Wednesday, November 16, 2016

People getting clued up: SNP MSP Colin Beattie and Patrick Harvie are clear examples of third rate MSPs who live in a political bubble at Holyrood, the public need to wise up and get rid of these people, the time has come to speak out about low calibre politicians at the Parliament, we need to constantly name and shame

Dear All

It is no secret, Holyrood is filled with third rate MSPs.the majority of them sit in the the SNP MSP ranks, the sheep are picked exactly because they are just that sheep.

Now, we get further proof as SNP MSP Colin Beattie lodges a ‘Toblerone’ motion at Holyrood blaming Brexit for chocolate bar change.

The change in Toblerone is exactly the same as the change in mars bars or snickers or most of the other chocolates freely available on the market, charge the same price but get less for your money.

And this practice started well before Brexit.

The grievance monkey motion by the SNP calling on the UK Government to 'take speedy action' to rectify the shape of the Swiss chocolate bar is laughable and should be pitied.

SNP MSP Colin Beattie should be pitied as too stupid to be in Holyrood and those who voted for him should be angry that a clown holds public office.

Beattie wants the UK Government to do something about the new design of the chocolate bar, which sees larger gaps between triangles.

Larger gaps means less chocolate, it is a rip off by the company, and the fact that Beattie’s motion calls on the Scottish Parliament to offer its official condolences to those "mourning" the change to the sweet is in some respect great.

I am not the only person that has noticed that Holyrood is full of third rate politicians doing student union bullshit; in effect these people are effectively treating us with contempt and pissing on democracy.

To them it’s all one gigantic joke as they stick their noses in the trough.

The full motion reads:

"The Parliament notes with concern Mondelez International's recent decision to widen the gaps between the segments of the iconic Swiss chocolate bar, Toberlone, in the UK; understand that this was made in order to allay rising costs for numerous ingredients; believe that this is emblematic of the devastating consequences that Brexit could bring; offers its condolences to those mourning this change to the bar, calls on the UK Government to take speedy action to rectify the change, but wishes the company the best possible success with the lighter bar."

A Scottish Labour source said:

"This took us by surprise – the SNP’s whole mission is greater separation. Even the most sweet toothed of Scottish taxpayers must be wondering if this is the best use of parliamentary time, some might even say Mr Beattie is about as much use as a chocolate teapot."

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

"It appears that the SNP's quest to find grievance in all things has now entered the confectionary stall. What a joke. However, given the grief Mr Beattie is suffering over the scaling down of Toblerone, the Scottish Conservatives pledge today to buy him some good Scots chocolate, like a pack of Tunnock's tea cakes which - regardless of Brexit - remain as delicious and substantial as always.”

Just as Beattie is a pathetic joke and excuse for a human being, there are others in Holyrood who do similar rubbish, people who use the Parliament as a Pretend Parliament to do their brand of student union politics which they have never graduated beyond.

Scottish Greens’ co-convener Patrick Harvie is a prime example, someone who has never won a constituency vote in his life and solely depends on the proportional representation ‘list’ system for his Holyrood seat.

The public effective cannot get rid of him or any other list MSP from the Parliament because the system is flawed.

Patrick as always is on the wrong side of history, he got it wrong on Scottish independence, got it wrong on Brexit and got it wrong on Trump.

Harvie said President elect Donald Trump was ‘deluded’ and an ‘extremist’ but when you look at what Harvie has said he wants to shut down all Catholic schools and has called for an economic and cultural boycott of the ‘racist apartheid’ state of Israel.

Does he sound like a liberal to you?

Or does he sound like a pretentious middle class wanker?

Harvie as most watchers of politics know is far removed from the lives of most voters as it is possible to be but yet he is fairly typical of our low-calibre law-makers. When I see him cycling in Glasgow doing his wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz impersonation, I have the urge all the time to want to shout out ‘wanker’.

It is time for a major clear out at Holyrood, this probably means that in order to do so there has to be more choice for voters to choose from, it is highly unlikely that the parties who are in the Holyrood bubble will do anything about people like Colin Beattie and Patrick Harvie. People suffer while pygmy politicians smugly shelter from the real concerns of voters in the politically correct bubble getting tanked up on a bottle of wine at lunch time while the real work to change Scotland doesn’t take place.

Westminster needs to end the Holyrood list system and Scotland needs to have more political choice, that means new parties with better candidates for public office, it is time that the third rate MSPs were shown the door at Holyrood and sent back to the students’ unions from which they came.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this MSP has only a Toblerone to be concerned about. What are we paying him for.

Peter Green said...

100% agree with your post

local government, scottish government, westminster, brussels.......they are all taking the piss and we need to scrap some of these and make it far more accountable and transparent.

With Brussels on the way out i would vote to trteamline westminster by killing the lords, get rid of holyrood and build a bigger more accountable local government/council that had more powers that could attract real professionals to run things rather than retired butchers and "Mike Baldwin " types.

further i would insist that all politicians be at least 25 years old and have had a real job before serving, downsize their pension rights and force them to never enter again after say 20 years of service since at that point most of them are defending the establishment rather than working for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

The NHS is in crisis, Police Scotland is failing, inward investment is falling further behind the rest of the UK, the SNP obsess about the EU where 11 Billion of our trade goes but is uninterested in the UK where 64 Billion of our trade goes, Scotland has 15 Billion of a structural deficit, (worse than Greece) and an SNP MSP introduces a motion about the size of a chocolate bar!!!! Third rate politics from a third rate politician from a third rate party.

Anonymous said...

The whole Holyrood swill heap is packed with political pygmies. The real politicians head for Westminster. Always have, always will. Holyrood is just a stepping stone for them. Of course there are exceptions. It's interesting that you use the comparison with student politics. Look at the political names who have graduated from student politics into the big time: Glasgow uni alone can reel off John Smith, Ming Campbell, Donald Dewar, Charles Kennedy just for a start, but none of them would have wasted Parliamentary time on anything as frivolous as Toblerone, and the SNP group in Westminster are no better.

Anonymous said...

you nailed it again George Laird

Doreen said...

Not sure if there's enough talent left in Scotland able to run the country. All the brains have to leave as there is little here professionally. A better idea would be to shut it down altogether and use it for something useful, like a homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr George Laird

The only thing that would end this nonscience is the complete ABOLISHMENT of Holyrood (Scottish Parliament) and to restore Scotland back to pre-devolution era of government. The Scottish Parliament (Holyrood) has been a complete failure and a waste of money since it was created nearly 20 years ago. Can you imagine the money that is used to maintain and to keep Holyrood running etc would be put to good use with it's closure. The Scottish Parliament has been a source of division and tension and has led the split in Scottish society and bad blood between England and Scotland. Holyrood is a cancer that is not only killing Great Britain but is also killing Scotland as well and the sooner it is eliminated the better. Albert Einstein once said the defination of insantity is doing the same thing over and over and expecing a differant result, well Scotland is insane with reguards to tollerating the Scottish Parliament. I propose there is a referendum on whether to abolish Holyrood and to end Devolution. Scotland was much better run and cared for before the creation of the Scottish Parliament. Holyrood has caused the rise of anti-English bigotry in Scotland and has led to the rise of the Scottish National Party. I would put the 72 million pounds that is used to run and maintain Holyrood into the Scottish National Health Service and to Education in Scotland instead of wasting on a useless and incompetent institution with the dregs of society at it's helm. Scotland under the SNP is like an Asylum run by the inmates instead of the staff.

Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your blogs and look forward to a daily post on the great issues of the day. When you wrote that your opinion of Patrick Harvie was that he was a "pretentious middle class wanker", I had a real good laugh, keep up the good work is all I can say.

Anonymous said...