Wednesday, May 6, 2015

24 hours to save democracy in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon tells a ‘blatant lie’ on the Jeremy Vine show ‘violent’ Nationalists were nothing to do with the SNP, 24 hours later Nicola Sturgeon suspends Piers Doughty-Brown and James Scott, Nicola Sturgeon cannot be trusted to tell the truth, she knows these people

Dear All

On the 14th April, I wrote a post about the intimidation of Margaret Curran in Glasgow East by the Scottish National Party. Margaret Curran is facing off against the rather nasty and odious Natalie McGarry.

McGarry came out with which some people called sinister, that people like Margaret Curran were facing ‘community justice’. In this case ‘community justice’ dispensed to Margaret Curran was intimidation and denial of the right to a free and fair election.

Since that post has written about circa 2276 people have read what happened to Margaret and the video of the event is available online to see. One of the people involved in dishing out ‘community justice’ was someone called Piers Doughty-Brown. Anyway, Piers appeared to not like my post or the subsequent open letters to him regarding his conduct. In fact, he said on the blog that he would conduct himself with the law as he has always done.

I don’t know where he learned political campaigning but his antics are unacceptable, I told him so in print which centred on the issue of human rights. In his video, he claimed that he had a degree in law, to my surprise; he seemed rather reluctant to answer straight forward human rights questions. As people know, I have an interest in law, and it was fairly obvious that Piers was heading into troubled waters.

During this campaign and indeed during the Scottish independence referendum, the leaders of the Scottish National Party and members of the cult have always stated that no one knew who the cybernats actually were. We recently found out, some of them are SNP Candidates standing in the Westminster 2015 election.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s party members have been running a terror campaign in Scotland, although Sturgeon has condemned the actions of people like Neil Hay, she effectively gave the ‘green light’ for her members to continue abuse by refusing to act and sack Hay. Nicola Sturgeon made it ‘open season’ for SNP supporters and candidates to abuse people.

Nicola Sturgeon claimed that terror tactics used against Jim Murphy, comedian Eddie Izzard and primary school kids on Monday had nothing to do with her party. Less than 24 hours later, two people at the St Enoch’s mini riot, Piers Doughty Brown, and James Scott were suspended by the SNP. My view is that Nicola Sturgeon’s word is worth the paper it is written on.

It seems the image of Nicola Sturgeon being a ‘caring women’; which I maintain is a con trick to get the female vote, has rather been put to bed for what it is, a shabby and tawdry deception on her part. Yes, it is true that the SNP has suspended Piers Doughty Brown and James Scott, they are the two most notable who stood out, but there was other SNP members in the video of what happened in St Enoch; these people should also be suspended.

Primary school children attended the Labour event in Glasgow, and they were put in harm’s way, and Nicola Sturgeon is to blame. American President Harry S Truman famously said ‘the buck stops here’, in the SNP there is no such thing as personal integrity in the current leadership by Nicola Sturgeon.

Margaret Curran, Labour’s candidate in Glasgow East said:

"Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon said the appalling scenes on the streets of Glasgow were nothing to do with the SNP, yet today she has suspended the SNP member who led the disruption. What happened yesterday was the ugly face of nationalism. As someone who has been followed on the streets of Glasgow by Mr Doughty Brown and who has raised concerns about his behaviour for months, I am happy to assist Nicola Sturgeon with her investigation."

Another lie which the SNP is pushing at present is that they said it would always act on such matters regarding abuse. As a former member of the party who suffered abuse, I know that statement is an utter lie. In the Scottish National Party led by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, SNP members who had legitimate complaints saw them being ignored and covered up by Nicola Sturgeon’s own husband Peter Murrell.

The Glasgow SNP ‘hate’ campaign although getting a lot of attention as it is in Sturgeon’s own backyard doesn’t paint the full story across the country, in Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey seat, the son of a Conservative Party candidate has been assaulted.

He was headbutted in the face.

His ‘crime’ apparently was staffing a Conservative campaign stall trying to engage with voters.

The son of Edward Mountain didn’t deserve what happened to him; luckily a man has been arrested over the incident and will appear in Inverness Sheriff Court.

And if it turns out the accused is an SNP supporter, one wonders if Nicola Sturgeon has met this individual because Nicola and Alex Salmond appear to be photographed with many of the people engaging in hate crime.

I am not surprised that Piers Doughty-Brown has been suspended although I am sure that some people may wonder why it took Nicola Sturgeon weeks to act. He crossed a line with Margaret Curran, but what is more important was the total disregard for the fact that he, Sean Clerkin and James Scott had placed the personal safety of children in danger at the Labour event in Glasgow.

And didn’t care, one wonders how that equation came out at the SNP HQ, kill the story before it settled in the minds of female voters, but women should remember what happened to the little girl who was left in a distressed state as Clerkin and Co engaged in violent public disorder under the guise of protest.

Thursday 7th May, don’t hesitate to vote tactically to shut the SNP out of Westminster.

The SNP should adopt a system of certification for activists, anyone who fails should be forbidden to be part of an activist team. As far back as July 2010, while an SNP member, I wrote a report that one of the things that needed to be established was a learning culture.

“24/ Establish a learning culture which offers options to suit people’s abilities”.

It is now May 2015 and the SNP still haven’t grasped the scale of their problems.

Finally, given the intimidation that Margaret Curran received at hands of the Scottish National Party, the people of Glasgow East should have no truck with allowing the odious Natalie McGarry to be their representative at Westminster.

Glasgow East vote Labour. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Angus McDonald said...

Another great article.
I am grateful that you are taking the time and making the effort to keep pushign for higher standards of democracy within Scotland. The SNP candidate`s `Community Justice` comment is unbelievable. If she does not uphold the rule of law in this country. Now is the time for her to tell the electorate. She can`t play up to the mob and also say she supports law and order.

Sherbie said...


Freddy said...

What i find totally baffling about the Margaret Curran thing is the fact that they didn't reign PDB in. They obviously know he is a loose cannon but ignored it, I suppose it goes to show how much contempt that the SNP actually have for ordinary voters.

Anonymous said...

Nice post George.

Hats of to Jim Murphy for not reacting and refusing to be intimidated by that abuse.. personally speaking that asshole would have got a belt in the mouth (and then some) if it was me. But serious questions need asked not only about the Gnats conduct all through this campaign but also Police Scotland ...

Where where they ? Why are they doing nothing about this ? Is it not their job to upload hold the rule of law anymore ? or are the Gnats subject to different laws than the rest of us ?

Questions need asked and answered !!!!

Lets face it .. it's not the first time and although people have a right to protest peacefully that was quite clearly not the case here.

The last time i looked shouting in people's faces and causing that level of disruption in a public place was a criminal offense.

Anyway George .... Any predictions ? Do you think they will win as many seats as the polls have predicted ? I think they will gain some seats but i cant see them winning every Scottish seat tbh.

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

I don't see the SNP getting the massive gains as the polls suggest, mainly because they loaded up the online polls to skew the results.

Also, I don't think SNP in my area has the people on the ground as they would have you believe.

Some Labour voters did back indy but they wouldn't back the SNP.

So, it is a difficult one to call, possibly they will make gains, but once people see how bad these people are in Westminster.

Regret will follow pretty soon after.

I will be casting my vote for Ian Davidosn because he has best chance to win against a poor SNP candidate called Chris Stephens.


Anonymous said...

vote TACTICALLY to keep the SSNP clowns out

Anonymous said...

Hello George

I have been following you for some months now and you have cheered me up no end in debunking the snp.Do you think that, on a higher turnout than last time at the next Holyrood election and hopefully with tactical voting, snp could / will lose enough seats to lose their current majority? Cheer up a poor disillusioned old fart, there's a good chap.

Anon (not the one you just replied to)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr George Laird

I believe that only way to save Scotland's democracy is to ABOLISH the Scottish Parliament. Scottish Devolution has led to the rise of the Scottish National Party from a fringe party like its cousins the English Democrats to a mainstream party like the Labour Party. The Scottish Parliament in all it's aspects costs the taxpayer 72 Million a year in building matience, electricity, water, staff salaries, msp wages, pensions, etc. I believe that the Scottish Parliament should be abolished and that 72 million should be used for health care and education in Scotland for example where it is badly needed. Shut down the Shortbread Senate and send back the Scottish National Party to the trash bin of Scottish politics just like how the English Democrats are at the trash bin of English politics. Had that 72 MILLION went to the Scottish NHS instead of Holyrood, you would have been better taken care of when you got sick.

Take care and be safe George Laird. I hope and prey their are statues of you througout Glassgow and Scotland and even England some day because of your heroism and wisdom. I believe that you deserve a Knighhood and become Sir George Laird because of your service to human rights in Scotland.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

" I believe that you deserve a Knighhood and become Sir George Laird because of your service to human rights in Scotland".

Thank you, I think I maybe on a few dart boards of SNP members but that is about it. As to a knighthood, there are many people who deserve that honour well before me, although I did a bit of charity work in my youth.

As to the parliament, it has been a failure in many ways, this is due to the calibre of the people which got elected.

Thanks for your concern about my health, I am not out of the woods on that one as down the line, I will be getting more medical treatment.

To fix Holyrood, you need people who have a vision of real change for the benefit of all, not just shuffling the deckchairs about doing tat.