Friday, May 29, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron has delivered on new powers for Scotland according to the Law Society of Scotland, fresh embarrassment for unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who only could be bothered to ‘glance’ at the document before screaming 'grievance', my point, Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party are now irrelevant as events move forward

Dear All

The Law Society of Scotland says the new Scotland Bill which has come to pass via the Smith Commission has successfully “incorporated” the terms of the devolution deal.

In truth, there was never any possibility that David Cameron would renege on what some people called ‘the vow’.

Scotland is now one of the world’s most powerful devolved parliaments; the only problem is that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has no intention of using additional powers to lift Scotland out of poverty.

Already, Nicola Sturgeon has decided to cry foul and complaint the new powers fall short of what is needed.

And regardless if anything else comes to the Scottish Parliament; her call will be always the same.

Scotland has been on pause since 2012, you could make a case that this date needs to revise downwards.

The Law Society of Scotland in the shape of its president,Alistair Morris, says the legislation “reflects” the agreement struck by the parties. Measures agreed include the transfer of “important areas of law policy” such as welfare, income tax and some VAT revenues.

With Sturgeon doing her grudge, grievance and malcontent routine, she yet again shows her startling lack of class and statesmanship. It is also rather embarrassing for Nicola Sturgeon and her deputy, John Swinney that such a body as the Law Society of Scotland is publicly speaking out against them.

The SNP leadership put into motion publicly a narrative that Scots had been betrayed because the Bill failed to match the “spirit or intent of the Smith Agreement”.

We all know now, the reality is that the ‘Sein Fein’ SNP actually wanted a Conservative Government, they had no intention of working with Labour, and their entire campaign was to destroy the Scottish Labour Party.

Although some of the Labour MPs had a good track record, others didn’t, and that was one of the biggest single causes in Labour’s epic defeat. If you don’t take care of your constituents then you can expect to see anger grow, a tipping point then arises and the good get swept out with the bad.

It is doubtful some of those Labour MPs defeated will be missed.

What has replaced them is some respects is pure trash, we have already gotten a taste of that by the seating row and the happy clapping episodes. When the new SNP MPs open their mouths, we will see how untalented and inept they really are, student politics in a place such as Westminster will not play well.
The SNP like to cause trouble, this is mainly due to ignorance; for example, they argued that the new legislation contained a series of “vetoes” allowing UK ministers to block changes in areas related to welfare payments and energy bills. This on the face of it seems like a legitimate point, but we shouldn’t just blindly accept their word, the Scotland Office the clauses highlighted by the SNP were only “practical arrangements to ensure the transfer of new powers smoothly.”

See what I mean by a genuine lack of talent, grievance for grievance, literally, it is like trying to deal with illiterates who don’t understand Statehood or the mechanisms of such practices.

David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary has indicated that the UK Government intends to fast-track the Bill; this means that voters will see what deal the political parties which to put to the Scottish electorate. There will come a point when the people of Scotland will realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t doing anything to make their lives better.

Obviously the Conservatives are hoping that next May, they will get to be the official opposition and replace Scottish Labour at Holyrood. One thing which should be pointed from the Conservatives successful 2015 election is that in Scotland, Ruth Davidson failed her first major test of leadership.

She didn’t gain a single additional seat, this is important to mention, and shouldn’t be glossed over.

Ruth Davidson can only have success by the process of the Labour Party in Scotland continual failure.

The new Scotland Bill will make Holyrood responsible for 60 per cent of Scottish spending and 40 per cent of taxation. I think the Conservatives are being slightly hopeful that Sturgeon will raise taxes, what she will do is cut burdens, what she will do is force councils to downsize jobs numbers.

We will also see at the same time, Nicola Sturgeon pushing the living wage which she is currently doing at present as a smokescreen.  

At First Minister’s Questions, Ms Sturgeon said:

“The UK Government, I think, had a very clear test today to deliver a Bill which lived up in full, in spirit and in letter, to the Smith Commission. The Bill has been published within the last hour or so and, from my glance at it, I think it falls short in almost every area."

The key word here, is ‘glance’, do you remember what Nicola Sturgeon said, ‘education got me where I am today’, you don’t glance at documents, you read them fully, line by line. Incidentally, it wasn’t education that got Nicola Sturgeon where she is today; it was screaming hate at SNP Conferences about how everything is the fault of the English couched in the term ‘Westmintser’.
Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

"Less than a fortnight ago, the Prime Minister came to Edinburgh and pledged to the people of Scotland to deliver the Smith Agreement in full. Today, it's plain to see that promise has been broken. Delivering the Smith Commission's recommendations was the minimum the UK Government had to deliver."

My opinion of John Swinney has gone down since the Scottish referendum.

What we will see in this term of the Westminster parliament aside from the SNP making fools in the Chamber of the House of Commons is the political landscape of the United Kingdom drastically changing.

This will happen and the SNP will become irrelevant, matters of substance will be set in motion while Nicola Sturgeon’s MPs just carp on the sidelines.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Scotland Office adviser Professor Adam Tomkins on the Scotland Bill, tells SNP to "put up or shut up"!

"If Scottish Ministers do not like the tax and spend decisions taken by the United Kingdom Government in Westminster, the Smith Commission Agreement — and now today's Bill — gives them the power to do something about it.

In short, they will be able to put our money where their mouths are.

They can fill what they perceive to be gaps in public spending on welfare and social security. They can create new benefits. They can top-up, for Scots, even those benefits which continue to be reserved to Westminster. And they have the tax powers to pay for it all.

This is why the Prime Minister said yesterday that it is finally time for the SNP to put up or shut up.

At last, we can move the argument on from nationalists' bleating that they don't have sufficient powers to a forensic examination of how they choose to use their powers."

Now lets see the fully costed proposals from the SNP about taxation and spending!


Hun fae Perth said...

The SNP were always going to claim not enough. This means they can shift the blame for their incompetence onto the Tories. Keeps the blinkered nats tossers topped up with just enough hate over the summer.

They've now got what Smith proposed and as agreed, so now Kojak can get on with it and stop making excuses. If they can't produce, then good riddance to bad rubbish. SNP OUT !!

Stuart said it better than me though.

Lets all pray we get a good result. WATP.

Smudge said...

Exactly!! so put up or shut up mouthpiece whinger Sturgeon, ohh, and I read today that she's off on a "jolly" to America. When will this leech start doing what she's paid for.

Anonymous said...

The SNP rabble on about "positive campaigns". They are continually bitching and always, always blame Westminster for everything.

Funnily enough, Sturgeon has gone very, very quiet on the NHS. It's obviously sheer coincidence that the new hospital in Glasgow is organised chaos (I've been there recently so am speaking from first hand experience). Then there is the unbelievable case of a surgeon having to try and get a saw from B&Q!

My family, unfortunately, makes much use of the NHS. The staff are wonderful but they are hamstrung by decisions made at Holyrood. The only positive action taken by the SNP was keeping Monklands open (a family member has been attending clinics there for over 10 years now).

But they restrict cancer drugs available in England. Trying to see a physio or counsellor is nigh on impossible unless an emergency. The list goes on.

Now they have been given additional powers courtesy of the Smith commission, of which the SNP was part of. Now Sturgeon is bitching yet again.

I sense that now they have actually been given some real fiscal responsibility, they haven't a bloody clue what to do.

Slightly off topic, George, is it true that a certain heckler of a prominent ex-MO is facing charges relating to breach of the peace?