Saturday, May 30, 2015

Open letter to Anon, telling the truth is nothing to be frightened of, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon said of former SNP Govan Councillor Allison Hunter, “Allison was a first class councillor and her constituents will miss her dearly”, while in Pollok SNP, she only came out a handful of times, and I met no one in Govan who knew who she was, I am not rewriting history because you find it inconvenient to read the truth

Dear Anon

“Repeat Repeat Repeat”.

If you don’t like what is written, can I suggest the Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow.

You say, “Repeat Repeat Repeat” but I think practice, practice, practice.

“Boring Boring Boring”.

I think the reshaping history back towards historical fact is a good thing.

“Change the record”.

Well, I am open to suggestions, what would you like to talk about, the SNP MPs clapping in the House of Commons showing they are just petty little clowns.

“Cut the crap”.

I think I am cutting the mustard.

“You have a Bitter vile and twisted mind and all your imaginary commentaries”

No capital B in bitter and where is the rest of that sentence, looks like it kind of tailed off.

“It is about time you left the deceased to rest in peace shows how low you are when you resort to writing about the dead”.

Your point is rather odd; I am writing about my experiences while in the Scottish National Party, are you saying I shouldn’t tell the truth?

Lets get to the nub of your complain:

“It is said that the modern SNP was trained up by a former Sturgeon crony named Allison Hunter who was previously a Glasgow SNP Councillor for the Govan Ward. I found that Ms. Hunter underneath the false exterior of ‘Auntie Allison’ was a deeply ignorant and thoroughly nasty little woman.

I remember on one occasion being abandoned in the street after an SNP event as her, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. Richard Bache was a friend of William Begg, the limbs in the Loch killer. Homosexual Begg’s prison hobby is taking the State to Court on any matter.”

I assume you object to these paragraphs because they are true, why should the truth about people upset you, either it is true or it is false.

If this was false, then I would agree that it would be nasty, however, given it is true, you wish me to either not write about it, or even worse in my opinion, lie.

Would being a liar make me a better person?

“Go and do something useful instead of sitting in libraries writing all this hate no wonder you are ill. For a man who brags about how educated you are this is just the pits”.

Firstly, who said this was written in the Library, I wrote that post actually at home. Secondly, why do you feel making assumptions should be considered as fact? Thirdly, while awake in my university classes, I did manage to learn something, and I haven’t bragged as you called it about my education. I have stated in my youth, I taught at Glasgow University, also I was the top of my class when I took fitness qualifications. I even taught half of my class how to pass the practical exams. 

I did this for free, not because I had to but because I was asked by them. Their teaching and technical knowledge left a lot to be desired but I managed to get them to test standard. I also got a Vet Nurse into Anniesland College on a fitness course, it turned out one of the assessors did weight training, when she mentioned she trained in the gym, he thought it was a good idea to grill her. My trainees were the elite of the Glasgow University gym, taught to teach as well as train, she passed and was offered a place before she left the room. 

In my written papers, my exam marks were 92% and 95%. People that I taught as students represented Britain, Scotland and also went to the Olympics Games, one person a rower was at both Atlanta and Sydney.  

I can understand if my past successes upsets you, but I don't go bragging about it, it was something I did in my past which helped many people.

In the SNP, the leadership or cult members think they are so smart and every one else is an idiot, but that isn't the case. 

As to doing something useful, I am doing something useful, I am using the Library as an educational resource; check out my latest projects.

Finally, you would have objected to this paragraph as well:

“Although I didn’t protest about such ill treatment by Hunter, I did at the time think I had been put in with a group of ignorant pigs. On another occasion Ms. Hunter at a Glasgow election count thought it was acceptable to belittle me by swearing and shouting abuse at me in front of a group of people. Since, I had given my word not to cause trouble at the counts, to Bache, I didn’t respond but it reinforced my opinion that I shouldn’t have been active in the Pollok Branch of the SNP”.

Here is the official version of how wonderful Ms. Hunter was:

I don’t retract a word I say.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Well said, George.

There is obviously some sort of campaign to discredit you, basically down to the simple fact that you dare to criticise the SNP.

Perhaps the anonymous critic should have a look around the web. Most of the neutral / non-SNP blogs have shut down or rarely updated. Many contributors now post anonymously. Not because they are trolling or being abusive, but because some are genuinely scared - and I use the word deliberately - to show their identity. Go to the Spectator Coffee House blog, and find the SNP activist who is so abusive, if he was on the street he'd be arrested.

You are one of the few exceptions, George. And it seems more than one or two people do not like inconvenient truths.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work George. Anon obviously never met Auntie Alison or he wouldn't be making any defence of her. And her nickname was only ever invented after she passed away.

Sherbie. said...

I read today the the SNP have lost control of Highland Council. Yipppeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

great post George, I agree there does seem a campaign to discredit you as said previously, keep up the good work, we need independent people like you speaking out

Anonymous said...

great post mr laird, your blog is one of the best politics blogs that i have come across. it doesnt pull the wool over people's eyes and tells it like it really is. surprised that people feel the need to conceal the truth, you take great care to be factual and i dont think people can simpply dismiss your views because the dont like it. sine your accounts of the snp are first hand not surprised they hate you. as someone mentioned above the nats want to discredit you. hopefully the person who wrote such nonsense will have the decency to come back and say sorry, the bare minimum in my opinion.

tam burns said...

who was allison hunter? spoke to friends in govan, no one knows the name,had to look her up online,she obviouly didnt do a lot for the govan area judging by the state of the place. govan cross rundown over many decades, where was the legendary cllr allion hunter, she was living in an upmarket part of the city. wasnt liked wont be missed, soon forgotten.

Anonymous said...

If you George, teach ppl in Glasgow and this is your mindset - you're part of the problem.

Hun fae Perth said...

George, this Anon character is just another SNP goon. Your blog clearly upsets the natz chimps and they'll try and discredit you any way possible. The important thing is to keep going because the SNP scourge needs to be eradicated. People need to see the truth behind their party bullshit. They will crash one day and I reckon it won't be as long as folk think. I always look to the wise words of Mr Struth for encouragement in any uphill struggle, like battling the SNP.

The SNP are just taking the piss out of everybody with their idiotic policies, ridiculous choices of pseudo Scottish MP's, nepotism, cronyism and just downright overall incompetence. Sturgeon will be forced to fall on her sword after the reality of Kojak's Mickey Mouse finances take a grip. Back pedalling on tax hikes already. "Go get em Ruthie baby" and keep up the good work George. No surrender. WATP.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"If you George, teach ppl in Glasgow and this is your mindset - you're part of the problem."

My trainees were the recognised elite of the university gym during my time there.

This guy was a car crash victim, all smashed up down the right side, re built his confidence and his body.

Note his technical skill.


G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

"I read today the the SNP have lost control of Highland Council. Yipppeeeeee."

Once people find out on an industrial scale the SNP is little more than a one man band, they should experience and massive collapse in support. Sturgeon isn't making people's lives better.


Sherbie said...

And George,, what about the SNP,,, said to have "bailed out YES Scotland", to the tune of around £ 800,000. Many have said that this proves YES Scotland "WAS" a front for the SNP, ran by the SNP. Blair Jenkins used to get outraged when anyone suggested YES Scotland was an SNP front, but this proves it "was true". The details of this can be read in The Herald Scotland.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

I never thought Yes Scotland was anything but an SNP front, one of the side episodes of that failure is Blair Jenkins didn't head an indy Scotland BBC.


Anonymous said...

well said George Laird, tell the truth and hold your heid up, the Nats don't like the truth being told.