Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and ‘Sein Fein’ SNP are set to make demands on David Cameron, now get the popcorn out as we all see how impotent Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘feeble 56’ actually are at Westminster, France and Germany are already in secret pact against Britain to extent political union within the EU, the real kicker is that Sturgeon signs up to massive austerity for Scottish people regardless

Dear All

Just as ordinary people will find out what a colossal mistake it was to send the ‘feeble 56’ SNP MPs to Westminster, we are now seeing the ‘Sein Fein’ SNP express their love of the European Union.

If Scotland was to become independent, the SNP would take Scotland into the EU and also the currency union called the Euro.

We would become the next

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon will be standing side by side with Prime Minister David Cameron and attempting to press for a majority vote in each country before the UK could exit.

In politics, the majority has the final say, but Sturgeon wants to ensure that if Scotland was to vote to stay in and England voted to leave, their wishes would be ignored.

Needless to say, if a majority vote to leave the EU, this will be the end of the matter and the membership.

Nicola Sturgeon says he will run a positive campaign to stay in the EU.

So, what are the disadvantages of membership?

Firstly, there is the cost aspect, the costs of EU membership to the UK is £15bn. Ukip believes this cost is higher when other factors are taken into consideration such as bureaucracy. Whatever the real figure is, there is a cost to the British taxpayer.

Secondly, we have seen how some policies in the EU haven’t been efficient such as the high percentage of EU spending goes on the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP as it is better known. That policy has distorted agricultural markets and lead to higher prices for consumers and encouraging over-supply. Remember the ‘Butter Mountain’ and the ‘wine lake’ of the latter have of the last century? Although there has been some work to reform the Common Agricultural Policy, it still comes up as a topic as because it hasn’t eliminated the wastage, that being said, there has been a reduction.

Problems of the Euro, we have seen how Greece has fared in the Euro, the country because of its economy isn’t doing well, in fact it is doing so badly that recently stories of Greek hospitals running out of supplies of essential equipment has surfaced.

Another story which caught my eye early on was that some Greek pensioners have been forced to look for food in bins. This isn’t the European dream. Greece is in limbo, to renew its self it has to leave the Euro and default on its debt, it is a drastic step to cure a drastic problem. At present the Greek Government is lacking the ability to cope in a real sense, if default is the answer, the question becomes when and not if.

The EU to encourage balancing of the books puts real pressure on countries towards austerity. Since 2008, the start of the banking crisis which saw many southern European countries faced massive pressure from the EU to pursue austerity to pay for the mistakes of others. This has led to spending cuts to meet budget deficits and prolonged economic stagnation.

Net Migration, this is seen by some as a real problem, free Movement of Labour has caused problems of overcrowding in UK cities. The idea of free movement of Labour is in need of being regulated, I have said, and I will continually say, the EU needs an internal immigration policy. The UK’s population is set to rise to 70 million over next decade; this will have a knock on effect to push up house prices, increase burdens of the State functions such as councils and hospitals, and led to congestion on roads.

No country can continue growth forever, it is a myth.

The United Kingdom needs to reclaim its borders and the trend towards 70 million needs to be reversed downwards as a permanent measure. The reality of EU membership is that the UK is powerless to prevent large scale immigration because EU rules allow free movement of labour.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and ‘Sein Fein’ SNP wants to increase Scotland’s immigration by about a million people, this would be a disaster.

The EU is famous for red tape, red tape is a burden on business, although some of the rules brought in are essentials, I don’t favour making law purely on the basis of having something to do, just as law making is important when needed, the removal of law is an aspect rarely commented on. It is argued with some justification that the EU has created extra layers of bureaucracy whilst taking away decision making process further from local communities.

Although Sturgeon will push for a “double majority” to be included in the vote that would mean all four nations of the UK must back withdrawal before exit is possible, she won’t get it. The SNP see the EU referendum as a device to push for another independence vote if the majority in the UK vote to leave. They will play silly games, they will huff and puff but in the end they will be shut out of all decision making and will not influence the vote, the legislation, the franchise or the timetable.

On the issue of democracy and the people’s right to express their views on the EU, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I don’t think it is desirable to hold an in-out referendum on membership of the EU”.

Her view is that we should have the right to vote in a referendum if it is something she wants to have enacted.

Labour in the shape of Harriet Harman dropped its opposition to the referendum at the weekend in recognition of the general election result.

The Labour Party will run its own campaign against withdrawal, with the Liberal Democrats but not with the Tories, it seems that it will be David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon joined at the hip as SNP usually vote alongside the Tories in Parliament anyway.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie accused Sturgeon of using her tradition approach to anything, grudge and grievance.

He added:

 “I know Nicola Sturgeon wants independence for Scotland but she should stop quibbling about Europe. The SNP need to get on with making the positive case for Europe rather than using it to enhance the chances of independence for Scotland. If she is passionate about the UK remaining in the European Union, she should throw her full support behind the campaign. Europe is good for jobs, trade, workers and consumer rights and so much more so I hope the SNP will join is in a cross-party campaign to keep us in Europe.”

Interestingly, the people who make the strong case for staying in the EU mostly come from the political classes whose people make a very good living out of the EU setup, this contrasts rather sharply from the lives of ordinary working class people who stand in line at food banks.

One thing is certain, regardless of which way the vote goes, the EU will certainly have to be reformed to a new setup.

I doubt that France and Germany will be willing to take that step unless a crisis forces them to re-invent it towards a trading block. Already Hollande and Merkel have tighten their grip and rule out EU treaty change, they want more political union and more control of other member states.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hun fae Perth said...

Sturgeon wants to be seen by her Euro masters as extremely pro Europe, to enhance her chances of quick entry ( non starter ) but she really wants UK to vote out to warrant another referendum. I think we will see a very weak support from the SNP clowns for staying in Europe for that very reason but lots of arse licking in Brussels on the quiet. Without the EU, Scotland will just not cut it. The SNP need to suckle the EU cash cow teats to stay afloat. The other twist could be Ange, Junckie and the French bloke, might wave a flag for Scotland if UK votes out, just to spite Cameron.

If the worst nightmare becomes reality and the SNP destroy our lives and country forever, then let's have another Berlin wall type scenario. Not actually a wall but lets say a sort of tax exile, allow those people that want to remain British, remain UK citizens but resident in Scotland free of SNP taxes and bullshit yet enjoy the location. Let's have another IOM, Channel islands, Cayman, etc but "Tartanized" with non Dom status obviously.

For myself, I want out because quality of life is worth much more than profit. Peoples lives have been turned upside down because of immigrants taking over the town they once recognised. Once immigrants take hold, you know the religious ones I'm talking about, it's permanent, it's forever. No going back to chocolate box cottages with white fences, no more green and pleasant lands. Roits, rapes and robberies. We are an island and this made us very powerful, among other things, but to effectively bridge that like before the ice-age melt, monsters will come. Some are already here.

Freddy said...

There is no chance of the UK government allowing Sturgeon to dictate terms if the country votes for exit. I'm hoping that some sort of deal can be done right enough but the Italians , Spanish and other countries must be worried also. I'm off to Crete in October right enough I wonder if they will still be in the Euro then.

Sherbie. said...

Let's have a referendum to throw this big headed, big mouthed, un-elected disaster Sturgeon out. I want to throw up every time i see that moron.

Anonymous said...

Sinn Fein indeed , the fat man took Martin Mcguiness to Gleneagles