Monday, September 8, 2014

Scottish independence: Open letter to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, I already told people connected to senior BT that the polls were going to get closer before they widen and you lose months ago, the ‘panic’ is only in your mind, always one step behind Nicola aren’t you!

Dear Nicola

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has spoken!

Here is what you had to say, you opined the people of Scotland will not be fooled by an offer of more powers for Holyrood from a unionist campaign which is “engulfed in panic”.

Nicola, I already told people connected to BT that the polls were going to get closer before they widen and you lose…… months ago.

Months ago!

So, only in your dreams is the “unionist” campaign “engulfed in panic” and incidentally you don’t have to be a unionist to be campaigning against the independence bid by Alex Salmond.

Listen up dear, Nationalists across the political spectrum of left and right are going to vote against you.

And of course, you aren’t getting my vote.

Although some people say that the weekend poll which is good news for the SNP is a shock poll, it didn’t shock me. After all many of the campaigning tactics used I promoted while in the SNP.

You and Alex Salmond can try and drum up some sort of narrative that the tide has turned but in effect, all this is in reality is ‘ebb and flow’. Nothing more, so enjoy, cling to the straw, but it is rather meaningless. Voters in Scotland will not opt to leave the UK in the forthcoming referendum.

You blew it, and you publicly saying you are ‘confident’ I just find hysterically funny.

The idea, that you could get it right when I have the track record of getting it bang on the money amuses me. Who got it right in all of the 17 SNP elections, I took part in?

George Laird.

Who got it right in the 2012 Glasgow City Council election?

George Laird

Who got both Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath results correct?

George Laird.

Who got it right on Nato?

George Laird.

Who got it right on the EU?

George Laird.

Who got it right on Scots wanting to keep Nuclear weapons in Scotland?

George Laird.

Who got it right on the Cadder ruling?

George Laird.

Who got it right on the Scottish National Police Force? (I proposed it on 4th September 2010)

George Laird.

Who got it right on the Scottish National Fire Service? (I proposed it on 4th September 2010)

George Laird.

What did you ever get right?

Everything you touch turns to shit!

You said:

“I think the No campaign is missing the fact that this campaign in Scotland has moved beyond any place where people can have the wool pulled over their eyes. One of the really invigorating things about this campaign, and for politicians one of the challenging things, is that we have now got a well-informed population that is capable of seeing through what the politicians say and coming to their own decision. That’s why we see the Yes campaign ahead and why I’m confident, although it will take really hard work, we will see Yes win on September 18.”

“Well-informed population” is that what they are?

They have suddenly become ‘self aware’, is that what you are saying, you haven’t even told them what currency will be used because a currency union has been vetoed, they know what your Plan B is?

Funny, the press and everyone else doesn’t!

On election night, one of us will be laughing their head off.

George Laird.

You can’t outrun destiny, in the Govan by-election, your nasty vile clique at Glasgow SNP sat on a bench looking miserable after getting stuffed by the Labour Party. I was walking about laughing my head off; they came to see me get humiliated. The opposite happened; they left with their tails between their legs. The nasty way they conducted that election especially at the polling gate I stood at is a prime example of simple peasant folk thinking they are intellectual giants.

I want to let you into a secret, you and village idiot Chris Stephens from Pollok SNP, I burned up your time and kept 7 people from working most of that day from doing campaigning. I was teaching the SNP a lesson but they were too stupid to realise it.

Time for a quote by Fat Natalie McGarry on that polling day:

‘No #radicalthinking yet’!

As you know, I use #radicalthinking on twitter, but I guess they couldn’t come up with anything clever to say about me not being at the polling station early.

The guy who pees his trousers in Pollok SNP couldn’t work out what I was doing or even Fat Natalie McGarry who imploded the Cowdenbeath vote. Apparently she has a law degree; maybe someone should ask her ……… does she have a book on dieting!

During the Cowdenbeath by-election, you said McGarry was a ‘good friend’ one of the things some women like to do is have ugly fat pals to boost their self esteem. Would it be worth asking if this is the case with you and your choice of “buddies”?

I don’t know, I am just asking the question!

Enjoy the false dawn Nicola, because night is going to fall soon enough.

Have you bought a mop and bucket for the Allison Hunter Training School yet?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Thats a good read and its spot on , we are being led up the garden path . The people who support yes are doing it through ideology and not because of the facts. The SNP haven't given us any facts just a wink from Fuhrer Alex as he knows all and is never wrong.

Thanks .

Vote NAW !

Anonymous said...

3bn wiped off the value of scottish companies in one day. 40,000 jobs at risk. I wonder how the SNP will view this? Even the hint they could swing it and folk are off and running with their cash.
A market of 60m or one of 5m? A question for the stary eyed loons.

Anonymous said...

Hi George

Any comment on the weightings applied by YouGov to that poll? A No lead was overturned by down-weighting the No respondents, and up-weighting the Yes respondents (much like the previous poll).

Strange, in my opinion, in that YouGov had until August down-weighted both sets of respondents (and pushed up the DKs), and railed against Survation for having too high a Yes count.

I don't doubt that a No vote will be returned, but I can't help but feel that this high tide will convince the diehards amongst Yes that the referendum was rigged, and trouble will flow from this on the 19th.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Expect unhappiness post 19th from Yessers!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University