Friday, September 19, 2014

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon lose 28-4 in areas at Scottish independence referendum, huge epic defeat which leaves Salmond no choice but to resign, the SNP cannot deliver independence for Scotland, two years ago, I said they would lose, guess what, George Laird right again

Dear All

First things first, I am shattered, so incase I am writing a load of babbling nonsense, please bear with me, my head is wasted after being up all night, and not sleeping the night before.

About two years ago, I was blogging away and I talked about what was going to happen to the Scottish National Party.

This was my 1, 2, 3 post which I have repeated over time.

1/ Glasgow SNP wouldn’t win Glasgow City Council.

George Laird right again.

2/ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon wouldn’t win independence.

George Laird right again.

3/ 2015, the SNP wouldn’t do well in the Westminster 2015 election.

So, far I have two in the bag.

Out of 32 areas, the SNP won 4.

The unionist camp won 28-4.

Now, that is by any stretch of the imagination an utter disaster of epic almost biblical proportions.

Alex Salmond’s dream of independence is shattered.

As to the Glasgow result, this wasn’t ‘hope over fear’, that won it for the Nationalists, it was just ‘pure hate of the Tories’ preached to the masses. People in Glasgow also fell for the lies, deception and deceit or perhaps they just didn’t care.

And for the record, I was flagging up how BT needed to adapt their strategy, and I have about 180 witnesses to that affect. I looked their campaign and saw the need for improvements, drastic ones. 

George Laird right again.

The silent majority finally raised its voice and shook the foundations of Salmond’s empire to rubble.

I was at the Glasgow Count, apart from one incident with an idiot called Shona McAlpine, who I reported to Police Scotland and they logged an incident report and told me they would take care of any problems, the Glasgow event was slightly eerie, hushed silence before each result.

Dundee was won by the SNP but that was to be expected, I have written about how well they have developed their presence in the city.

Last night was a decisive No vote after a hard fought campaign of two and a half-years which I was involved in as a humble Glaswegian pottering about the place!

Reacting to the result, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spoke of her “deep personal and political disappointment” saying she had fought the hardest campaign of her life.

Perhaps she should have hired an A Team!

Some of the stars of the Better Together campaign turned out to be Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown, I went to their events; usually I prefer to do campaigning but having been asked I wandered along.

They put up a hell of a performance.

On a technical level, Professor Adam Tomkins of Glasgow University was also very good on interpretation of law as it related to the referendum, the UK and EU.   

Nicola Sturgeon was put in as the face of independence, she was supposed to win the women’s vote; she lost as badly as Alex Salmond.


The Scottish National Party cannot deliver independence, civic nationalism is dead and Scotland needs a new centre right party.

Hamish, do you still doubt my abilities?

George Laird is always right, and if anyone checks back on my 1, 2, 3 predications, they will see I can do, what Nicola Sturgeon cannot do.

Get it right!

Oh Saturday, I will go to my favourite kebab shop and get one, I know damn well I deserve it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The campaign by SNP was all about bluff and bluster. 80 years and no one had worked on the currency issue. I can confirm that Snp members are blaming that issue. Salmond's answer to the hard questions on that issue was to try and bully 55 million people in the UK.
The red line for me was the lies in the last few days about negotiating entry into the EU with other European countries.
He lied too many times on too many issues.
Time to go at the Party conference.

Anonymous said...

"Fiscal Experts"
"Nobel Laureats"
"Fading popstars"
"Washedout actress' s"
"Z listers"
My 67 year old neighbour seen right through the lot of them.
Well done on getting it right George. I'm looking forward to your third.

Terry Summers said...

Alex Salmond resigning as of Party Conference live on TV.
You call it right
Terry Summers

Anonymous said...

One of the many satisfying things about the result this morning was reading Wings of Scotland pitiful blog/tweets which were probably highly reminiscent of the kind of rantings made by Hitler shortly before he shoved a pistol in his gob.

Was particularly amusing to hear his main act of rebellion at the vote seems to consist of nothing more than cancelling his TV license. Che Guevera eat your heart out!

Thankfully it sounds like theres a high probability he’s shutting down his website for good so bang goes any chance of someone buying his biography/film rights.

Good riddance to him too! One can only hope his train back to Bath was so packed he had to stand for the entire journey.

Anonymous said...

It's like waking up from a nightmare! My mother and two elderly neighbours were left physically ill as a result of the stress caused by Salmond and his miserable crew!

Anonymous said...

And down goes the good ship Salmond! And hopefully the SNP follow soon......

Sherbie said...

Have a kebabon me George,, ohh, and i see Salmond's resigned. Oh well, Titanic and all that. I see they're talking about Nicola Sturgeon taking over as SNP leader. She couldn't even run the NHS in Scotland. Talk about giving top SNP jobs to failures. The only plus side to Sturgeon taking over as leader, is that she will become even more unpopular than she is now.

Anonymous said...

"No matter what I won't resign".

Alex Salmond 15th September 2014.

"I will resign".
Alex Salmond 19th September 2014.

They just trip out him.

Anonymous said...

Stunning Georgie boy.mccanns next?


Anonymous said...

I have followed your excellent blog throughout the Indy campaign. You got it right everytime. I wavered a bit when they won that recent poll and stuck a £50 bet on a yes and over 80% turn out double. So very happy I didn't collect my £325.00 winnings.

Thanks, I look forward to not seeing Robertson, Hosie and the rest of them in Westminster after next years GE.

Anonymous said...

George - here's something *I* got right - I don't know if you'll recall, but ages ago I posted on your blog that Salmond would postpone his resignation until AFTER the Ryder Cup, in order that he could still get the VIP treatment and a free week at Gleneagles.


But his time's over, thank God, and it hasn't come a day soon enough. I just hope that I never see his face ever again.

And let's hope that his party implodes without him - a near certainty, given the swingeing cuts to the NHS coming down the slipway, and the fact that they'll have the incredibly-annoying and not-too-bright Nicola Sturgeon at the helm. Plus, if the Conservatives can keep up their good showing from the referendum, the SNP should get wiped out in Angus, Perth North, Moray, and Banff and Buchan next year - which would have the added bonus of getting rid Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart.

Here's hoping, anyway!

In any event, I would just like to thank you for your fantastically combative and incisive blogs over the years. In my many low moments, when I thought to my horror that the SNP were somehow going to con the electorate into voting for its bonkers manifesto, your writings always provided me with renewed confidence that we were going to win this thing in the end.

Thanks, George. I think we owe you a lot.

Best regards,


G Laird said...

Dear Derrick

I have had a lot of people rubbish me in politics about my track record.

Can there be anyone now who doubts the George Laird view?

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon would be sitting in an independent Scotland if the SNP had people like me on board.

But they don't like people with ideas and vision, their party is a sham.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University