Friday, November 4, 2016

‘Rock on Tommy’, major setback for News Group in Tommy Sheridan defamation case as Judges have refused News Group permission to approach the Supreme Court in a bid to overturn a jury’s decision to find the News of the World guilty of defamation, is £400k winging its way to Tommy Sheridan’s bank account?

Dear All

Do you love happy endings?

Have you ever sat and watched a movie where the hero steps forward reluctantly to go on a quest and save the day?

Hollywood has produced countless movies with a strong moral message and uplifting stories which the underdog overcomes the ‘establishment and wins for the good of all, setting things to right, we love that kind of story!

On occasion, in movies like Heat starring Robert De Niro, we get asked consider supporting the ‘bad guy’ who finds love and could have gotten away with it.

In real life, the little guy gets pissed on so badly that you would think that they were standing in a hurricane.

The Tommy Sheridan saga has been a case where there are no good guys and everyone seems to be a ‘baddie’.

Tommy Sheridan got convicted.

Prior to that misstep in his career, Tommy Sheridan had strolled into a defamation case which he won in Edinburgh against the News of the World.

He left court in triumph, as he did so he punched the air, it was the stuff of legend as a nation tuned in to a mini drama played out in the law courts of Scotland.

Think about it, £200,000 in the sky rocket is a hefty chunk of change; Sheridan had made history, the fall out as we know was that the SSP became split down the middle, and was then subsequently wiped out as a political force.

Next election saw every one of the SSP gone from Holyrood including Sheridan, yet again, the old adage of ‘the left’ fighting among themselves held true.

When Sheridan was convicted in the criminal trial, I said he needed a trial lawyer, but no, he decided to do it himself, he lost, and losing for him meant prison, he took a risk and it didn’t play off. His pled to the jury of him leaving his kid if they convicted him via prison was presumably heart rendering to people of a certain dispossession.

The doors of Barlinnie opened up and he became a guest of the Queen, sentenced to 3 years behind bars, he spent 1 year banged up.

Political career completely ruined.  

Now, in 2016, the years of pain are about to be rewarded as Judges have refused News Group permission to approach the Supreme Court in a bid to overturn a jury’s decision to find the News of the World guilty of defamation against Tommy Sheridan.

Sheridan was awarded £200,000, now after the passage of time; he apparently stands to get £400,000.

The decision to not allow the case to go to the Supreme Court was made by Lady Paton, Lord Drummond Young and Lord McGhie who said that in their opinion the case could only be granted permission to the Supreme Court if the appeal raised a point of law of public importance.

But they did also say that it is always open to the applicants to go to London and plead directly to the Supreme Court.

So, as the money tots up and we are already it is said to be around the £400,000 mark, will News Group go and make a direct appeal to the UK Supreme Court?

Well that is up to them, it’s their nickel!

After the hearing, Tommy Sheridan said:

“Yet again News Group had been in court attempting to pervert the course of justice. They are still and always will be this criminal enterprise.”

I don’t know about you but the Sheridan saga, the entire farce, the lies, the lies, the lies, the sex, the alleged hard shagging under a Che" Guevara picture, the introduction of ‘Danish Totty’ called Katrine Trolle certainly made this tale memorable, maybe even worth the £400,000.

My take on the sizzle of ‘Danish’ from 2010 and I would like to highlight my favourite quote of that post:

“One glass of wine and she drops her knickers, not even a cheeseburger to make up the pretence of a meal?”

If you live in Glasgow, you will know that Tommy Sheridan lives in Cardonald in a big house which would make Nicola Sturgeon green with envy, it seems ‘socialists’ love luxury, and if £400,000 is coming Sheridan’s way, the lifestyle of rich and famous never had it so good!

To sum up the farce, please watch and enjoy the Citzen Smith clip to get you in the mood.

And finally in fairy tales, the ending is always…… ‘and they all lived happily ever after’, but not here it seems, someone is going to be out a chunk of major change!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Desmond Tutu said of the ANC , they only slowed down the gravy train long enough so that they could jump on, the same is true of Shitty any hole will do Tommy.

A bombastic joke of a man .

Using his daughter in his indy videos says it all

On an unrelated matter apparently when someones mother in law got breast cancer she was whisked away to Rosshall private hospital

Let the cunts eat cake