Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scottish independence: unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s troubles just got a whole lot bigger, SNP lie on social justice exposed as SNP MPs miss key vote on ‘bedroom tax’, only two of the ‘feeble six’ turn up, Sturgeon really doesn’t care about poor people and neither does her vile nasty clique

Dear All

I have said that there is a genuine lack of talent in Scottish National Party. I have also said that the SNP leadership has allowed the party to become little better than a rabble. At Westminster, we have the ‘feeble Six’.

The ‘feeble six’ is led by Englishman Angus Rbertson who tries to pass himself off as a Scot.

He isn’t, and he is also a poor leader of men.  

The SNP scream about social justice but the reality is that when they latch onto a social justice issue is to advance independence, nothing else.

Now the Nationalists have rightly been accused of “utter hypocrisy” after only two of their six MPs turned up for a vote against the “bedroom tax”.


To say this is utterly pathetic doesn’t quite convey the sentiment of what needs to be said to the ‘feeble six’ as a group.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon use the bedroom tax as a reason why Scots should vote to break up Britain, they got on their high horse and became harsh critics, but when it came right down to it, after all their talk, they couldn’t even be bothered to fight against it.

The vote on Liberal Democrat-sponsored Bill was aimed at watering down the worst effects of the measure. The bedroom tax is wrong, it penalises people unjustly, it is also bad governance, it has no place in a democratic society.

To be blunt it is anti poor.

Absent were Angus Robertson, Peter Wishart, Stewart Hosie and  Angus MacNeil, all too busy to defend the poor, Better Together leader Alistair Darling and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown did part in the vote.

The Government lost by 306 to 231, so yet again, the SNP which is run as a clique for the benefit of a rich few was on the wrong side of destiny. The Nationalists said that Scots had a higher sense of social justice as they portrayed themselves as being morally superior to the rest of the UK.

It couldn’t escape people that the lie of social justice driving the SNP is bogus.

Last November, SNP MP Pete Wishart taunted Labour on Twitter after 10 of their MPs failed to show up at an anti-bedroom tax vote in the Commons. Mr. Wishart has had problems making public statements which usually blow up in his face, he is a laughing stock.

The ‘social justice’ campaigner who recently said he didn’t like any type of nationalism stumbled onto twitter to say that “flight delays” had stopped him from getting to yesterday’s vote.

Apparently according to reports his flight arrived on time!

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said:

“What utter hypocrisy from the SNP. Far from standing up for Scotland, they have stayed at home and let Scotland down. We can only conclude that the SNP wants to keep the bedroom tax as a tactic to help their campaign. John Swinney refused to help its victims because he said he didn’t want to ‘let Westminster off the hook’. Labour MPs voted to help the poor and vulnerable and won, leaving Swinney on the hook.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband said:

“Alex Salmond tries to con people into thinking he stands up for social justice. What happened is that the majority of his MPs did not even turn up. They could not be bothered to turn up to abolish the so-called bedroom tax. It says it all about how Alex Salmond is trying to con people.”

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran added:

“Alex Salmond’s SNP has put its campaign to break up the UK before Scotland. Every Scottish Labour MP left the campaign trail today to come to Parliament to vote against the bedroom tax. Most Nationalists didn’t bother.” 

So, another shambles for the SNP MPs who are unwilling to do their jobs properly, I wonder in the Scottish National Party whether incompetence is considered a ‘badge of honour’?

Between now and polling day, I will make sure I do my bit to keep Scotland safe, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon cannot be trusted, people cannot have faith in them because they don’t care about Scots or anybody else.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

Spread the word Georgie boy the fight isnt over yet

Hamish said...

I note no mention of the latest poll, George.