Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is this the first 'rat' to desert the sinking Nationalist ship, SNP MSP John Wilson resigns before the start of the Sturgeon Era, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon faces accusations about internal SNP democracy, it stinks, its anti working class

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is a small man, a petty man, a man for the rich, and certainly not ‘a man for all seasons’.

He has reduced the Scottish National Party from a political party to nothing more than a vehicle for a rather vile nasty clique.

18th September 2014 was his Waterloo, the ‘boss’ as he was dubbed by the idiots had run the Nationalist party has his own little private gang, the ‘cult of personality’ used as dictators as Stalin, Hitler and Mugabe was the way it operated.

Alternative opinions were verboten, enforced by the ‘Yestapo’. Nationalism under Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon hung together by little fragmented groups who all had their own little agendas which had nothing to do with Nationalism.

One of the groups was ‘Sein Fein lite’, people whose loyalty was to Ireland rather than Scotland, their agenda was ‘hate the British’. The SNP was a platform to do just that, the Nationalist campaign in poor areas such as Glasgow was run as ‘get rid of the Tories’, but the subtext was ‘hate the British’ or to be more specific ‘hate the English’.

Another fragmented group was the CND group whom the Nationalist had cultivated to get support. At conference after conference, the CND lot would condemn Britain having nuclear weapons, at every Westminster election, the SNP ran with ‘get rid of nukes’. The lack of political talent in foreign affairs was laid bare for the World and Scottish voting public to see. Scots en masse refused to vote for to send the SNP to Westminster, the anti nuke policy was simply ridiculous, the product of student union politics were people didn’t need to grow up.      

Now, that Alex Salmond has been crushed at the ballot box, he has taken the ‘petted lip’ and he found out his ‘popularity’ much heralded by the Nationalists doesn’t actually exist. Alex Salmond’s popularity is based on buying the vote with an election bribe of a five year Council tax freeze among other little baubles.

In 2012, I told unpopular Nicola Sturgeon at the BBC indy debate hosted by Isobel Fraser, the SNP had to back Nato, and they had to back Faslane as continuing as a nuclear submarine base. The logic was undeniable, this guarantee Scottish sovereignty in the event of independence and neutralised the Americans. Salmond and Sturgeon bungled that by trying to have a ‘halfway house’ by simply going for adoption of Nato at one of their Conferences.

Alex Salmond is far from being the ‘master strategist’ as made out in the press, the SNP defence plans, pure back of a fag packet material, cut and pasted from the British analysis without the benefit of strategic thinking, however, Englishman Angus Robertson, an SNP MP did say the Norwegian Navy website was quite good. As to Robertson, he wouldn’t be the Defence Minister in an independent Scotland, which is a ‘huge thumbs up from me’.

Add to that….. Hooray!

Now, that issue of the referendum has been settled for a couple of years, the cracks are starting to open rather wide, the supposed ‘unity’ which never existed has begun to show through. SNP MSP John Wilson is said to be set to resign from the Scottish National Party.

But lets us be absolutely clear, I have met him, no loss and if anything he should be encouraged to go, it is highly unlikely that any party would want to pick him up to be their MSP, maybe Sheridan’s Solidarity or the SSP would be an exception. I would think even the Scottish Greens wouldn’t be interested in John Wilson.

As we enter the ‘era of tokenism’ as the Scottish National Party seek to anoint unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to replace Salmond, what does it say that poor Nicola is already losing support even before she gets the top job. I guess one can only wonder if given John Wilson’s rapid exit after a crushing defeat, how many SNP MSPs will also consider jumping ship.

Let’s get real, Sturgeon helped destroy the Scottish independence bid due to her gross stupidity but on the bright side, she gets to keep her free seat in the Royal box at Wimbledon. Little Nicola is rather common and unlikeable; these little goodies certainly brighten up her sad existence on Planet Earth. Despite having a few quid, wearing ‘good gear’, there is something missing, she has the look of someone who has been caught doing something obscene.

Not even in the top job yet and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon obviously has trouble generating loyalty.  

To leave Ms. Sturgeon for a moment, which it appears many have and will do in the future, Mr. Wilson said is understood to have made his decision to abandon the Nationalist ‘rat ship’ after “increasing conflict” over the SNP’s defence policy including its position on Trident and change of heart about membership of Nato.

As I previously blogged, Wilson is clueless on defence, his brand of politics is very ‘lite’ indeed, someone should explain the facts of life to him regarding the global picture, I am sure that TV and the internet has made it out to the provinces, it is a big wide world out there, and picking the right team is important. How anyone can think abandoning ‘the allies’ would sit well with Scots is beyond belief.

Can you imagine trying to sell that on a doorstep to the Punters:

“Not part of the allies, fuck off, just fuck off”!

Being part of the ‘allies’ is more than defence position, it is part of the shared history of the United Kingdom, even if Scotland had gone independent, you don’t abandon that heritage.

Plainly the SNP don’t grasp that concept in any shape or form.

Wilson, who was elected in 2007, in my mind, that is the best part of £400,000 pissed up against the wall, as he jogs off into the sunset, he said he was still committed to the concept of Scottish independence.

He told The Scotsman:

“I’ve made a decision to go to resign from the SNP and the SNP whip. It was in terms of policy about Nato. There was a divergence of policy differences. There were a lot of issues. Things were happening with local branches and complaints about the headquarters. It was about internal democracy.”

‘A lot of issues’, this is interesting, as I previously said the SNP was in effect a party within a party. In the SNP there is no internal democracy, it is a ‘rat ship’ run for the benefit of a few people. I was the subject of a smear campaign, the husband of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon refused to investigate, his name is Peter Murrell; the SNP also broke the law in relation to my data subject access request. After I complained, I was found I was targeted by a malicious complaint by the SNP National Sec William Henderson who was also in charge of running a hearing against me, and he was speaking to the ‘judges’ outside the process. When I use the term ‘judges’, these people were peasants from some rural shit pile in Scotland, and not to be confused with real judges.

Who got the last laugh?

I would have to say that was me.

The SNP lost the Glasgow Council election 2012, they lost the October Govan by-election and also failed to have a laugh at my expense, and of course they got their ass handed to them in the Scottish independence referendum.

They needed people like me, not the other way round, they lost 28 out of the 32 areas, winning only 4.    

Wilson, MSP for Central Scotland has said he would serve out his term at Holyrood as an independent MSP. He will decide whether to support the SNP in parliamentary votes on an “issue by issue” basis.

Who gives a shit!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


J F said...

George did you read Joan McAlpine's column this week. Shocking, bitter and resentful. According to her the only reason there was a No vote was because 75% of over 60s voted no. The reason as they are not on the internet they were unable to access 'the facts', and were corrupted by Better Together (who are really Tories). Again another shocking example of the true face of nationalism. One thing that needs to go at Holyrood is the list system where the politically unelectable get shoe horned on!!

Anonymous said...

Dear George,

Nicola Sturgeon and the SSNP have demonstrated that they are not remotely competent enough to tackle Scotland's deeply troubling structural problems. Surely the SNP has to go?

Here's some food for thought from Mark Steyn last weekend.

"Indeed, the remarkable feature of contemporary Scottish nationalism is that it has achieved all the features of a failed nation state without achieving the status of a nation state."


G Laird said...

Dear J F

“George did you read Joan McAlpine's column this week”.

Ms. McAlpine doesn’t usually attract my attention in politics, I don’t see her even as an MSP.

“Shocking, bitter and resentful”.

Poor Joan, do you think it is anything to do with the result of the independence referendum? Apparently the SNP were told by a Canadian polling company they would win by 54% to 46%.

Cheaper to read my blog!

“According to her the only reason there was a No vote was because 75% of over 60s voted no”.

Everyone right across the age range voted No. The supposed SNP heartlands in every area voted No.

“The reason as they are not on the internet they were unable to access 'the facts', and were corrupted by Better Together (who are really Tories)”.

Better Together was the Labour Party, Ms. McAlpine has a poor understanding of politics, Vote No Borders was the Tories, I should know, I was in both.

“Again another shocking example of the true face of nationalism”.

Huge lack of talent in the SNP!

“One thing that needs to go at Holyrood is the list system where the politically unelectable get shoe horned on!!”

You may remember I was blogging on that in the past; all seats should be FPTP without exception. I would scrap the list as undemocratic.

Joan McAlpine has failed to deliver ‘nationhood’, however as an Adulteress she has experience of ‘manhoods’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

I see the rag Herald has jumped where are all the cybernats now?



Anonymous said...

Wonder how many more will jump now, given the privatisation of medical records by the fishy duo before indyref?

"NHYes - because we can make a quick buck out of your bad health!"