Sturgeon standing on the wrong side of history, have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if she had campaigned against Brexit? What would her personal standing be now that the consensus mainstream politically is for leave? I suspect she would be riding on a wave of popularity of the dizziest heights, but she blew it. Sturgeon blew just like she blew Scottish Independence and badly judged the Donald Trump situation.

Her short vision couldn’t see pass what the bigger picture actually is, Trump’s proposed Muslim ban isn’t new thinking, in fact you can google and search previous bans by people from Muslim countries done by other Presidents. Nicola Sturgeon got on her high horse because she needed the Muslim vote in her constituency to ensure that she would carry the seat at the Holyrood election. Now, she has to live with the fact that the leader of the free world is Donald Trump and she has slighted him publicly in the past and like a fool carried on doing so as First Minister of Scotland.

As to her well done letter…… what a clown!   

I think Nicola Sturgeon should resign; her constant grandstanding on Brexit and Scottish independence is unhealthy. The use of Brexit and the new ‘idea’ of adopting the Norwegian model for Scotland is the ravings of a nut case, the SNP aren’t going to get a ‘special deal’ with the EU, those Brexit talks are and will remain a reserved matter. It is good news that people like me get hits on the blog highlighting her failures and urging her to quit. Sturgeon is paid a lot of money, her £147,000-a-year job is based on failure, but the reality is that Sturgeon will not quit, when she goes there isn’t any real talent behind her at all.

The SNP is mentally bankrupt, too many idiots in too many positions of power, people that you wouldn’t trust to organise a piss up in a brewery never mind anything else.

It is also great to see that the ordinary public are speaking out against Sturgeon rather than those in politics, Alex Robson of Clydebank said:

“I'm fed up with her saying she is speaking for Scotland. Well she doesn't”.

It is only two years since Sturgeon was crowned after Alex Salmond left in the huff and beaten man with his tail between his legs, now the penny finally appears to be dropping that the nationalist party is responsible for much of the mismanagement going on north of the border.

The health service is a shambles, run by Shona Robsion, her best friend; Robison is completely out of her depth as Health Minister, not only couldn’t Shona Robison not save the health service, she couldn’t even save her marriage as her SNP MP husband Stewart Hosie ditch her for a younger professional woman which made Robison looked like a ‘bag of spanners’ with a Worzel Gummidge haircut. Personally I loved this story as it also included 3 in a bed SNP MP Angus MacNeil and the rather catchy line from Ms. Serena Cowdy:

“I just can't keep my knickers on”!

Obviously a no nonsense go-getter, I like that, I like the attitude of 'I will not be ignored', do what it takes, quite refreshing in this day and age, but a worry for her partner Stewart Hosie perhaps down the line unless of course this is true love!

Michael Matheson is the Justice Secretary, you might not know this as he spends a lot of time out of the public eye, you might be tempted to think he is in hiding staying behind closed doors must like the Police Scotland who are holding secret meetings which the public and press aren’t allowed into or allowed to see the closed minutes of. Police Scotland is in crisis.

As I mentioned above, Humza Yousaf, the failing Transport Minister who is botching up Scotrail, and said he is no expert, but what is he good for? What does a non-entity like Humza Yousaf do to justify his existence? One thing I have noticed and no doubt that you will have possible notice it too is that the SNP seem to use Muslims like Humza Yousaf to call for tolerance using the LGBTI community, presumably this is to make the SNP look inclusive, which it isn’t .

Like most SNP stunts, it is exactly that a stunt, one wonders if Muslims like Humza Yousaf who basically flies under the ‘moderate and progressive’ banner will ever stand up at Glasgow Centeral Mosque and demand ‘gay marriage’ is allowed there.

At present there is a petition calling on her to quit, which has attracted more than 32,000 signatures, which misery and poverty plague Scotland, while food banks continue to grow, Nicola Sturgeon is coining in the cash; Sturgeon has raked in more than £1m in income from the taxpayer.

Nicola Sturgeon is pissing on the people of Scotland without the courtesy of calling it rain!

Elaine Hardy from Glasgow said:

"This woman doesn’t speak for the majority of scots, she had embarrassed our brave nation and made us look like spoilt children , she doesn’t keep her word and cannot respect democracy, she lies and cannot be trusted."

S Hutcheson from Glasgow said:

"Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are not fit for purpose. She is an utter embarrassment to Scotland."

Martin Dalzeil from Lanarkshire said:

"The referendum was a vote on UKs membership of the EU, of which Scotland is a part. We must respect this democratic decision”. 

Isobel Strathdee of Dunoon said:

“She says all the wrong things,doesn't speak for majority of Scots and should resign immediately before she does any more damage.”

Robert Wilson from Glasgow said:

“The first minister has never respected the result of the Independence referendum, using any device available to divide the people of the UK. Now she deliberately oversteps her authority by using the Brexit vote as a pretext to drive toward 'indyref2'. Frankly I, and many thousands of Scot are thoroughly sick of this woman.”

As many people know I stood in the Govan by-election in October 2013, talking to people on the campaign trail, it had become clear that Nicola Sturgeon had worn out her welcome in Govan particularly among women. Time after time, I met many women who didn’t have a good word to say about Sturgeon referring to her as an ‘arsehole’.

This wasn’t said in a passing comment; it was said forcefully and with passion, it was nice to see how the tide had turned in Govan against Nicola Sturgeon who people said had done nothing for them when they had gone to see her with complaints.

The SNP is a farce, it is a cult, a party within a party where the leadership surround themselves with the less than gifted to secure their own leadership positions, Sturgeon will continue, she is addicted to selfies with kids, it’s all big hugs and fake love and affection, presumably to make up for the gaping chasm that her life both personally and professionally is a failure to produce the goods for Scotland and its people!

Nicola Sturgeon isn't even a decent human being in my opinion!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Anonymous said...

Humza,s career; Call Centre. University. Government Minister.
That's it.

F.Ms Questions on Wednesday. Sturgeon blames the Scot rail problems on Labour's 13 years in power.
10 years the SNP has been in power and they blame Labour.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I think you will find Humza Yousaf was also a staffer for various MSPs, I put that in to pad out his CV for you to be in awe of.


Al C said...

Not a moment too soon, George! Sturgeon is garbage, along with her stupid wannabe-Braveheart clique. They have got to go.

Anonymous said...

That would have had a lot more credence if you could spell and your grammar was correct

Anonymous said...

Great post George and bang oan the money

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"That would have had a lot more credence if you could spell and your grammar was correct".

Why don't you re-write for me and show how it is done, or can you not produce the goods both professionally and personally?

13,912 views so far of this beautifully crafted and yet humbling post.


Anonymous said...

13,912 views does not mean that 13 912 people agree with you. at least one commenter above doesn't, and neither do I. I am guessing that most of the quotes you have provided come from people who would never have voted for the SNP, voted no in the referendum, and who's views will be the same regardless of evidence.

the one link you have provided in support of your claims leads to a christian website which seems to be implying that Gay marriage should not be allowed as it states "In his letter Mr Yousaf urges Mr Hague “to offer asylum to any Ugandans who feels threatened or persecuted by the legis­lation”, ....But not tolerant of African values or Christian virtue, of course." meaning not tolerant of discrimination against Gay rights? well I should hope he isn't!

You, and several of the people you have quoted have said that Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for Scotland, well actually she does - because her party was voted in by a majority of the country just 7 months ago. What you mean is she does not speak to your personal views, and that's fair enough, but you say that she should accept the result of the referendum and Brexit? Why don't you you accept the result of the Holyrood elections? a tad of hypocrisy going on there... after all, we KNOW we will have another vote in just 4 years. and if what you say is true she will be voted out at that point.

However, there is no date set for another vote on independence or Brexit, and those of us who did not vote to stay in the UK or leave the EU will not get another chance unless those who believe in it fight for it. put up and shut up? if you havent why should I?

Gregers said...

What I don't understand is why someone hasn't sued the SNP over their name, under the Trades Descriptions Act.
They bleat on and on about "Independence", when THAT is actually the one thing that they don't want. If you look at everything that is in the heart and soul of the SNP, what they really want is to exchange a watered down rule from Brussels via Westminster to direct rule from Brussels. So "Independence" is not really being asked for at all.
Therefore, the actual name "Scottish National Party" is misleading. Surely they should be called the "Scottish Federalist Party", as that more accurately reflects the goals and aims of the Party.

Tam said...


Things are so bad in the SNP that even the Scottish Resistance is calling for an end to the rule of Nicola Sturgeon and for the return of Alex Salmond. What is the George Laird view, can Salmond make yet another comeback in this time of national crisis?

Anonymous said...

I've always described her as a very loose cannon

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should check your own spelling and grammar if you're the type to point out errors in other's writing.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"13,912 views does not mean that 13 912 people agree with you. at least one commenter above doesn't, and neither do I."

At the present moment of writing this reply, the viewing count is 17,198, I don't know about you, but I think this post has gone very well with the readership.


Graham Mccomb said...

This post has never had as much significans than today. I have been echoing these sentiments for a long time, complete inept in government, pure bitterness to put this great country through all this again. This is the best article I have read on so called Scottish independence, note to SNP, we are independent and always have been we have always had a major say on the world stage. Wake up Scotland please

Graham Mccomb said...

This article has never been so significant as today. I have been echoing these sentiments for a while, hang your head in shame, ready to put this great country through all this again, pure bitterness. SNP have been inept in government for over 10 years you would need to be off your head to allow these Muppets to deliver us to independence. One of the best articles I have read on Scottish independence. Wake up Scotland, please,NOW

Anonymous said...

Great article and usual sabra rattling and threats from the the SNP about indyref2. So sick of the whole lot of it and particularly looking at Jimmy Krankie talking nonsense on behalf of "The people of Scotland". The whole thing is another embarrassment