Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Open letter to Anon: Cometh the hour cometh the Glaswegian, I have decided that I am going to be a candidate for Glasgow City Council standing in Ward 3 which is Pollok, George Laird to hit the campaign trail in the quest for public office yet again

Dear Anon

Firstly thank you for the endorsement of George Liard, however perhaps one day you might also wish to endorse me as well as the candidate for Ward 3 which is Pollok.

“I believe it is time for you to run for the office of Prime Minister of Great Britain. I see you have the potential to become the Abraham Lincoln of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, because I see you as such”.

I assume this is a reference to the freeing of the last great slave encampment of the white working class which needs to be freed.

“The United Kingdom of Great Britain already has it's own Jefferson Davis which is Nicola Sturgeon and it's time that the nation has it's own Abraham Lincoln which is you”.

As I recall Lincoln although doing a great deal of good was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth, an actor, obviously in politics at present things are a bit dicey especially in Europe.

I think you however have hit the nail squarely on the head when you talked about unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as Jefferson Davis:

“His preoccupation with detail, reluctance to delegate responsibility, lack of popular appeal, feuds with powerful state governors and generals, favoritism toward old friends, inability to get along with people who disagreed with him, neglect of civil matters in favor of military ones, and resistance to public opinion all worked against him. Historians agree he was a much less effective war leader than his Union counterpart Abraham Lincoln”.

Ms. Sturgeon to a tee, are you aware that ‘redneck’ is a term which was used because Scots weren’t used to the Sun and ended up being burnt. Of course, I like the State of Kentucky because of fried chicken, which as you maybe be also aware in bloody marvellous cooked right with onion rings, fries and washed down with cold pepsi.

“George Laird, you are a man of honour, courage, decency, bravery, integrity, greatness, loyalty, etc and the nation very badly needs you to be it's Prime Minister to destroy the Scottish National Party and to end forever Scottish Nationalism once and for all”.

I recently left the Scottish Labour Party, I gave my word to certain people I would stand as a candidate in the 2017 election, leaving the party wasn’t a big deal or a hardship for me, some people thought it was rather funny to discriminate against me. As the Labour Party is in a state of near collapse you would think that someone would have the brains to work out that Labour in Glasgow need all the help they can get with Labour councillors jumping ship, resigning and not being selected and rejected like in the recent case of Bill Butler, the former MSP.

I am not sure about being Prime Minister, but I do think I would make a hell of an MP in the classic sense of William Wilberforce. All I need is for someone to give me a chance to show but in politics, I don’t fit into the clique; of course they are happy enough to use me to get them elected.

Time for a funny story because funny stories brighten the day up, during the Holyrood 2016 election, I did the Labour Campaign of Johann Lamont, it wasn’t very good and even an ex councillor said to me it was a shambles. The campaign started late, hadn’t any money, no one in the Pollok CLP was willing to come out for the ex-Scottish Labour leader.  She lost, however that isn’t the funny part of the take, just some background to pad out the scene so you get a feel for the landscape.

So, as the campaign wasn’t very good, I said we should have some meetings to plan how we all go forward, in fact, I suggest the only two meetings of the campaign, one to sort out polling day, and one to sort out the last week of the campaign and passes to the count. I and others who attended the polling day meeting that everyone who was there would get a ticket to the count; there were seven people and Ms. Lamont. Now, the funny bit, at the next meeting to sort out the last week so the candidate could decide where she wanted to go, at the end of the meeting when I asked about collecting a ticket for the count, Johann Lamont told me that I wasn’t getting a ticket.

How funny is that, to make a verbal promise to someone who had been loyal and then to do this to them. At the first meeting of the Pollok CLP, there was no appearance by Ms. Lamont to thank the people who done her campaign in person, no email or letter to those who had come out and worked tirelessly on her benefit. I don’t think in the end the humour of what happened to me lasted too long, on the night of the count I got a ticket handed to me. I had five months before the election decided to ask someone in another party if they could get me a ticket as a backup. The look on the face of Ms. Lamont and her election agent Kevin O’Donnell didn’t appear to be one of joy that I got in. I think they realised at that point I had an alternative plan and that it precede the rejection of the polling station meeting.

I kept my promise to do the Labour Campaign of Johann Lamont, my campaign finished exactly at 4.30 pm on polling day.

I wonder if on the off chance that there is an early election called by Nicola Sturgeon in 2018 over Brexit would Johann Lamont come and ask me to do her campaign in future when clearly I wasn’t valued and made to feel part of the campaign team. After all, it isn’t like she could say to me that I have made any future promises to her which she could call on.   

To return to Ms. Sturgeon wish you quoted:

“Nicola Sturgeon would shit her pants at the sight and sound of your name”.

I believe that Ms. Sturgeon likes curry which does produce gas commonly known as farts, so I have no doubts her pants (presumably the sensible variety which hold things in) may indeed be visited by shit.

As to scaling the political heights, each journey begins with one step, so I will be standing for council in 2017, and I will keep standing for public office until I get in, some people took quite a few goes to get elected and I am in for the long haul.

In a sense me getting in would be a laugh because the SNP establishment would have to keep their mouths shut which I stand up in the council chamber and hold them to account, and also could you imagine the look on unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s face if I got in, it would be like her coming home, tired and hungry, walking into the living room and finding out someone had crapped on the living room carpet, the deep shag pile.

Don’t you think that is worth fight for?

Finally, speaking of George Laird types being suitable for public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University       


Anonymous said...

Good on you George.
Some funds on the way.
As promised.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Any funding would have to be declared and that means full name and address etc otherwise it wouldn't comply with election law.

Thnak you for considering me as a viable candidate, I don't know if you are aware but Bill Butler, the Pollok Cllr got bounced by the CLP as a candidate, and he was very high profile in Labour. Pollok is going through a difficult time at present.


Anonymous said...

George happy to support you openly , do you have a pay pal or fund where we can give

Al C said...

Go get 'em George!

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I haven't set up anything for funding yet, need to find out how to do it.