Monday, May 11, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron has a simple message for unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘braveheart’ commandos’, No second independence referendum, once in a generation means exactly that, oh, and he is really pleased that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon ushered in a Conservative Government

Dear ll

Having delivered a Conservative Government, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her crew are waking up to the new dawn.
David Cameron will not be granting a section 30 order for the Scottish Parliament to have a second Scottish independence referendum during his second term as UK Prime Minister.

This isn’t unexpected, through-out the election campaign when pressed, he said the ‘once in a generation’ claim by the SNP leadership is exactly that, once in a generation. The ‘feeble 56’ will have to sit at Westminster and stew. The SNP will achieve nothing and plans are in motion to bring in EVEL and other radical reforms.

I am against EVEL on the basis that no MP should be a second class MP.

England wants to shut out Scottish MPs on deciding on matters that are specific to England; it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
What is amusing about the result is that Downing Street sources at the weekend said Cameron is “very concerned” about the election result.

Well, it is easily explained:

When you do politics, the most important things are big ideas to make people's lives better, serving your constituents faithfully and raising the profile of your area.

Labour’s big fault was being detached from the people they were supposed to be representing.

Prior to 2012, I said that there needed to be a cull of Glasgow Labour Councillors, apparently someone in Labour thought this was a good idea because they did just that, 20 people got put to the sword. I didn’t agree however with all the selections.

There are just three pro-Union MPs out of 59 from Scotland.

Who is to blame, well the three pro-Union parties, Lib Dems suffered due to Nick Clegg, he buried the Lib Dems on both sides of the border.

The Conservatives ran a campaign which was based on promoting Ruth Davidson; incidentally she failed her first major test as leader. In 2016, she faces losing some of her FPTP MSPs.

As to Labour, they suffered because of a number of reasons, as I said in my posted link above, ‘tat’ doesn’t win elections. Also, some of the Labour MPs weren’t going a good job serving their constituents, so it is hardly surprising that people decided to punish Labour.

When you have MPs who don’t pull their weight in the areas they get elected to, they take down the entire party.

In Pollok, Ian Davidson, Johann Lamont and all Labour Councillors never did a single day with Better Together while I was there.

That is the problem.

If there is any good news on the election, it is that Cameron has stated his intention to go ahead with Smith Commission proposals.

This means the Scottish Parliament will have responsibility for some of welfare, air passenger duty and income tax.

On the issue of whether he would be the last Prime Minister of the UK, Cameron said he was very confident about the security of the UK remaining intact.

He added:

“We had a referendum. Respect and trust should be at the heart of our system, and that’s what we did and Scotland voted emphatically to stay in the United Kingdom, which I think was an affirmation of what a great country this is.”

He also mentioned:

“There isn’t going to be another referendum. We had the referendum and the SNP aren’t pushing for another referendum, actually – Nicola Sturgeon said that vote in the general election was not about another referendum. Now what we need to do is bring the United Kingdom together. We are going to do that by delivering the devolution settlement in Wales, delivering the devolution settlement in Scotland, keeping all the pledges that were made.”

So, it rather looks likes the SNP’s new members who joined the party because of their hatred of the Tories actually ushered in 5 more years of Conservative Government, did I say there was a real lack of talent in the SNP?

George Laird right again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Well done George you called correctly again. But I don't believe the SNP will have the strength to rein in some of their new MP's. I think heavy disruption of Westminster will be the order of the day.
But then again these MP's will be like all the other's. Once the salaries start hitting the bank accounts then comes the calm.
Radical?.... my arse.
Nothing like the Queens Shilling to silence any real opposition.

Hun fae Perth said...

Cameron doesn't need to worry about the SNP at all. He can just give the minimum required as promised in Smith and tell the wee bile spouter to shove it in Shrek's sporran. Meanwhile her posse of zombies on the benches will just make fools of themselves, especially the lowlife trashy ones. They will just revert to sink estate language, pronunciation and dialect, hammering home their ridiculous position and complete unsuitability as MP's. Soon the thinking Scot's that voted SNP, will realise what a waste it was voting for these morons. They will do nothing for Scotland. 56 leaches, sucking out our hard earned cash, faster than a Tower Hamlets radical Islamic preacher.

The results of the Tories policies will eventually filter up to Scotland and the whole country should prosper. I suspect we will have a Tory government for 20 years. Make electoral reform and the SNP are shafted along with other idiotic fools like the Greens etc. I think I'm now a Tory from now on. Like the worlds greatest football team, the Tories are hated but rated. Long live the Union. WATP.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I don't think politics is that hard, obviously the political landscape has changed , however not for the better.


Anonymous said...




Hun fae Perth said...

Ah, perhaps I'm a bit too hasty in declaring myself a Tory. Trouble is all the skelbs in my arse from sitting on the fence will not help matters. I'm not sure SLAB will recover quick enough to be any real influence. We have to cull the SNP somehow, so I'm happy to sell my soul to Ruth if she can chew Sturgeon's ass off, no euphemism intended. Meanwhile if SLAB can rally round and produce soemthing feasible, then game on but I doubt it. They have to get a replacement for Ed first. Too much to ask in a small space of time.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Angus Robertson remains leader of the SNP at Westminster.

Either Sturgeon is trying to get rid of Salmond, or more likely they are petrified he is going to start pissing everyone off. He is already in Braveheart mode, and that is going to backfire.

Bet they wish he'd never been selected for the Gordon seat.

Anonymous said...

Mr Laird

The SNP's electoral strategy blew up in their faces, far from propping up a weak Labour Government, they are now faced with the real Tories.

Having destroyed the 'Red Tories' the SNP find themselves without any friends that matter.

They will make a lot of noise I suspect, but achieve little else.

The London press will put them under scrutiny as never before. Unlike back home, the SNP will not be able to intimidate them.

Time to get the popcorn in...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr George Laird

I have a very good felling that Scotland will see a rebirth of Conservatisim by the introduction of the FFA (Full Fiscal Autonomy) thoughout Scotland and the end of the Barnet Formula. The best way to defeat the SNP (Scottish National Party) once and for all is to give them scaffold (FFA) and enough rope (leeway) and let the SNP hang themselves. Once Scotland has gotten FFA and no longer the Barnet Formula, the Scottish Government (SNP) will have to radically increase taxes and to drastically reduce spending and that will hit their hardest supporters the most who are the benifit scroungers. Once the benfit scroungers (SNP hardcore supporters) will see thier benifits either cut more than half or even cut all together, they will explode into anger and maybe even riot, I will not want to be in Glassgow or Dundee when these people don't get their check, their is a song called burn baby burn and we will see both Glassgow and Dundee (SNP Bastions) start explode into flames. George if you are in Glassgow when this happens, please leave ASAP and get to safty, I would not want to see you get hurt and I want you be safe and out of harm, Scotland needs you more than ever and can't afford to loose you, you are a Scottish treasure. The Scottish Government will not be able to maintain order through out Scotland when this happens because their will be massive cuts in Police Scotland and maybe more than half of Scottish Police will be laid off and the vast majority of Police Stations will close just like hospitals, schools, etc that will have come with the extreme cut in services. The hardworking Scottish tax payers who will be taxed into obliciion and you will see a flood of Scottish refugees heading south to England taking their money and buisness with them. Once Scotland descends into all out anarchy and caos, the British Government (Conservative Party) will intervene and at the last minute to save the day by ordering the British Army along with English Police to Scotland to restore order. Once order has been restored in Scotland, the British Government will fix the mess by the Scottish Government and pump in billions of pounds into Scotland and rescuing it from destruction. In my oppion the British Government should after getting the Scotland under financial control, should start a policy of abolishing the Scottish Government, closing the Holyrood Parliament and ending Scottish Devolution and restore Scotland to the control of Westminister and of the Scottish Office. A lot of money will be saved by ending Scottish Devolution and that money can and will be put back into Scotland in the form of Health Care, Education and even Benifits. Scottish Devolution along with it's Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament has been a complete waste of money and has led to the rise of Scottish Nationlism, the only way to bring both English and Scots together again and keep them united with each other is to END SCOTTISH DEVOLUTION. English and Scots are brothers and sisters and are a FAMILY. Once Scotland starts to see rapid prosperity and when people see more money in thier pockets and lower taxes and the reintroduction of the Barnet Formula the Scottish people will leave not only the SNP in droves but also the Labour Party aswell and will join the Conservative Party. I believe we will see the day when Scotland turns Blue and becomes a Conservative Party bastion of support and ore membership and when this happens the Conservative Party will dominage British politics for decades to come because with the Conservative Party being the majority party of both England and Scotland will see to that. The SNP will will sulk back to being a fringe party that will barley get single digits in elections and will be consigned to the garbage bin of Scottish politics just like how the English Democrats are in the garbage bin of English politics. The Labour Party will still be the 2nd party but they will be consigned to the wilderness for many decades to come.

rossy said...

What a hateful little grudge bearing wench Sturgeon is. I bet she threw a few tantrums when she was a kid. Toys thrown everywhere. Anyway Sturgy, thanks for getting Dave back in. The money markets are now stable, businesses are more upbeat, EU leaders are now ready to offer some concessions to the UK. All in all, confidence has returned. Can you imagine the massive rise in tax evasion in Scotland if the SNzP got FFP. Taxes would need to rise so much if the Barnett Formula is scrapped, that Scotland would lose business big time. Who would trust an un-trustworthy, lying shower like the SNP to handle YOUR money. Look after what you have, and don't let them near it.

Freddy said...

Unfortunately George i forsee electoral boundaries changing unless the labour party changes quickly years in the wilderness. It's a pity Dan Jarvis put his kids first although I understand why he could take the tories on and is probably untouchable.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

Boundaries are changing for the council elections in 2017, I am standing as a candidate.


Anonymous said...

So much for 'Tories out' eh? The SNP don't strike me so much as having shot themselves in the collective foot, as full on strapped their legs onto a railgun.

Or maybe they're more like Major Kong riding that nuclear weapon in Dr Strangelove?

Either way, was nice to say hello on Facebook, George!