Monday, November 7, 2016

The Delusion Will Never Die: Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP say they have 'triple mandate' to protect Scotland's place in Europe, and they can’t think of any SNP MPs who would vote to trigger Article 50, the Nationalists are in the pocket of big business, ‘bought and sold for Corporation Gold’

Dear All

Now, here is a laugh, the SNP has claimed that it has a 'triple mandate' to protect Scotland's place in Europe.

The situation gets more hilarious as Scotland's Brexit minister Mike Russell has said he cannot imagine any circumstances in which SNP MPs would vote in favour of triggering the process of leaving the European Union.

The SNP MPs are sheep, they don’t get to think, they don’t get to make decisions and given some of these people aren’t the brightest in society; they wouldn’t ever get to an MP’s salary or perks any other.

As to the famous 'triple mandate', it doesn’t matter, the SNP aren’t relevant in British politics, the 54 MPs and the two deadbeats McGarry and Thomson weren’t relevant before they were elected or after they were elected.

And they know it.

At present after the Brexit court case which says that Parliament should have a vote has caused concern among some people, but I look at it differently. If the MPs stop Brexit and the will of the people is ignored that kills stone dead the myth that MPs are there to serve the people of their constituency.

The people of Britain in a national vote gave a green light to leave the EU project, it was the right thing to do; Europe is heading for trouble, not just a few angry people but violence. The seeds of destruction of the political class, the self-styled elite who are in the pockets of the big corporations haven’t gone unnoticed by the people.

Across Europe and even in this country, we are seeing traditional parties lose a huge amount of support, Angela Merkel’s party is dying in Germany, the Scottish Labour Party is dying in Scotland, and in a recent poll the President Hollande was rated as the worst President ever.

So, what happens if MPs shot down Brexit, well that creates a constitutional crisis, if the Conservative Government can’t get a green light, then the only solution is a General election, and to be fair, no one really wants a General election in 2017 especially those in political parties. General elections are hugely time consuming and expensive for the main parties who have to fork out thousands for advertising and fees.

The SNP  'triple mandate' is meaningless, it is just more pretence that they are in fact a proper government which they aren’t, they are a bunch of incompetent as the China deal which Nicola Sturgeon signed graphically illustrates. In the Far East the fallout was received "very badly" where the episode has become known as "the Scottish shambles". I have said it before but I want to say it again, Nicola Sturgeon is a phoney fake inept shallow hollow woman, a shitty tampax campaigner is all she good for doing.

As to the appointment of Mike Russell as Brexit Minister, it is a joke, a phoney wee meaningless title devoid of real power given to a hopeless individual who was a failure as Education Minister.

People of the UK want access to Europe to buy and sell goods; they don’t want the single market which is a way to bypass UK immigration law. People didn’t vote Brexit for our sovereignty to be given away by a crumby backdoor deal. The SNP want the single market because they don’t care that ordinary working class Scots are being sold out when it comes to jobs, housing and education.

The biggest lie the SNP tell is that they are ‘standing up for Scotland’, they never did in their entire history; they duped people by using hate, racism and grievance to further their ‘cause’.

Do you want to know the reality of Europe?

In Europe, the rise of the Identitarian Movement not just in France but also in Austria hasn’t gone un-noticed, the rise of people power, not willing to accept being ruled by an elite that has long since abandoned any pretence of standing up for you, your family or community. Now, we have political point score to deflect you in a game of political ping pong when you go back and forth because the other party promises you a ‘better deal’.

People are sick of not being presented, they are sick of substandard politicians and they are sick of experts, they are sick of being told that they can’t have freedom of speech but others can, they are sick of being labeled by politicians when they speak out about others getting preferential treatment and they are always getting the shit end of the stick.

Article 50 must be triggered if Westminster MPs won’t do it, there must be a General Election so Brexit MPs can carry out the wishes of the people, in some ways a constitutional crisis would be a good thing, it would let people see clearly that they aren’t getting their views respected and the system doesn’t work in their interests.

Perhaps you might want to keep an eye out for the Identitarian Movement spring up in the UK and in Scotland, already there are people here promoting what is being done in Austria, right here in little old Glasgow.

The political landscape of Europe is changing, and there is a movement that clearly thinks that the current political elite have no future in it.

As to the SNP and their opposition……. Who cares!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Sturgeon,, a feckin idiot, destroying Scotland by the day. Just been reading what the Chinese think of her,,LOL

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The only triple the SNP could lay claim would be the pudding counter at Holyrood, the fat feckers need a spell on a treadmill.