Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron says the Scottish independence referendum must inspire Tory comeback in Scotland, looking at the results; how does he expect that miracle to happen when his social policies cut the legs off re-engagement with the working class particularly the poor and disadvantage?

Dear All

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon lost the Scottish independence referendum; it was the political highlight of the year.

On Twitter, fat Natalie McGarry said to Labour Councillor Stephen Curran:

“A certain George Laird was at count on a Better Together ticket”.

This was an utter lie by Natalie McGarry, I never asked Better Together for a ticket, and they didn’t offer.

As I previously said fat Natalie McGarry is publicly unelectable, this demonstrates this as much has her imploding the SNP vote in Cowdenbeath by-election.

Fat Natalie McGarry added previously:

“If you care about misogyny, here is a fact. @UK_Together gave a ticket to Glasgow count to a man criticising my looks. Disgusting”.

To be blunt, fat Natalie McGarry tried to pass off a nasty vicious hate account on Twitter set up by someone she knows as mine and linked it to my blog in a tweet so, I am not interested in her fake outrage or her opinion.

It isn’t misogyny to state a person is fat since men can be fat as well as women I like to chucking facts about.

Natalie McGarry has used the misogyny tag before to label others, something of a habit it appears.

A lack of original thinking by Fat Natalie McGarry, crying ‘wolf’ yet again, when she should be crying ‘weightwatchers’!

On the other side of the political spectrum, David Cameron has challenged the Conservatives to use independence victory as a springboard for the party to make a comeback in Scotland.

Currently there is one Conservative MP in Scotland called David Mundell. You could say that the other parties have crowded out the market leaving getting a Conservative elected as a rather tough challenge indeed.

Akin to a miracle!

David Cameron says he wants more Tory MPs from Scotland as things might get a bit tight down the road with the rise of Ukip who are expected to take seats and certainly votes from all parties.

There are 28 areas in Scotland that voted No; although that sounds a lot they are mostly
Labour. That being said the Labour Party at present has its own problems coming down the track in certain areas. There are also areas where Tories had done well in the past, but the SNP have taken the seats such as in sunny Perth.
Scotland has consistently refused to send Tory MPs to Westminster and judging by recent events and announcements by them regarding social policies, it is highly unlikely they will be changing their fortunes anytime soon.

The Prime Minister said:

“Let’s just say now loudly and proudly it was the right call. We saved our United Kingdom and we should be proud.”

Actually, it was more like having bought some time rather than a decisive victory.

Ruth Davidson speaking earlier said the Scottish Conservatives had “sometimes let the side down”.


30 years is more than just sometime in my opinion, although she claimed the party had emerged stronger from the referendum, it should be pointed out the Tories had covered their own areas, you can see that by using twitter to look at their selfies.

If they want to win seats, they need to go forth into working class areas and win over the working class, that might be unobtainable given new measures being trailed by Iain Duncan Smith such as ‘smart cards’.

Quite simply, I would expect a hardening of the anti Tory vote unless the Conservatives change course drastically, Iain Duncan Smith needs to be removed and replaced as   Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

He has failed to deliver a more equal society or provide social mobility to people; his new ideas make the problem worse. He is trapping people into poverty forever; he hasn’t the will or vision to help them get out from under.

Many people think we care looking at another hung parliament in 2015.

At the Scottish event Cameron told the packed reception that “we have a huge political opportunity here.”

Maybe someone should sit him down in an empty room and explain the facts of Scottish life to him.

The Prime Minister added:

 “We’ve got people who’ve been hardened in the battle on the streets and campaigning and we’ve got some targets in our sights. I think some of those seats whether in the Lowlands of Scotland, whether in the Highlands of Scotland, whether in Fife, whether in Argyll, whether in Aberdeenshire, whether in Perthshire. We’ve got the people, we’ve got the message, we’ve got the leader. Now I think we can really turn the next 200 days into the opportunity to deliver more Conservative seats in the Westminster parliament for Scotland.

To loud applause, he concluded:

“That should be our aim, that should be our goal and please, my friends, let’s do everything we can to bring that about.”

Well, they better go find someone who can do miracles or they will find themselves with their political trousers down at their ankles taking it up the political arse just as Alex Salmond did in the early hours of the 19th September.

Post defeat, the Scottish Conservatives have to realise that the political landscape of Scotland has changed. It isn’t business as usual just as it isn’t business as usual down in England with Ukip on the rise.

Unless the Scottish Conservatives can start to have mass appeal to the working class, then their situation will get worse, at present there is hype over the referendum result and celebration but it could all turn rather sour very quickly.

Social policies being trotted out at present by Iain Duncan Smith will further add to the demise of the Scottish Conservatives, it is like throwing petrol on a fire. It is doubtful that Ruth Davidson will protest them or even speak out, in the event of that; people will start listening to other voices.

David Cameron says he went through the longest night of his life regarding the referendum; guess what, he will be well prepared for the second longest night of his life sooner than he thinks regarding Scotland.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon got rejected not independence, something to chew on in Number 10.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Your right George. It was the hamfisted amateurish Snp version of Independence that voters rejected. If a proper plan had been put in place it would have been a canter.

Anonymous said...

If Natalie has a weight problem she should swap the "Full English" for the "English-style Diet" - although, like Democracy, she might choke on it.


J F said...

what's your predictions for UK General Election in 2015 George? Both here in Scotland and UK wide. I predict Labour and Tories to be neck and neck on seats in Westminster, and the SNP to gain 10 seats from Labour in Scotland.

G Laird said...

Dear J F

Too early to tell, things needs to settle down after indyref.

Both sides of the border may have upsets, SNP and Ukip for different reasons politically.

Lots of factors are too fluid which confuses the picture at present.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

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Terry Summers said...

Would you say that the legally illiterate rant posted above is an indicator of the level of legal advice avaiable to Salmond and his rat crew.
Terry Summers

G Laird said...

Dear Terry

We have entered the time of the petted lip by Alex Salmond.

He has lost the plot, took the huff and doesn't want to be remembered as the man who lost indy.

2 million plus people shagged him up the political ass on the 18th September.

How does anyone come back from that, and now unpopular Sturgeon is going to be getting his salary when she starts the 'reign of hell'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University