Tuesday, May 5, 2015

‘Democracy is Dead’, Nicola Sturgeon’s Nationalists involved in terror and violent scuffles on the streets of Glasgow, why did SNP members go ahead with violent protest when primary school children were present, young girl in severe distress had to be rescued as Nicola’s ‘Storm troopers’ unleash the same style of hatred which was a hall mark of the Nazis rise in 1930’s Germany

Dear All

The Westminster 2015 election will be noted for one thing above all else in Scotland, intimidation tactics by people in the Scottish National Party and connected to the Scottish National Party.

Some time ago, I highlighted that the Nationalists were using the same tactics that the Nazis used in early 1930’s Germany. I got some abuse by people for making this observation, I also said the SNP is a cult, you can check back my blog posts on these observations. Interestingly, other people are now commenting on both these issues publicly.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy likes to do ‘meet the people’ events, this is old style campaigning which can be quite fun and gives the public the opportunity to ask questions. These types of events can be fun and are part of normal campaigning, you ‘set up your stall’ and make your pitch. Yesterday, Jim Murphy was in Glasgow with the actor and comedian Eddie Izzard for an open air rally event in St Enoch Square. It should have been good event, the weather was good, and having someone like Eddie Izzard would make the event special for all who managed to get to speak or listen to him.

As I previously said, heckling people is part of politics, but like most things in life there are limits, you don’t disrupt people’s events in the manner that the Scottish Nationalists are doing.

This stinks to high heaven of fascism!

My main complaint about this confrontation aside from the denial of the right to free speech is what happened to one young girl was left in floods of tears by the aggressive scenes. Why did the Scottish National Party members not care about the welfare of the kids at this rally? They turned up because their parents thought it would be a treat for them to see Eddie Izzard and possibly talk to the comedian and movie star, maybe get their picture taken.

Why did the Scottish National Party members think this was acceptable?

Can you imagine if this happened to your child, how would you feel?

At present, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is walking about trying to convince women and anyone else that she is a nice person, to that end, she is hugging as many kids as possible. It is all an act, Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a nice person, she is a rat, if I was leader of the Scottish National Party; I would publicly be saying any member caught engaging in abuse of the type which other parties have been subjected to would lose their SNP membership.

And to drive the point home, any SNP member associating with these people who disrupted events no matter what position they held in the party would be suspended pending review of their membership.  

Politics in Scotland has turned very nasty, yesterday I was subject to abuse on twitter by someone called drew peacock; he has an SNP logo on his twitter. When I tried to get him to stop making a fool of himself, he said:

“make a fool of myself, me? Eh, you are the cunt that hit out with the "do you know how am ur" pish! Fucken moonman”.

And he can’t spell either!

Years ago, I flagged up a lack of education in the party but in the main, I didn’t think it applied to spelling; my concern was more to do with political ignorance in the SNP. That is why in 2010, I proposed that a training hub needed to be setup to educate people in politics, in 2014, the SNP announced the ‘Allison Hunter Training School’, named after someone who hardly ever came out to do activism in the Govan Ward. Hunter wasn’t a leader of men, and although Alex Salmond touted her as a ‘great leader’, having known her, I knew that wasn’t true, dreadful and inept, a Nicola Sturgeon crony.

As the event kicked off scuffles broke out, and the SNP supporters didn’t reserve their violence to Labour Party members, a photographer and TV reporter pushed to the floor.

Nicola Sturgeon SNP’s idea of democracy in action on show for the world to see!

Screaming and shouting of 'traitor' and 'warmongering scum' filled the air as the Nationalists working up their courage before engaging in violence, this forced Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard to flee to a waiting car.

Jim Murphy has rightly condemned what many people in Scotland are seeing and being subjected to 'the ugly face of aggressive nationalism' either directly in their faces or online.

Murphy added:

“I am all in favour of listening to the arguments of my political opponents but these people are not prepared to engage in debate. This sort of aggressive sentiment has come to the fore over the past two years. Surely we don't want to go back to the old divisions of 'Yes' and 'No' from last year. Scotland's streets and Scotland's flag belong to no one political party. We've just spent the past two years debating the referendum and we had a democratic vote and a democratic result.'

As I said, my main complaint about this miserable episode is that despite seeing that children were present, the SNP supporters still engaged in violent disorder which placed the children’s safety in danger. Several of the children were of primary school age, this is yet another low point in the Nationalists election campaign, ironically the SNP have been continually saying this is nothing to do with them.

Well, I have news for them, it is everything to do with them, one of the protesters was carrying an SNP sign folded to cover up it was official SNP campaign material for the SNP Candidate standing in Glasgow South against Tom Harris.

Eddie Izzard said after the intimidation by Nationalist supporters:

“It's OK having different opinions, but everyone should be able to put their opinion forward. This aggressive, this violent emotion, why violence? Don't have violence, we should just put our point of view forward and then everyone makes their choice on Thursday.”

Izzard appeared to be visibly shaken by the ugly scenes which in truth he probably didn’t expect on the campaign trial, and as a small point, regardless of what you think about his politics, Eddie Izzard does charity work; he is a guy who acts in good faith. And like anyone else, he should be allowed the opportunity to speak.

One of the Nationalist supporters involved later declared:

“Democracy is dead.”

This although interesting isn’t news for some time I have blogged on the rise of fascism in Scotland under the Scottish National Party Government. This is one of the reasons why I back tactical voting in the Westminster 2015 election.

One of the ringleaders of this circus appears to be Sean Clerkin, an ex SNP Candidate who made a name for himself getting in the face of Iain Gray, this time, he overstepped the mark and is being condemned by people, who were horrified that he placed primary school children in physical danger.

Finally, I have read that Piers Doughty-Brown who was at the mini riot in Glasgow has been suspended by the Scottish National Party, yet again unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is forced to come to the George Laird view.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Those muppets will take a lead if the SNP get the seats predicted at the GE. They know that they will be protected. All over the main news and plenty photographic evidence and dozens of witnesses.
So where were Police Scotland? Yes that bunch of cops who will arrest someone for staggering home trying to look invisible.

Freddy said...

i don't see Police Scotland stepping in George do they not have a duty to ensure the streets are safe for citizens to go about their democratic business? As you said I see the so called law graduate has been suspended fot how long I wonder. Pond life the lot of them and thats me minding my language which tends to get the better of me at times.

Sherbie. said...

Piers Doughty Brown should have been ARRESTED along with the other abusive trash that shamed Scotland. So much for Nicola Sturgeon saying that SNP members had nothing to do with this insult to democracy. You CANNOT BELIEVE A WORD THE SNP DICTATORSHIP SAY. They are total liars, who make it up as they go along. Anyone hear Sturgeon's diatribe on the "Jeremy Vine Show" on Radio 2. She had an easy ride again too. Maybe Vine was worried the NATRATS would target him. Anyway, Doughty Brown and the other ***** should be charged with aggressive behavious

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back in the real world....

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I think the Police have a difficult job, certainly this is a matter for the SNP to address which they have failed to do.

It also highlights another of my points, which I addressed to Nicola Sturgeon in person in 2011 that a training hub was needed.

The idea of was ignored until 2014, although one wonders what crap they pump out.


Freddy said...

I'm not disagreeing with you George but after the bald ones foray against Mgt Curran and also previous against Jim Mirphy a warning that arrests would be made might have been in order at the very minimum.

Anonymous said...

Funny I always thought dictators removed choice from the people, yet SNP did the opposite and gave the whole of Scotland a choice. It could be said that those who believe we should never have been given the choice, is the dictators. Now that is the past and the People who voted yes were told to get over it, yet the no campaign and its followers keep bringing it up again and again and again. This is the general election not the independence referendum. Lastly no one should be harassed regardless of what political party they are voting but unfortunately it does happen, luckily it's a small minority of people who behave in that manner. The same is said when it comes to football and religion
That said I'm sure you will have written another letter with regards to the barrage of insults and absolute vile remarks in regards to the SNP leader and its followers no I didn't think so! Just another hatred filled letter

Hun fae Perth said...

You get the feeling that the planning brief, because these violent demo's are definitely coordinated, was conducted by some of the lower neds in the party. The ones that have not managed to crawl above the "U" bend" yet. They have reported up top of their intentions but I'm sure it was kept well hidden in the SNP mushroom department. Sturgeon keeps these jokers at hand but will not be directly involved. Nothing will stick to Teflon Tampax. Talking of "U" bends, remember to flush your toilet twice, because it's a long way to SNP HQ.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

These halfwits should think themselves lucky they aren't behind bars, the fact they let their demo become violent disorder knowing that kids were present was totally unforgivable in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

They caused fear and alarm

If you are in Aberdeen fighting peados that sort of shit gets you arrested

They need banged up tout suite

Don Quixote said...

Mr Laird,
How dare you insinuate that the SNP are in anyway a Fascist or Nazi party.
You are unquestionably deficient, in both comprehension and ethical judgement. Is this genre of verbatim reciprocity not consummately acknowledged?
My associated party members were merely engaging in the cut and thrust of democratic political debate. Where is the dilemma with this?
Why resort to engaging in your usual tactic of scaremongering, accusations and scurrilous attacks?
Mr Laird, isn't it high time you called a halt to your sordid dirty tricks campaign against the SNP?
Game, Set and Match.
The Don

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon has been caught out with a bare faced lie. "It's nothing to do with the SNP", only to be followed later by the news that two SNP members have been suspended.

As usual, Sturgeon deflects this and has a go about Ian Smart. Some of his stuff is pretty bad, but I do not recall him shouting and screaming in someone else's face.

Some people yesterday were claiming the whole thing was orchestrated to put the SNP in a bad light. Well, they got that right, except it was SNP supporters who were responsible. The SNP should expel both members immediately. But no, "administrative suspension". Why? Do they know something we don't?

This wasn't heckling. This was downright aggressive behaviour. It's not needed and it is simply fuelling the division already created by the bloody Referendum.

Helen N said...

The reason there were no arrests yesterday was because there were no police in sight! Not one despite the "protesters" having a huge speaker and were shouting and swearing at the Labour members, who had their children with them. Today at the Gordon Brown event it was so different because of his ex PM security detail. There were police at every side street, and the exact same crowd of men were kept right away this time.

Helen N said...

On the door steps the SNP supporters ask the registered voters 3 questions: who did you vote for in 2010; who will you vote for in 2015; and do you want an independent Scotland? There is only one party asks that question in the doorsteps. Only ONE!

G Laird said...

Dear Don

“Mr Laird,
How dare you insinuate that the SNP are in anyway a Fascist or Nazi party”.

I believe I said and have continually said the SNP members use the same tactics as used by the Nazis.

Others have also mentioned this in the public domain.

“You are unquestionably deficient, in both comprehension and ethical judgement. Is this genre of verbatim reciprocity not consummately acknowledged?”

I guess that is why the BBC spent 4 hours reading my blog today re Piers Doughty Brown.

“My associated party members were merely engaging in the cut and thrust of democratic political debate. Where is the dilemma with this?”

And that is why some are being suspended by the SNP and why an SNP supporter has been arrested for assault. Cut and thrust, on in the case of the guy arrested, headbutt.

“Why resort to engaging in your usual tactic of scaremongering, accusations and scurrilous attacks?”

Head deep in the sand mentality!

“Mr Laird, isn't it high time you called a halt to your sordid dirty tricks campaign against the SNP?”

Since when is telling the truth a “sordid dirty tricks campaign”?

“Game, Set and Match.
The Don”.

I suggest you get new balls!


Freddy said...

Lol @ cut and thrust of democratic debate a bit like Herod getting a job as a nanny or maybe a state guardian :)

Hun fae Perth said...

I wonder if George knows who this Don Quixote chimp is ?

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

I clicked on his link, and it comes back as Duncan McLean.

Type his name into google and found this:


Cannon fodder.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, George:

Book burning.

Disrupting political events.

Intimidating opponents.

Boycotting businesses.

Industrial-scale lying to the public.

The Leader being being mobbed by unquestioning, unthinking zealots who appear to be suffering from mass psychosis.

Hitler Over Germany/Sturgeon Over Scotland.

The parallels are incredible. But the Scots Nationalists simply do not have the self-awareness or the historical knowledge or the intellect to be able to see this. It's madness. And it's all going to end catastrophically for Scotland.

Anonymous said...


Survey says cyberbullying has left journalists fearing for their personal safety
Published on 5 May 2015

Cyberbullying has left some journalists fearing for their personal safety, according to a survey.

A number of reporters said they have received death threats and others said they now take "additional security precautions" when out and at home.

Twitter was identified as the main source of cyberbullying, with 65% of those who took part in the survey reporting it as the source of abuse, 28% were threatened with violence or serious harm to themselves and 5% were subjected to threats of violence or serious harm to their families.

The study identified much of the abuse as political but there were also cases of sectarian, sexist, racist and homophobic abuse.

The survey revealed that some journalists have experienced a form of cyberbullying more than 50 times in the past year, but more than 80% said they had not reported the abuse to police.

The findings are from a joint study by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the University of Strathclyde.

Researchers said it was a "freedom-of-expression issue" and that some journalists indicated they may avoid contentious stories in future.

Dr Sallyanne Duncan, a senior lecturer in journalism at Strathclyde University, said: "Social media is a professional tool for journalists which keeps them connected whether they are at work or at home, and consequently it can be really difficult for them to escape their abusers.

"They can't switch off their devices without potentially missing a story, so the result is that they are constantly a target.

"Our research is concerned with the effect on their mental and physical well-being, and how this affects them both personally and professionally. This is also a freedom-of-expression issue.

"Our research has indicated that some journalists might choose to self-censor, avoid contentious stories or stop using social media in order to avoid their abusers. This could have serious consequences for a free society.

"We plan to carry out more detailed research into the scale of the problem, its impact on journalists and the way they do their jobs, and how to address the problems raised."

NUJ Scottish organiser Paul Holleran said criticism of journalists is expected but that a line has to be drawn at "unacceptable levels of abuse and threats".

He said: "In September 2014 the NUJ called for the end to threats and intimidation of journalists reporting on the referendum.

"We had also earlier in the year supported a number of members who had been threatened by football supporters, unhappy at the way stories related to their club were being covered.

"In recent weeks there has been a spate of attacks on journalists and the union responded, targeting the bullies and demanding a stop to the abuse.

"This stage of our campaign is about stepping up the pressure on the bullies but also calling for employers to step up to the plate and stand up for journalists working for their titles or stations.

"As we have always stated, it is to be expected when journalists are criticised but we draw a line at unacceptable levels of abuse and threats.

"We will highlight any ongoing attacks and in serious cases we will involve Police Scotland who have always been supportive of our work in this field."

The sample size was 35, which included freelance, broadcast and print journalists.

Anonymous said...

good find on Dom Georgie boy

Maybe he needs his sancho panza ?


Anonymous said...

David Clegg @davieclegg · 8h 8 hours ago
The SNP have finally suspended Piers Doughty-Brown from the party after his nonsense at Labour's rally in Glasgow yesterday. #GE2015

oh dear odear , but how can they he isnt one of them and t was a Labour trick...wasnt it

parrrp big baw heid PDB will be on the shitter now


Anonymous said...

Duncan McLean
Duncan's taken to twitter like don Quixote to the life chivalric! The Great Cashley (c2012)





Don Quixote said...

Mr Laird,
Your ridiculous pretensions that the SNP are a Fascist or Nazi party are consummately objectionable, as is your feeble endeavour to belittle my own elevated position within the SNP hierarchy.
Mr Laird, we all know you have form in this kind of stratagem. During last year’s referendum you accused Yes campaigners of threats and intimidation, without a shred of evidence to support your pathetic allegations.
Have you no shame?
The Don

Sherbie. said...

The WORST thing about this whole episode is the fact that Nicola Sturgeon told A BLATANT LIE on the Jeremy Vine show. She said these people were nothing to do with the SNP, but now we discover THEY WERE. Nicola Sturgeon CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO TELL THE TRUTH, and this proves it.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up George dont let the Scottish wing of the GDR deter you from highlighting their Totalitarian leanings . ;)

Freddy said...

The self styled Don must have his knickers in a twist George , Methinks he doth protest too much right enough but its good entertainment. In fact it's the gift that keeps on giving :) Always a pleasure to read the replies and can imagine lots of hissing and spluttering while your name is being traduced. But as another poster said Nippy told a blatant porky and nobody pulled her for it yesterday. I see the odious ( got to watch my language here) one in the Daily Record is also engaged in trying to sweep this mess away.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I am being savaged by a dead SNP sheep round my neck at present.

Luckily, he is easily batted away.


Anonymous said...

The reality is that the YeSNP have, consistantly, employed the same tactics that Hitler used in the 1930s. The bullying, the lying, the silencing of opposition voices, the ignoring of democracy, the errosion of civil liberties... We can only hope Scotland votes the down very soon


G Laird said...

Dear Don Quixote

“Mr Laird,

Your ridiculous pretensions that the SNP are a Fascist or Nazi party are consummately objectionable, as is your feeble endeavour to belittle my own elevated position within the SNP hierarchy”.

Can you read?


Effectively scrapping the right to a fair trial, you may have noticed that the current dud of justice minister is doing a spot of backtrack on this issue; incidentally I said the SNP got that wrong. This will come back as the SNP are kicking into the long grass to get past the election in 2016.

As to be being ‘feeble’, over 1,000 people read my blog yesterday, the exact number 1,121 to be exact, doesn’t sound like feebleness to me.

I suppose I should ask the standard question, why do you want to ‘gag’ the citizen press?

Isn’t that fascism?

“Mr Laird, we all know you have form in this kind of stratagem”.

Who is ‘we’, seems to me that I am being talked about in the SNP, I already know I am, especially down at Glasgow City Council, the cult members sit around drinking coffee discussing my posts, so I am told.

Have you met Mhairi Hunter? What a dullard, Sturgeon crony with limited ability in my opinion.

“During last year’s referendum you accused Yes campaigners of threats and intimidation, without a shred of evidence to support your pathetic allegations”.

Presumably you missed out on ‘Wings Over Scotland’ discussing the filming of people and well as the rest of it? However, have a go at pointing out specifics in my posts and we can ‘discuss’ were you got it wrong.

I have two words also to say as a reply to this piece of outrageous made up smear on your behalf.

‘Court case’ (in the offing)!

“Have you no shame?”

Why should I have shame telling the truth?

Check this out:


Filming a woman is rather creepy is not?

Do you film women like Piers Doughty Brown?

I don’t know, I am just asking the question!

Next time, come better prepared if you want to make smears and throw wild allegations about the shop.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Smudge said...

Freddy, why mention the "odious one" in the Daily Record? Is this the same "odious one" who paid her "secret boyfriend's wife", a photographer, £1800 of public money to have her photo's taken. If I remember correctly, Joan MacAlpine had to pay that money back. She gets sround £30,000 a year in expenses. How the hell does she get all that.? That story was swept under the carpet quickly too, but people never forget. How the hell these leeches get away with it i'll never know. How people like that can preach to others is beyond me. I NEVER believe a word some of these ceeps write, especially when we all know some of their past history. yuk.

Anonymous said...

Georgieboy you can see the Fud Don scrabbling to appear smarter than he is.

The truth is he is a fud , pure and simple and no struggling with a Thesaurus will change that fact.


Anonymous said...

Makes for grim reading. Should be just politics but SNP make it much worse! They let the genie out of the bottle, I doubt they could even put it back in if they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.