Friday, May 22, 2015

‘Bad Mother’ Nicola Sturgeon lets her ‘feral kids’ run wild on the Westminster Parliamentary Estate, Sir Gerald Kaufman, a resident on the ‘estate’ brands the SNP MPs ‘goons’, Kaufman has a point as Westminster will see soon enough how trash lowers the dignity of Parliament

Dear All

One thing that the Scottish National Party MPs have managed to achieved in their short Westminster career of 2015 is the title of ‘goons’. In the SNP to be selected as part of the Nationalist clique, you have to fall into one of four categories.


Irish republican

Member of the LGBT community


You don’t have to have any understanding of politics but it helps if you have a deep hatred of the British Establishment.

Sir Gerald Kaufman has called SNP MPs 'goons' over their Commons behaviour, you can’t expect the 50 new members to know all the workings of the House, but you would expect them to act like adults.

Sadly, that isn't the case, the Nationalists, all hand picked by the SNP cult have already demonstrated that they are small minded individuals who hold the Westminster Parliament in contempt.

As the longest-serving MP in the House of Commons, Labour’s Sir Gerald Kaufman feels that it is time that the Nationalists understand that their behaviour is unacceptable.

The seating row has brought home to the people of Scotland that on May 7th, they made a tremendous mistake in voting SNP. The SNP created an image of Nicola Sturgeon as a caring individual; to that end they stuck a young child in her arms, to convey an image of her as the ‘mother of the nation’.

Nicola Sturgeon has no kids, and never will be a mother; her ‘children’ are the feral SNP MPs, the kind of people that you would warn your own kids to stay away from.

The attempt to turf the veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner out of the seat he has claimed for nearly 45 years shows a ‘ned’ mentality but we shouldn’t expect any better from the SNP.

It is said that the modern SNP was trained up by a former Sturgeon crony named Allison Hunter who was previously a Glasgow SNP Councillor for the Govan Ward. I found that Ms. Hunter underneath the false exterior of ‘Auntie Allison’ was a deeply ignorant and thoroughly nasty little woman.

I remember on one occasion being abandoned in the street after an SNP event as her, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. Richard Bache was a friend of William Begg, the limbs in the Loch killer. Homosexual Begg’s prison hobby is taking the State to Court on any matter. 

Although I didn’t protest about such ill treatment by Hunter, I did at the time think I had been put in with a group of ignorant pigs. On another occasion Ms. Hunter at a Glasgow election count thought it was acceptable to belittle me by swearing and shouting abuse at me in front of a group of people. Since, I had given my word not to cause trouble at the counts, to Bache, I didn’t respond but it reinforced my opinion that I shouldn’t have been active in the Pollok Branch of the SNP.

Another thing about Ms. Hunter was the fact she was incredibly lazy, year on year in the Govan Ward, she rarely came out to work with the activists. Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond prior to the Hunter’s epic Glasgow City Council defeat in 2012 said she was a great leader, full of compassion and natural authority etc etc, all the good things you would expect and all what Ms. Hunter lacked in spades.

In the early days of my SNP membership, I noticed quite early on the lack of education, to that end I proposed a teaching hub in 2010, at the hustings in 2011; I even mentioned this to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in front of a group of people. 3 years later and with the death of Ms. Hunter, the SNP announced the Allison Hunter Training School.

The joke was not lost on me, symbolism to make a gesture to give someone a status they didn’t earn and didn’t deserve.

If Hunter did ‘train up’ the modern SNP as claimed, a rather poor job she made of it, her product is little better than feral animals.

I agree with Sir Gerald Kaufman, these people who are supposed to be the best of best from SNP Candidate selection are little more than ‘goons’.

Kaufman said:

“I think that their conduct is infantile. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. It’s all very well for them to try to sit in a block, but to move one of the longest-serving members of parliament out of a seat that he’s occupied for decades, it’s stupid.”

As well being infantile, members of the ‘feeble have also been reprimanded by parliamentary staff for taking selfies, which breaks the Palace of Westminster’s strict no-photography rules.

After being told it was customary to applaud in the Commons chamber by a Conservative MP, what did the SNP do?

They applauded.

One of the amusing things in this sorry episode which has years to run is that Pete Wishart, one of the SNP most senior members, was allegedly called the "biggest clown in Parliament" by Labour's chief whip in the row about seating in the Commons.

On twitter, I said that there shouldn’t be such a rush to judgment, this wasn’t a defence of Pete Wishart but rather an observation that the Labour Chief Whip had by passed many contenders for the title in the new SNP intake.

For example; the odious Natalie McGarry has started to expose herself as a fool already, and will certainly provide more ammunition for opposition members to use in the coming years.

McGarry tweeted recently:

“As long as in your heart and your head you believe sovereignty lies with the people, doesn't matter what comes out your mouth.”

This led many people on Twitter to ask, did Natalie McGarry ‘lie’ as she was being sworn in as an MP?

Another person to watch out for is Chris Law out of Dundee, he has ‘dick’ written all over him.

What Sir Gerald Kaufman is seeing what many people suspected but few dared to say until recently, the SNP is a cult, the cult is like feral animals, and there will come a time, when the animals will find out the difference between, tolerated and accepted, at Westminster.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

we are living in very dangerous times Georgieboy.

BTW Are the rumours about our top cop true Georgie boy?


Anonymous said...

What do you make of Sturgeon's comment before the elections of " we'll never vote with the Tories"?. Now Salmond saying he'll work with Osborne? And wee Eck claiming he's one of the more popular politicians? Dross George utter dross now invading Westminster.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Until now, the snp have been able to cover up their grotesque behaviour at Holyrood because of the level of control they have. Westminster is a completely different ballgame. Every time they make arses of themselves it will go around the world. Sadly that will reflect on the rest of us. However, they are ensuring that Westminster will not allow another referendum for a very long time. MPs will be constantly reminded of what the snp are. UAS on facebook have a whole row of "alex salmond says" news items. This includes an assertion (remember those?)that snp will simply declare independence. salmond seems to believe he can still assert snp policy even if it is contrary to what "the leadership" says. People who want to vote snp next year may find themselves wondering which snp they are voting for. Will it be salmond's snp or sturgeon's? To quote Private Eye - "we should be told".

Sherbie. said...

Did anyone see Nicola Sturgeon on the news tonight about the "leaked document" from Alastair Carmichael's Dept. Sturgeon was going her dinger, slagging Carmichael off over his denials etc. This is the same Sturgeon who "blatantly lied" on the Jeremey Vine show, that the thugs who confronted Jim Murphy, were NOT SNP members/supporters. We all found out the truth that she "lied". We haven't heard much from "Lady Muck" since David Cameron put her in her place. Alex Salmond seems to be in back in command again too. I can't stand either of these bufoons, but give me Salmond anyday, over that "smug Sturgeon",,,, yuk

Anonymous said...

How long until the constituents of our newly elected MPs discover that their elected representative is useless?

One new MP has been a member of the SNP less than a year? How the hell are they going to deal with constituency business?

It's all well and good criticising some of the more unusual customs of Westminster, but these new MPs stood for election to work in this place.

I give it 6 months before one of the new SNP bunch are suspended from the Chamber. They are under the control of Salmond now (regardless of Robertson) and that will soon be reflected in their behaviour.

The Scottish Socialists behaved like idiots when first elected. Now look at them.

Regarding the Alistair Carmichael episode. I don't agree that a serving minister should be involved in leaks, however Sturgeon and Salmond lied to Holyrood over the legal advice regarding EU membership.

Freddy said...

We know they are scumbags and morons George it's such a pity that they are what represents this country in the years to come. However i think they will end up being the gift that keeps on giving to the press.

Terry Summers said...

Carmichael, and ever ther unionist politician should be calling Sturgeon, Salmond, Swinney and Hosie to resign as they Lied consistently throughout the Independence Referendum on the Economy, currency,the EU, Pension, etc.
Sturgeon, before FFA £7.6Bn black hole was a myth and now Kerevan has admitted that FA would be economic suicide for Scotland without compensating payments from rUK.

Hun fae Perth said...

It's always great to come on George's blog and find others who dislike the SNP as much as I do. Fair cheers me up.

The SNP seating carry on, is just pathetic. They want to clump like thrombosis. Well Salmond's a slow moving clot for sure. Fear makes them huddle. They're obviously out of their depth and this action only makes it more plain for everyone to see. Safety in numbers, they stick to each other like shite on a blanket. This has all the Salmond trademarks of how they're going to take Westminster by storm and how everyone best get out of the way because the Jock's are here. Smirnoff Ice anyone ?

They will soon show everyone that their newly elected MP will do nothing but the trouble is, no one is accountable here. Wishart from our wee Perth has done absolutely nothing and I mean nothing, for us but got re elected. Same goes for our lousy SNP council, yet they still got voted in. Perth SNP council have closed umpteen bowling greens, pitch and putt, rowing boats on the South Inch, putting greens in the N and S Inch, crazy golf, kiddies paddling pool, removed most chutes and roundabouts, destroyed the Buckie braes trees because they were not indigenous species but they welcome plenty Moslems. Now what is more invasive, a few trees or Moslems ? They have closed the parks department and use contractors. The once beautiful flowering Perth is a dump. Thank's a bunch SNP. Yet they get voted in. From that last GE, they could have put Hitler, Idi Amin, or Stalin up and they would have got elected. This is why Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh got elected. This is probably why next year, they will put Yousaf up for election. No one would vote for these people in "normal" times. That 20 year old. FFS the SNP have lowered themselves to new depths. The SNP are just laughing at everyone. They don't give a shit about ANY of us, otherwise they would have put forward candidates with some ability at least. Not a bunch of moronic wasters. Our tax is paying for these bastards and they'll give us nothing in return.

I know I always seem to be anti Moslem but I'm not. I would be more than happy to have Sajid uncle Fester Javid as a next PM. This bloke is normal and he has a genuine business record and more importantly, he is competent, unlike the shower of shite we have representing us in the SNP.

Sherbie. said...

Well said Hun fae Perth!!

Anonymous said...

Hun fae Perth has highlighted something important.

Anybody could have stood for the SNP and got elected.

Remember how the cybernats wittered on about people voting for anyone with a red rosette? Well the tide has turned.

Some of the new SNP MPs do have a sound background, but many do not. This can be seen by the immature behaviour already evident. It's all a big game to them.

Labour needs to sort it's shit out quickly, and show how bloody useless a lot of these new MPs are going to be.

Anonymous said...

this blog is great.makes me laugh every time i read it. What inspired you to go into comedy George?

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Most political blogs usually are a dry read, a touch of comedy helps to offset this and at the same time allows the serious points to come through and be hard hitting.


Anonymous said...

Repeat Repeat Repeat
Boring Boring Boring
Change the record
Cut the crap
You have a Bitter vile and twisted mind and all your imaginary commentaries
It is about time you left the deceased to rest in peace shows how low you are when you resort to writing about the dead.
Go and do something useful instead of sitting in libraries writing all this hate no wonder you are ill. For a man who brags about how educated you are this is just the pits.

Freddy said...

Lol at least have the decency to leave your name laughable comments from someone blinded to reality.

John Johnson said...

Hi - I found this blog because iI googled "Nicola Sturgeon Uncle Fester" - because she reminds me of Uncle Fester - it's weird I can't put my finger on what it is exactly - the eyes? the odd smile? I wondered if anyone else saw a likeness.