Thursday, May 14, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon appoints Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond as Foreign Affairs Spokesman at Westminster, straightaway Salmond declares that he is “against military adventurism”, in 1999, he was willing to stand by and see Muslims slaughtered, this out of touch clueless fool will become a laughing stock

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has been appointed as the SNP‘s Foreign Affairs Spokesman.

One thing that lost the Nationalists their chance of independence was the ignorance exhibited by Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was on matters relating to the EU. In Scotland, the majority of Scots don’t want increased immigration, something which the Nationalists are out of step with.

Now, we have Alex Salmond saying the UK should take its full 60,000 proposed share of EU refugees.

As people know, I favour an EU internal immigration policy in the European Union and have done so for many years.

At present in the Mediterranean, people from Africa are feeling the effects of poverty, to that end they are hell bent on illegal immigration into EU countries especially Britain. The people that are picked up in the Mediterranean should not be admitted into EU Countries, it is time to end this practice. The reason for ending this practice is rather simple, either the rule of law applies or it doesn’t.

People who are picked up should be returned back to Africa or where they started their transit.

Alex Salmond has previous form for blundering in Foreign Affairs, in 1999, he branded Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia an "unpardonable folly", the ‘fountain of all wisdom’ got that badly wrong, in much the same way has he got RBS, Faslane, currency etc etc.

Salmond can speak as is his right as an MP at Westminster but the bottom line is that David Cameron and his government doesn’t have to take anything he says on board, the 56 SNP MPs are toothless lions. The Nationalists have already proved that they are going to be an embarrassment, so let the ‘fat man’ speak, he will only show himself up.

Salmond says the Conservative Government doesn’t understand the "basic human instinct" of the British people to help those in extreme need. Help, yes, humanitarian assistance, yes, open borders, No!

Laughingly unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in appointing Salmond as the SNP's Foreign Affairs Spokesman will show Scots that there is no substance in depth at the SNP, and although he says he will range far and wide in his new role, it will only be meaningless sound bites.

Another laugh, is him berated David Cameron's government over the "insane proposal" to scrap the Human Rights Act and the Prime Minister's decision to hold an in/out referendum on the EU.

If Salmond was so clued up on human rights, then why did he allow his government to defend human rights breaches in cases such as the Cadder Case?

Think on that for a minute.

As to the issue of the EU referendum, it seems that Salmond only believes in democracy and referendums if he agrees with them. David Cameron was given a mandate for an EU Referendum in 2017.

I agree with Theresa May, the Home Secretary who argues economic migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe should be returned home. May aslo makes the important point that Salmond chooses to ignore that it is important to distinguish between those genuinely fleeing persecution and economic migrants seeking a better life.

Asylum for people who are genuine, not people seeking to improve their economic situation, that is a responsibility of their governments not ours.    

May said:

"While the UK has a proud tradition of providing refuge for those who need it, we must not provide new incentives for those simply seeking to come for economic reasons."

The United Kingdom is unable to protect its borders; this is a failure of the EU, who should have adopted my plan for an EU internal immigration policy. If matters are not given due consideration for reform, the people of the United Kingdom could possibly opt for leaving. Control of your own border is a matter of national security and economic security which go hand in hand.

Salmond and the SNP don’t get it.

Salmond says he would be "pro Europe, pro developing world, against military adventurism".

He missed out Pro stupidity,

Salmond told Channel Four News:

"The UK Government, in general, and Theresa May, in particular, is hopelessly misjudging this issue. I can think of very few people in Scotland and very few people in England either, who would want to turn away people in total extremity given the scenes that we have all witnessed on our televisions over the last few months. Where are these people to go if they're not settled? Can they all be returned? It doesn't seem likely. They can't stay in the hold of a warship in the middle of the Mediterranean for any great length of time, so Britain must play its full part."

People are moving away from talking about Britain and talking about the United Kingdom, the days of Empire are gone, something that a Foreign Affairs Spokesman should have grasped before opening their mouth.

Another classic incidence of how badly Salmond doesn’t understand the mood of the people was when asked if he agreed with the Conservatives that people were worried about the impact on public services of such a number of refugees, he said:


Totally out of touch!

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, said:

"Alex Salmond's blundering and bullish approach to many international matters warrants serious reflection from the new SNP MPs. Time and again Alex Salmond has proven himself on the wrong side of human rights groups and civil society."

The Lib Dems' Scottish leader added:

"He should be under no impression that he now speaks for all Scotland as a pseudo foreign secretary."

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

"In Scotland, taxpayers are used to picking up the tab for Alex Salmond's extravagant trips across the globe. Those across the rest of the UK may be a bit more puzzled by his penchant for Ryder Cups, tartan trews and film premieres."

Let’s home in on something important, in 1999, he branded Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia an "unpardonable folly", he says he is against military adventurism".

In case you don’t understand what that means, let’s be blunt, this fat fool is willing to stand back and see innocent people murdered.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Well said George I have no problem with poplitical refugees this country has a tradition of accepting those in danger of persecution. What I and most people in the UK have a problem with is economic migrants we should be striving to educate and increase the skills base as a whole in order to lessen the friction that will occur as immigration continues. How we will do that in this corner of our islands is unsure right enough with the places cut to Tertiary colleges in order to subsidise those who can afford University Education.

Anonymous said...

Mr Salmond is the gift who will not stop giving!

So he wants immigrants from Africa?

Fine as Scotland is 'Hideously white', and more diversity is to be welcomed.

However wait for the 'True Blood Scots' to get upset about this.

Anonymous said...

he is a fat fucking clown

s said...

Says it all about that arrogant b*****d Salmond.