Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Open letter to Steven McKibbin, I have some really bad news, the 'allies' have landed to storm Fortress Salmond, silent majority have decided not to be silent anymore and are getting ready to vote No, it is expected the Nationalist surrender will take place quite early on when the votes are counted!

Dear Steven

“That's it George your last comments are laughable”.

I am glad you are enjoying the blog.

“Comparing a better together campaigner being pelted by an egg, as is the popular political expression of disgust in UK politics with examples going back though the last century”.

That was assault and that was a criminal act even in the last century, I guess you aren’t a legal eagle or history buff, never mind!

“I find it quite disgusting that you could compare this in any way to the nazis and Germany”.

As you well know, I have been quite specific by talking about how the Nazis acted in the early in 1930’s prior to their rise to power and how the same tactics have been used by the Yes crowd.

“My grandfather didn't die on the beaches of Normandy for an ignorant prat like you to insult his memory by comparing his efforts to rid Europe of Hitler, to that of a UK politician being pelted by an egg!”

If I am so ignorant what does that make you not being able to read my posts properly?

As you are aware SNP leaders voiced support the Nazis during World War 2?

As to your earlier ditto:

“I mean seriously why don't you call yourself better together and be done with it?”

Because I would be painting an inaccurate picture which doesn’t express the full story.

Finally, Steven, take a look at the picture, the silent majority who are voting No, we aren’t silent anymore.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Hello george,it looks like Salmonds plan b has been torpedoed eu commissioner Olli Rehn has said that sterlingisation is incompatible with EU membership ,i always thought it would break eu rules and could not understand why better together we're not raising the issue.