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‘Taking the D’, Sally Bercow betrays her husband, Speaker John Bercow, now she stands sobbing in the street, the wife of her lover said to the press: “I'm a lawyer; I'm not interested in being a media whore. I have a son, I have a husband and I've always been brought up to do the right thing. I really don't want to make any more comments to feed this woman's ego and narcissism”, gravitas in Chiswick!

Dear All

The House of Commons is sometimes called the ‘Mother of all Parliaments, it has produced some excellent Parliamentarians. The Chamber of the House of Commons has seen some fine speeches; one that sticks out is the speech by Anthony Eden regarding the atrocities carried by the Germans during WW2.

Other interesting speeches which had an impact, Geoffrey Howe’s speech which was a death blow to Margaret Thatcher’s career.

The House of Commons is steeped in history and tradition which cannot be overlooked by people who are elected to serve at it. It is an enduring symbol of the United Kingdom.

In recent years the House of Commons has been rather unlucky in selecting their choice of Speaker. The standard of a good Speaker was set by Labour Peer Betty Boothroyd, she was a marvellous Speaker who commanded respect through-out her entire reign.

When the expenses scandal rocked Westminster, the then Speaker Michael Martin tried to hold the fort, this was a mistake; the people who are elected MPs are not above the law. When one MP was sent to trial over their expenses, that member put forward a rather novel idea that the House of Commons had jurisdiction and referred to the Bill of Rights as his get out of jail free card.

I blogged that since the Bill of Rights was written in good faith, it rather follows that those who wrote never envisaged allowing for criminality by members in the course of doing their duties. My view was that such a point of law was not valid, it appeared the Judges agreed with me, and threw that nonsense straight on the scrapheap where it belonged.

As the Labour Party was unhappy that the Conservatives had forced out Michael Martin, they decided to be cute and voted in John Bercow. This was supposed to be a fresh start in the eyes of the public, but Conservatives MPs rather took a massive dislike to Bercow, and David Cameron did nothing to curb it. The situation went from bad to worse, in part this wasn’t a one way street, as John Bercow appeared none to happy with the situation; he found himself.

The hallmark of a good Speaker is fairness.

A short time ago just before the break up of Parliament there an attempt to put in places measures to make it easier to remove the Speaker by William Hague. John Bercow was nearly in tears as he saw a motion defeated, and it took some time for him to regain his composure. There is strong feelings about removing John Bercow, but I don’t think it is in the interests of Parliament that two Speakers in a row should removed, whatever problems exist between John Bercow and the Conservative Party must be put to rest for the sake of Parliament.

John Bercow is married, his wife is called Sally.

She has brought nothing but trouble to Westminster where the Speaker has apartments to live in. Living in Westminster is a privilege that few people will ever experience, it is bound by tradition, and that tradition is passed on to others as part of British history. Sally Bercow is a disgrace, her antics such as the infamous photo shoot wearing a sheet was a lowering the institution which should have never been allowed.

So, lots of rights and lots of responsibility being at Westminster.

Now, it has emerged that Sally Bercow has been having an affair. What is more embarrassing is that she has children and the affair took place with John Bercow’s married cousin. Whatever decision John Bercow comes to regarding his wife is his business, if he takes her back, then so be it. People have to be allowed to make their own choices.

Having fucked up, we now have Sally Bercow in tears sobbing outside her £1.2million mews house by the Thames in Battersea, South London. She is claiming to anyone that is willing to listen that John Bercow is her 'best friend'; well you don’t fuck your ‘best friend’ over and certainly not family.

The best thing that Sally Bercow can do is shut her mouth, because dragging this spectacle onto the pages of the national newspapers does more harm than good and solves nothing.  

Yesterday, Sally Bercow said that she had hated the six 'lonely' years living with John Bercow in Parliament, and vowed:

'I won't go back'.

I find this statement odd as one thing Westminster certainly isn’t is deserted, people are all over the place, and I think her painting herself as some sort of victim is really bizarre. She might not be getting asked back by John Bercow, how many times do you have to fuck up before someone calls it a day, goodwill only lasts for so long.

There are only two victims here, and Sally Bercow cannot claim either spots.

 One person who can take the moral high ground is the wife of Alan Bercow, Mrs Scott-Young, who must be really angry about this, but appears at present to be taking a pragmatic view. She said it was 'too early to say' if she would be able to forgive her husband. You have to respect this kind of judgment, too easy to blow your stack and read the riot act in public.

Mrs Scott-Young said to the press:      

“I'm a lawyer; I'm not interested in being a media whore. I have a son, I have a husband and I've always been brought up to do the right thing. Alan is home. He's home and I'm sorry but I just find this all very distasteful and I really don't want to make any more comments to feed this woman's ego and narcissism”.

She added:

“There's innocent parties isn't there and again I've a child and Alan's got two other children. He's not going to make any comments at all.”

And to make the point that Bercow family wasn’t welcome to her £3 million pound house in Chiswick, she said rather pointedly:

“I've never liked that woman, I just never have. And I've never liked him (John Bercow) either.”
I have to say, if I was picking candidates for election, I would want to sign up Mrs Scott-Young without reservation.

Finally, some people might want to be all fluffy and all understanding about this situation and do the empathy bit for Sally Bercow, don’t, this diminishes the real victims of this saga.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

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