Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scottish independence: 24 Hours to save Scotland from disaster, Alex Salmond accused of being a ‘liar’ by several EU Governments, he is deliberately misleading Scots for votes, you can’t trust this SNP Government to tell the truth, Nationalists have sunk so low to be unworthy of public office

Dear All

It seems that Alex Salmond has been accused of deliberately misleading Scots.

The issue of Scotland’s EU membership is an issue that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of applying; it goes right to the heart of what this SNP Government stands for.

Lying and deception is now seen as normal government modus operandi under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Apparently after spinning lies, European governments rejected Salmond’s claim in a major TV interview that he has consulted them.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Salmond piped up and said he had spoken to the Spanish, French, Italians and Belgians about his assertion that a separate Scotland would start life in the EU.

He repeated his bogus claim that Scotland would not need to apply from scratch and would instead negotiate entry between a Yes vote tomorrow and actual separation in March 2016.

That cannot happen; the reason is because another new country applying to join the EU must have its own currency and its own Central bank.

Otherwise their membership wouldn’t even be considered.

Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, the Spanish Foreign Minister dropped a massive bombshell when he rejected Salmond’s fairytale and informed the press that he had not even spoken to the SNP leader in two years.

As I repeatedly said, Alex Salmond is not a Statesman.

George Laird right again.

Lots of people aren’t happy about the possible break up of Britain in Europe, some call it “Balkanisation”, however the idea of armed conflict will not happen, although the nutters might possibly like that idea.

As to Salmond’s claim of talks, the French and Belgian governments said they had held no discussions with the First Minister or the Scottish Government.

And the Italians could not produce any evidence of talks.

I smell shite as famously said by Karen Dunbar.

On the issue of possible timetable of membership, Salmond and Sturegon would be looking at five year wait minimum.

So, everything is now unraveling, however, at this late stage, people are more or less set on how they vote, it is a matter of doing it now.

Adding more woe to the SNP bandwagon, Gianni Pitella, president of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament chipped in her warning, of no automatic rights to the UK's opt-outs. The opt-outs are part of the UK’s contract and aren’t transferrable to Scotland.

And the cheery to the cake EU application process would “take years”.

This is the second time the First Minister has been accused of lying during a TV interview about Europe.

Famously, we had the ‘treat’ of him trying to pull the wool over Andrew Neil in March 2012 whether he had sought advice from his law officers on the issue.

He said:

“We have, yes, in terms of the debate.”

It later emerged the advice did not exist and he spent £20,000 of taxpayers’ money going to court to keep this secret.

£20,000 of taxpayer’s cash wasted while Scots women need cancer drugs!

The pro-UK Better Together campaign said the European governments’ denial showed the First Minister’s claims cannot be trusted.

Thank you ma’am!

Douglas Alexander, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, said:

“We know that Alex Salmond lied about having EU legal advice when he hadn't. On Sunday Alex Salmond said he had spoken to the Spanish, French and the Belgians. Now we know that too is a lie. We cannot trust a word Salmond says on Europe. He will apparently say literally anything to fool people into voting yes on Thursday.”

Yes, that is about the strength of it, he will do anything for a vote.

I said Alex Salmond was a buffoon, wasn’t a Statesman and wasn’t to be trusted, now everyone and his brother has seen through him.

The fight to save Scotland is on, to save Scotland from him and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, his stupidity will cause untold suffering of the Scottish people, we are already a laughing stock.

Today, I gave my No Thanks badge to someone who works in a charity, I was glad to help him express his support.

Tomorrow, I go to my local polling station to vote No, and I know I am doing the right thing; I am protecting my community in Govan and Pollok.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie said...

This man Alex Salmond is not fit to hold office any more. He is inciting hatred and division across Scotland by allowing yes thugs to behave as we see them on our televisions,, disgusting really. He should have put a stop to this weeks ago, but he sat back and said/did nothing. When you see high profile people like Ewan Morrison leaving the YES camp for No, because of this public hatred and bile from YES, it'll prompt others to leave too. Who wants to be a part of YES if blood is spilled, and it will be. NO thanks to a hateful independent Scotland.

Anonymous said...

well said Sherbie


Anonymous said...

With the Final speeches done, Sturgeon just seemed to lack energy and enthusiasm. It sounded almost like she had already resigned herself to defeat. Her clapping as Salmond came off stage was laboured.

Salmond, on the other hand, being as divisive as ever, trying to tell rUK that we will be their best mates after Indyref. This is after we tell them to begone with their nukes (which we will still want to be protected by), that we still want their currency (which Salmond said was a "millstone round our necks"), and if we don't get the pound, well rUK, you can keep the debt (despite there being no legal precedent to share currency).

That's the caring and sharing Scotland that Salmond would put into the world.

I believe No will win - it simply has to. If yes ever does in the form Salmond has chosen, God help us all....

Terry Summers said...

I have been checking TV and Media throughout the day to see if this story of Salmond lying about discussions on EU membership is being carried on Scottish print media, radio or TV. I even email BBC to ask why it hasn't been covered. Most disappointing given the serioudness and relevance of this subject to the veracity of the yes campaign claims on key issues.
Terry Summers

Anonymous said...

"Das Krieg ist verloren"

Sherbie said...

YESSSSS,, it's a NO!! George Laird, right again. :-))