Friday, May 1, 2015

‘Enter the Dumb-ass’, SNP candidate Margaret Ferrier's lack of knowledge on full fiscal responsibility leaves voters and candidates laughing at her during hustings, the great Sturgeon ‘experiment’ of ‘SNP women will get things done’ exposed as more verbal masturbation

Dear All

I said I said and I said; there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party. When Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond said his ‘problem’ was he was surrounded by ‘too many talented people’, I thought, ‘you deluded bastard’!

In the Scottish National Party, the cult at its core is rather weak mentally; ideas if they come are usually taken from people outside the cult such as me.

I used to look at SNP newsletters and see ideas that I put forward appear several months after I floated them. When I did a campaign blueprint, several of those ideas were done by the SNP later. 

An example of this is SNP candidates doing youtube videos. I also pioneered the idea that elected officials should go out and do ‘street surgeries’ at high footfall areas, to my surprise the idea appeared on a former MSP’s blog, she is standing as a Westminster candidate. The document I produced I have kept on file, along with the date stamp of when I produced it.      

As to SNP Candidates in this election, there is a ‘wealth of dross’ to choose from, Natalie McGarry, Neil Hay, Brendan O’Hara and Chris Stephens to name but a few. However as I said to someone recently, if you let SNP candidates and others talk, you will find out that they really are clueless. Of course, no one knows everything and we shouldn’t expect them to, but when you know you know sweet FA, you should have enough intelligence to keep your trap shut, failing that don’t dig yourself a hole you can’t climb out of.


Well, I think so, but then I am capable of independent thought.

Another SNP Candidate has been exposed as a ‘donkey’; this one is called Margaret Ferrier. In a hustings she showed her total lack of knowledge on the idea of full fiscal responsibility. Ferrier took the road to stupidity by thinking the £7.6 billion hole in Scotland’s finances predicted by the Institute of Fiscal Studies if the Barnett Formula was scrapped, was in fact the result of the Barnett Formula.

Staggering is not, the lack of being able to grasp the concept, never mind the nuts and bolts, beggars’ belief. If the Barnett formula was not in place and Scotland would have to raise its own taxes with no fallback to Westminster then Scottish taxes would have to rise above the rest of the UK. As well as this, services would have to be cut and there would be jobs losses. When a financial shortfall exists, the easy route is to cut staff; this is something I witnessed time and time again at University.

After blowing it, she then proceeded to dig deeper by suggesting that extra cash could be raised by the Smith Commission.

Say whit?

And it gets better as Ferrier in what must be one of the worst cases of lack of preparation by a candidate said to the ‘jimmies’:

“Full fiscal responsibility - what we’re saying is that a modest increase in spending of half-a-percent per year every year would free up money to spend on other things like the NHS, education. The 7.6 shortfall is a myth that is being created. The 7.6 shortfall is if the Barnett consequentials was gone, which it wouldn’t be, plus the fact that erm, the erm, sorry, I’ve lost my train of thought, erm, the Barnett consequentials will remain in place until.....”.

Mumble mumble mumble.

In the spirit of helping out rival candidate Lib Dem Tony Hughes interrupted to say:

“That’s not what your leader said...”

Always a good way to keep people flapping; you can probably see the electrons fire in her brain cells of ‘does not compute’.

She said:

“It will remain in place and that’s where the 7.6 shortfall is coming from. So until that goes and we free up money elsewhere and we collect our own taxes from what we get from the Smith Commission as well... so there’s various powers that we’re supposed to get that we haven’t got erm, through the Smith Commission then the Barnett ‘consequentials’ would be tweaked and eventually we would then have our own tax-raising powers.”

If you are struggling with what she is saying, allow me to help, just don’t bother, it is just babbling shite which makes no sense and best to just leave it alone.

The SNP says of Ferrier:

“Margaret is a 54 year old full-time working mother of a 22 year old daughter, who is currently studying teacher training at Glasgow University. She works for a blue chip manufacturing construction company in Motherwell where she manages a team within the Commercial Sales Department. She was born and bred in Glasgow, moved to Rutherglen in 1972-1990 and has lived in Cambuslang for 15 years. She is an elected community councillor within Halfway and as a member of Amnesty International was always someone who wanted to stand up for people’s human rights and equality. She has worked as a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau giving her an insight into how invaluable a service the CAB delivers for many people who have no other route to go down and are desperate for advice.”

Quite so ma’am!

Obviously the CV doesn’t quite explain the lack of ability, one can only wonder what type of team she manages at the Commercial Sales Department given that sales is relatively easy.

I would also say having listened to part of the ‘comedy’ of that hustings; she sounds like an ‘absolute roaster’ which I would maintain proves my point that in the SNP there is no such thing as merit.

Finally, just because her daughter is currently studying teacher training at Glasgow University, doesn’t mean nothing regarding Margaret Ferrier’s own personal abilities, ‘just in case you'll motherfeckers didn’t know that’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

A busy day George :) the lack of even a basic grasp of economics just shows the paucity of talent. The fact that people believe what they say and the media don't highlight it is a scandal.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

So much ammo lying around shame not to use it to the hilt.


Anonymous said...

"She works for a blue chip manufacturing construction company in Motherwell where she manages a team within the Commercial Sales Department"

# In other words Telesales....

What is a "manufacturing construction company", when its at home?

When it comes to the SNP's candidates, it's like watching an extended version of 'Dumb and Dumber'...

Each time you think it could not get any worse, out comes another eejit.

The point to remember is that these were the people, who were chosen as candidate.

So what were the rejects like?

The mind boggles....

Anonymous said...

Typical idiot who should not be let anywhere near Westminster.

Economic skills are probably the most important attribute for a politician. Money drives everything.

But to get basic details wrong is shocking.

The SNP are going to be a serious embarrassment at Westminster. It is going to be like a bunch of neds gatecrashing a party. I'm in favour of change at Westminster, but the SNP are going to be so obstructive I forsee another election within 6 weeks. Perhaps reality will kick in, and they will accept that there are limitations, and they need to work for the whole UK. But I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

Eric Holford, Conservative Candidate for Airdrie and Shotts said...

I spoke at a Poverty Alliance Hustings in Glasgow yesterday and the SNP MSP Sandra White was just as bad! The Labour chap opened the question of the £7.6bn hole that FFA would open up and she withered a bit, I pushed it and she started with a diatribe about under FFA the £7.6bn was, would you believe, a "myth"? Then she burbled on about FFAwould bring £140bn of extra funding from England to Scotland under "Barnett sequentials(sic)", but only if we got the FFA we were promised by the Smith Comission. If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny. These are not an army of Nicola's clones, but Nicola's clowns!

Anonymous said...

To think this woman is standing as my local MP candidate for the SNP? Yet no doubt there will be plenty of people who will vote for her because of this reason.

There was a small report in the record today about this and she gave the excuse that it was due to the heckling that she gave such a poor answer which is bollocks. For those of you who haven't heard it, here's the link for an audio recording:

Anonymous said...

Georgieboy I smile everyday at the thought that the clowns in the SSNP turned you against them with their smear and lies

Thank your deity of choice that this blog, with a few notable others , are a beacon of light in a sea of SHIT.

Smudge said...

Well said Eric Holford!!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to hear the speeches from these new SNP MPs. Westminster is a bear pit.

I see more than a few making complete arses of themselves.

Sherbie said...

As another blogger said earlier, if clowns like Magaret Ferrier are the ones who were selected, what the hell were the rejects like. Maybe it was a case of "heads or tales".

Anonymous said...

This from Craig Murray:

I know the media went into sickening overdrive, but to post an article like above just confirms what a lot of the SNP support is like.

Read the article, particularly the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid Craig Murray has left the building,

Where are MI5 when you need em eh?

Anonymous said...

next snp rally at "their" steps, well they will be demolished ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

...and in she goes.

Nice piece George just a shame these nationalists and pro-independence numpties would have voted in a donkey let alone a dumb-ass.

Tom Greatrex has been nothing short of excellent during his time in the role.

Have you done a piece on Mhairi Black? Look forward to that one!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the link to the audio of Ferrier's comments... Anybody know? Someone's taken it down, which is a shame, as I think deserves to be given more publicity.