Monday, May 4, 2015

‘King Rat’, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond’s campaign in Gordon is the stuff of the gutter, smears and lies show Nicola Sturgeon’s concern for women in politics is all fake, Christine Jardine accuses Salmond of 'blatant untruths'

Dear All

As part of my continual theme that the Scottish National Party is a ‘rat ship’, I would like to re-focus minds on ‘King Rat’, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond. In the early hours of 19th September 2014, the majority of people in Scotland handed him his ass, all 2 million plus left the ‘Baboon of Brigadoon’ with no choice but to fold his tent as leader of the SNP.

He thought he was going to win the referendum.

Salmond left off office at a rate of knots and has been whining and complaining about how others caused his defeat at the ballot box ever since.

The blame for the failure of the Scottish independence bid rests squarely on his shoulders and that of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

As I said on BBC radio 5 live on ‘White Paper’ day, there is a question of trust surrounding Alex Salmond. 

Having stepped down, he needed to find another ‘job’ as back bench MSP didn’t suit him or indeed Nicola Sturgeon. When the Cabinet was reshuffled like the deckchairs on the Titanic, one place card round the table didn’t appear, Alex Salmond.

The Westminster election gave him another opportunity to try and resurrect his dying political career which is over, his day in the Sun as passed. Even some of the Nationalists have said this in not so many words.

‘Alex Salmond is the past’.

Salmond is contesting the Westminster seat of Gordon, his chief opposition to the seat is Christine Jardine. Christine Jardine is the Liberal Democrat candidate who is standing to replace Sir Malcolm Bruce; she is also a journalism lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

During the Scottish independence referendum, the Nationalists and their ‘allies’ stooped so low as to tell lies to the public, this was a deliberate con trick to effectively robbed Scots of a fair process.

In the end, lying was a major part of the Nationalists downfall, but apparently, they still haven’t learned the lessons of history.

Alex Salmond has been accused of telling voters 'blatant untruths', the new revelation is revealed via a leaflet to voters in Gordon constituency, he appears to be taking credit for pensioner policies introduced before he took power at Holyrood.

The lies centre on saying that the SNP had “led the way” by providing free personal care and bus passes for pensioners. As I have blogged before, the SNP seem to think that they can re-write history as matter of fact and no one will notice.

Well, people do!

Salmond as part of his pitch said he was “immensely proud” of the SNP’s record on free personal care and bus passes when both policies were introduced by the Labour and Lib Dem Scottish Executive.

And we should remember that he stood down as an MSP in 2001 and before he won power in the 2007 Holyrood election, so he had no part whatsoever in decisions made. Rightly, Christine Jardine has attacked Salmond for trying to fool voters.

In the Gordon seat, things have turned rather nasty with the SNP having tried to smear and blacken Christine Jardine’s name by claiming that she lives in Glasgow and not the constituency. This development rather paints a different light that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is a new broom, this also show the respect agenda for women is a farce to con women into voting SNP.

So, why isn’t Nicola Sturgeon doing something about this?

Well, and here we go again, it’s an old story, Nicola Sturgeon is a ‘rat’, in the same way that Alex Salmond is a ‘rat’.

As Christine Jardine says the SNP accusations were “desperate” and points out that because of her career, it means she lives in the North East, and used the analogy that many male oil workers have moved to the region to make a living away from their families.

The damning SNP leaflet read:

“I am immensely proud of the SNP's record in government when it comes to standing up for our pensioners. We have led the way with bus passes and free personal care.”

Actually, all the SNP did was continuing the previous policies of the Labour and Lib Dem as then Scottish Executive, and that was because they realised that it would be useful as a tool to garner votes.

Not rocket science.

Ms Jardine said:

“Experience has taught us that Alex Salmond sometimes has problems remembering the fine detail of the actualise, but, even by his standards, these are blatant untruths. It's typical of the SNP's attempts to rewrite history, but I'm confident that voters in Gordon will see past these false claims and remember that the Lib Dems have a genuine record of working with like-minded colleagues to deliver real improvements for pensioners and other vulnerable groups in our communities.”

As to the smear campaign, her response was:

“It seems pretty desperate to me. If they were confident they were going to win, why would they stoop to this?”

It is because as I always said, these people are rats, and recently I said to someone, the one of the best ways to let these people be shown up for what they really are is to let them speak.

Some time ago, an employee of Alex Salmond called Alex MacLeod was convicted of fraud as he used deception to win a seat as a highland councillor. He is possibly facing jail for failing to do community service. 

I wonder how much about politics he learned from Alex Salmond, did Salmond teach him ethics?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

boom Georgie boy :)

the fat man is out


Jim Swift said...

As ever George you are on the mark with this. The peddling of falsehoods coupled with their revisionist view of history will enable them to be found out.

Anonymous said...

I said a number of years ago that the Snp shouldn't get involved in Yaboo political posturing. But worse, theyve turned into a party of liars, neds and racists. The honesty they professed as a protest party is gone.
BBC journalists in particular are terrified to put any hard questions to them.

Anonymous said...

Does shilling for Unionists online pay well? I can't imagine it does considering their membership fees, then again they do have their expenses.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“Does shilling for Unionists online pay well? I can't imagine it does considering their membership fees, then again they do have their expenses”.

My blog receives no financial help from anyone, I write as I see fit.

Which is probably why your bitch ass is upset.


Freddy said...

Oh someone isn't happy George dear Mr or miss anonymous I direct you to the immortal words of Corporal Jones . As it appears he was obviously correct. :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

"Oh someone isn't happy George"

Seems like to me, Nicola Sturgeon follower who revels in their own delusion.

What's the matter with these people?

It is like a sickness now!


Anonymous said...

The nasty nats are fantastic, literally .

They say your blog is irrelevant and yet they are on boo hooing because you have an opinion that differs from theirs.

Tell me Georgeieboy did you not know the SNP inside out and find it wanting?

Never have I seen Torie Liberals and Labour voters united over one thing, keep the SSNP out.

IMHO Jim Murray should be attacking the nats for their LIES not the torie /lib dems for getting this show on the road.

The economy may still be questionable but not enough to stop Jimmy Krankie, someone who is NOT an MP by the way, from burning up £5000/hr on her shitocopter


Hun fae Perth said...

Shilling anon bloke.

George's blog highlights the ludicrous insanity of the SNP. You can not expect Scotland to thrive under full SNP control, when the candidates standing are either idiots, bullshiters, not even remotely Scottish, or only up for a job because of cronyism. I know what "other" bracket I would put Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh in but I'm unable to elaborate due to my free speech being suppressed by the religious PC, islamophobia bleaters. They can call me a "Hun" though apparently without retribution or criminal action. Perhaps it's only SNP candidates that are allowed to commit acts of sectarian offence. Only if I speak up against the religion of peace, the SNP will have the police at my door before you can say kuffar or bacon on a mosque door handle. The majority of their extremist support also stems from the uneducated substance abusers, who think they are Scotland's modern day answer to William Wallace. Low life dross more like. "Splash of lemonade with your methadone Sir, while you tick SNP on that ballot paper ?" You moron ! "Yes, we know you hate Trident, austerity and the Tories." Yawn !!

Anonymous said...

Typical nationalist trash. Back in about 2007 I saw them show their true colours on urban dictionary. Look up the definitions of 'Scotland' that they have, see if I'm wrong. Defined entirely by anglophobic obsession. Had a nasty feeling about them since.

Now unfortunately, it seems that I have been proved right, as the Scottish unionists are finding out the hard way :/

Anonymous said...

Jim Murphy's been targeted by the hate brigade again, led by someone called Sean Clerkin. He has denied any involvement by the SNP, although admitted at least one person is a member.

In that case Nicola, can you expel whoever it is. Protests are one thing but when the police once again are having to step in, there is a problem.

There is a picture on the BBC of Mr Clerkin yelling right in Jim Murphy's face, who to his credit isn't rising to the threats. Is Clerkin deliberately trying to get a physical reaction?

Sturgeon is of course denying any knowledge. But it is the promotion of division implemented by her and Salmond that has fostered the angry brigade.

Democracy is getting threatened. People are scared to openly speak out against the SNP for fear of retribution. And because it has been fostered by the nationalists, some of their opponents now think they can do the same.

Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Seems like dim Piers, the non SNP nationalist, got caught on the channel 4 footage, again no talent or sense. Thick as mince as you might say....

Sherbie said...

Clerkin should be arrested for "aggresive behaviour". It is a National disgrace that scum such as Clerkin should be allowed to do that to a British politician on a British street. If that trash had done that to a foreign national, he would have been arrested. It seems the State Police Scotland are happy to look the other way. Nicola Sturgeon,, you are leading Scotland into very dangerous times.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I told Piers Doughty Brown that his behaviour was unacceptable and it seems that I was right again.

He is suspended from the SNP.

Some people never learn, and all the SNP was caught up to the George Laird, took them a bit of time as per usual.


Sherbie said...

If that had been the National Front or the BNP obstructing politicians in the street, they would have been arrested. The SNzP say that Clerkin and the hate mob are not SNzP members, yet the were photographs in the papers showing Salmond standing next to some of them. Of course they ARE members, i'd bet my last button on it. These peopke tell that many lies, that you don't know what to believe. VOTE TACTICALLY EVERYONE.

Sherbie said...

Well done Georgie Boy :-)