Friday, May 15, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has started issuing demands to Prime Minister David Cameron, the tail doesn’t wag the dog in politics, Sturgeon demands more powers to create division in the United Kingdom, onto plums on that one

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon think that the ‘tail wags the dog’ after the Westminster 2015 election.

As David Cameron will find out quite so, the ‘tartan army’ on the opposition benches have already made their contribution for this parliament, ‘selfies’ in the House of Commons chamber. When normal business starts back, the Nationalists will quickly find out that unlike at Holyrood where they rule the roost, Westminster is an entirely different matter.

Some of the SNP MPs have already been earmarked for what they are, clowns, but clowns who know nothing about politics. As we have seen in other parties, although clowns can sometimes amuse, they pose little threat. And that is what the SNP will become at Westminster background noise that will have to stick together because for the most part, they will be shunned.

Sturgeon is playing up to her deluded cult members to prime themselves for grudge and grievance because the SNP will be getting ignored, maybe David Cameron will do a bit of lip service if he thinks it is in his interest to assist the Scottish Conservatives in the 2016 Holyrood election.

Sturgeon’s threat that Cameron must listen to the “message Scotland has sent” in electing 56 SNP MPs as a catalyst for another independence referendum is meaningless pap. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon signed an agreement called the Edinburgh Agreement, this was starting gun for the referendum because it guaranteed that a Westminster Section 30 order would be signed to allow this to take place.

Through-out the campaign, Alex Salmond said this was a ‘once in a generation’, that means although Sturgeon can do her angry wee Nat did, she is locked into something which means she wouldn’t probably see another vote within her leadership.

Independence is gone!

If the SNP attempted to use Holyrood to push through another referendum, the Westminster Government could quite simply shutdown the Holyrood Parliament and Scottish Government. There would be no Better Together 2 Campaign because the Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems wouldn’t recognise an SNP referendum as valid without a Section 30 order. If the Nationalists and their allies ran a campaign, they would just be wasting their time, their money and their resources.

And the result wouldn’t be recognised, not just by the Westminster Government but also the EU and the United Nations where the United Kingdom as a permanent seat on the Security Council.

If I was David Cameron I would simply tell Sturgeon that he will not be giving any ground whatsoever to her SNP demands. At present the SNP leadership are trying to sell the lie that they speak for Scotland, and to that end they want to rope in other parties like Labour to go along with them, the idea is simple, the Tories are the enemy.

Anyone wantING to take up the invitation to join a hate campaign against the English, they are welcome to do so, because at some point there will be a backlash against not the people of Scotland, but the SNP Government.

Sturgeon wants further powers beyond the Smith Commission proposals in areas such as employment policy, the minimum wage, welfare, business taxes, national insurance and equality policy.

Independence by stealth, piece by piece and bit by bit!

One thing which I have repeatedly said is that the Scottish National Party don’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice, they want more devolved powers so that they can get more information for their backdoor national identity card scheme.

That is Sturgeon’s "matter of priority".

The SNP don’t have any intention of lifting people out of poverty, they have controlled education for 8 years, didn’t address the gap between rich and poor students, colleges have had budgets cut and lost 140,000 student places that by enlarge go to the children of people from working class backgrounds.

Yesterday; saw Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond trying to resurrect his dying political career only to make a fool of himself under the guise of SNP Foreign Affairs Spokesman. Straightaway and with no help from anyone, he did two things; one showed he isn’t a statesman and secondly showed he is out of his depth, Salmond is supposed to be the SNP’s ‘big beast’ at Westminster.

Hunting season will be starting shortly.

As to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, she might get a few scraps tossed her way, but the Conservatives aren’t going to hand over powers for Sturgeon to use to create dissent in England. I assume that the Conservatives are already wise to this move; after all they managed to use her as a bogeyman to gain an overall majority at Westminster.

Finally, only about a third of Scots voted for the SNP, a third for voted for Unionist Parties and the remainder didn’t vote at all.

Sturgeon doesn’t speak for Scotland!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I may be wrong but the full title of the Tory Party is " The Conservative and Unionist Party " be a bit of an oxymoron that George if David Cameron just said " Take what powers you want Nicola" . He must know he made a pigs ear of letting them set the time the question and order of the answers the last time. I feel sure that is one mistake that will not be repeated. Personally I would like a comment saying along the lines of the first Minister and I have had a frank exchange of views and we agree to differ . :)

As you say time for the attempted act of letting the tail wag the dog. If they are confronted and balked at every turn it will show how innefectual they really are .

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sturgeon should sit tight and see how Rajoy deals with Artur Mas later this year in the Spanish & Catalonian elections. No doubt Rajoy will ignore the results even if Mas says a favourable result in Catalonia represents a referendum vote. In the meantime back here in Scotland/Britain various companies and CEOs can dust off their old press releases warning of possible company closures and re-locations as they roll their eyes at the prospect 'Ref2'.

Anonymous said...

Mr Laird,

Why when I think of Mr Salmond at Westminster do the words 'Loose Cannon' spring to mind?

I bet she is wishing she could send him on a one way trip to a North Korean practice range.

However effectively speaking the SNP are a busted flush, they will make lots of noise, but that is all.

I see David Cameron has said he will 'consider' extra powers, I hope Nicola Sturgeon is not holding her breath.

He has her over a barrel.

As without the prospect of Indyref2, what will hold the SNP together?

What happens if the members demand it?

What will Nicola do then, as she is riding a Tiger, and it may eat her.

So he can afford to be patient, and wait.


Hun fae Perth said...

You can picture it -

Haw Davey, goanna gies mair power. Ahm gaun tae look a right eejit if ye dinnae. Aw Gaun Davey gies it......Haw Shrek ! Ahm pure fizzin wi that Engish basturt so a am. He's gein us buff. Whit'll we dae noo Shrek. Ah, it's aw bluff an bluster, thur scaremongering. Dinnae worry hen. Were the SNP. Foxes in the henhoose an aw that. Wha's goat the Buckie ?..........To be continued.

Anonymous said...

It is likely that the snp will put a demand for another referendum Into their 2016 manifesto. If tactical voting is not effective in destroying their majority, they will again claim a mandate for another bite at the cherry. It is inconceivable that a tory party revelling in it's majority, intent on reform and extremely ill disposed towards the snp will allow another referendum less than 2 years after the last one. There will be howls of outrage but the snp will be unable to actually do anything. What the snp leadership don't seem to understand is that every time they whip up a storm amongst their followers, they raise expectations which they cannot meet. That bubble must eventually burst, with catastrophic results for them. 2016 might be the end for them. I hope it is.

Hun fae Perth said...

Ach yer right enough. It disnae metter whit happens noo cos we've goat aw that dosh in the bank. MP salary an expenses for 5 years. That's almost 500 grand fur yous an mair than a million jist fur wee me. Mind an claim as much as ye can noo. Fandabiedosie eh. 5 years fur daein buff fur Scotland, no bad eh! Aw oor pals are sorted an we kept it aw in the family so tae speak. Best thing I ever did wis jine ma pals in the SNP. Wull jist mak a big fuss and it'll look like wur daein stuff. Aw the mugs that donated and voted fur us- thank's but tuff ! Austerity. Whit austerity? Disnae bother oor femily at aw. whit aboot independence then? Oh aye. Wull jist say Davey widnae gie us anither go and that'll be that. We'll just blame the basturt Tories. Haw, money in the bank doll. Dinnae doll me! Gies that Buckie ya fat basturt. Ahm rinnin this pairty noo. A think ??

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