Monday, September 22, 2014

Enemy of the People, Alex Salmond to resign as SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland, he is an arrogant small minded petty man, he lost in a fair contest and is now spreading hatred, if SNP try and declare "Unilateral Declaration of Independence", a lot of people are going to end up hurt and some dead, anyone think Salmond is standing up for Scotland now?

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond as I said would lose the Scottish independence referendum, George Laird right again.

So much for Salmond being the ‘master strategist’!

When I joined the SNP campaigning, it was 2008, the Glasgow East by-election was called; the Nationalists had three ‘contenders’ for the Westminster seat. John Mason, publicly unelectable Humza Yousaf, and a third person, Duncan Ross from Glasgow University, I sent one email.

That was to John Mason.

Yousaf and Ross, I immediately dismissed as non contenders, Mason was out of the three, the most suitable to attempt to win the seat.

He did by 365 votes; it was the height of the Westminster scandal.

At that point, I believed the lie that the Scottish National Party stood for fairness, equality and social justice, as we have now seen, that is nonsense which props up the SNP under the banner of ‘civic nationalism’.

Inclusiveness which the SNP preach is as I said before a lie. This referendum campaign by the SNP was built around a centre left socialist coalition, the centre right nationalist were excluded from the SNP front Yes Scotland. It was designed to be Scotland against England with Alex Salmond wanting to fight with Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. Salmond knew he couldn’t win the argument with the people of Scotland so tried to rope in the English, as I wrote, this campaign was a full blown anti English campaign.

Cameron wisely thought; ‘fuck this for a game of soldiers’ and stepped back which led to the Alex Salmond calling him ‘feart’. Salmond’s clique joined in, SNP MP Pete Wishart trying to be meaningful chipped his ten pence worth in. It would Better Together led by Alistair Darling who would ‘hold the fort’. Some people said he wasn’t the right choice, but I thought differently, he was steady, backed up with technical knowledge and experience.

The complete contrast to Salmond who was all mouth and no trousers!      

At the Glasgow Count as the Emirates Arena, I watched as there was hushed silence as the results came in on the big screen. There was an eerie hush as each count was ready out, the Nationalists on tendered hooks hoping for good news. 32 areas were to be declared that night, and the SNP only managed to win 4.

28 losses, in the SNP heartlands, the people decided to reject Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s poisonous vision.

Early on Friday after I fell out of bed, I pottered over the library and posted my historic video, Alex Salmond’s political career is over! And to fired up a blog post saying he had no choice but to resign. Later on in the afternoon, Alex Salmond resigned as Scotland’s First Minister about around 4 pm did so. I think I wrote somewhere possibly on twitter, 4.30 pm would be fine with me. Sooner or later, everyone comes around to the George Laird view.

Alex Salmond’s lifelong dream of an independent Scotland crushed, ‘master strategist’ my arse. Alex Salmond is an opportunist who had lived off the wits of others and had begun to exhibit poor and dangerous judgment. He represented a threat to the people of Scotland and had to be putdown.

I saw it as basically a National security issue for the people of Scotland, economically and in terms of defence of the country.

Nationalists don’t leave people to die of cancer by refusing to pass on the drugs available to save their lives. 

Nationalists don’t corrupt the justice system by lowering the bar of which a fair trial exists in name only. 

Nationalists don’t lie; cheat, deceive and run a hate campaign and then stand back and let the wild animals run loose to harm others.

Alex Salmond had to be putdown.

On Friday, a hastily convened press conference was arranged because lets get it right, independence was all about the Alex Salmond legacy; he ended his career in front-line politics at the official Edinburgh residence, Bute House.

But let us remember this; his legacy is delivering a country divided by hatred, the Yes campaign was engineered that it sprouted gang warfare and football style hooliganism harnessed as a political weapon. Unleashing mobs isn’t political activism; disrupting opponents meetings isn’t political activism, whipping up anti English hate isn’t political activism.


All that Alex Salmond managed in reality to do over two years was to convince 37% of Scots to vote for independence. A rather large part of the population didn’t vote, in Glasgow as much as 25% of people didn’t turn out. In a prepared statement read to journalists, Salmond said he was “immensely proud” of the hard-fought campaign.

Alex Salmond in another example of petty mean spiritedness has now said that Scottish voters were ‘tricked’, in an already heated and divisive campaign, Salmond exhibits his total lack of statesmanship. Scotland was very lucky that the people rejected him and Nicola Sturgeon. Having lost he is fostering dissent and hatred, already there is talk if the SNP win the 2016 election they should declare, UDI, Universal Declaration of Independence. This is illegal and as Professor Adam Tomkins has said ‘bonkers’. Independence cannot be bought, stolen or obtained illegally; it has to be won through the ballot box. What is going on at present is starting to sound like Eastern Europe and ‘Balkanisation’, a prelude to civil unrest and Scotland descending into an abyss. 

He added:

“I am also proud of the 85 per cent turnout in the referendum and the remarkable response of all of the people of Scotland who participated in this great democratic, constitutional debate and of course the manner in which they conducted themselves.”

If the SNP attempt to seize power by force illegally, the Scottish Parliament should be suspended and martial law declared. If a single person is killed, everyone connected with this ‘adventure’ should spend the rest of their lives in prison without possibility of parole in England. Jim Sillars, who appears to think UDI is acceptable, is placing people’s safety in jeopardy by filling their heads with dangerous nonsense. It is also highly unlikely that Police Scotland would follow the Nationalists that means for UDI to be a reality, the Nationalists would be arming a section of the civilian population. Although MP5’s and G36 machine guns are good weapons, in the hands of untrained civilians chances are there would be collateral damage to innocents.

In the West, the SNP leadership should also recognise how matters are dealt with when problems need to be addressed, what happened in Iraqi and Libya, in both countries, the leaders didn’t fair very well, particularly Gaddafi who was murdered in cold blood. The SAS; Special Forces are not encounter groups, they don’t do empathy, they just execute and remove threats, something for the Nationalist staffers to think about it. They don’t shoot people in the leg, they don’t do trick shooting of guns out of hands; they put two rounds in your chest to shutdown vital organs and a third in your brain.

Apparently, the firm favourite to succeed Salmond is unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, who many women in Govan call an ‘arsehole’. If Sturgeon wins, it will be the first time that a ‘people’s arsehole’ becomes First Minister of Scotland. Sturgeon is as equally responsible for the shameful campaign run by the Nationalists and their allies, she was presented as the ‘face of independence’ and the people of Scotland rejected her at the ballot box. She has same guilt to bear as Alex Salmond, Sturgeon isn’t a unity candidate, and history can’t be re written to present her as a ‘clean skin’.

Simply put, Nicola Sturgeon stinks to high heaven.

Interestingly Salmond said he intended to continue in his role as MSP for Aberdeenshire East, which begs the question, what use does unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have for an adulteress such as Joan McAlpine?

McAlpine should be binned as soon as possible, tossed on the back benches and told to take no part in SNP politics other than constituency work till her time runs out in this parliament.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, if she becomes leader will lead the Scottish National Party into the political wilderness. A combination of dim and not nice coupled with common rather sums up her situation.

Nicola Sturgeon is unworthy of trust and unworthy of leadership.

In a footnote to the result in Glasgow, the Nationalist campaign preached Tory hatred on the doorsteps of the city to Labour voters. Their fantasy that the poor would be helped was swallowed by the gullible who failed to grasp that in the 7 years of SNP administration, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon hadn’t helped them either.

As to me assisting in Salmond’s demise, this was necessary to protect the people from the disaster which lay in store because Salmond decided not to plan, his debacles over currency and the EU figure most prominently in his extensive list of failures. Any bid for independence must have a Scottish currency as a bench mark of any proper bid.

The Scottish National Party under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has become a ‘rat ship’, one of the rats, the King Rat isn’t jumping ship; he is just slipstreaming up the back presumably with Joan McAlpine.

Post Salmond, we are now entering the era of Sturgeon, the ‘era of tokenism’, if you are white working class and heterosexual, you are shit out of luck dealing with the Sturgeon Empire.  

Think of it as ‘business as usual’ for the Scottish National Party.

Time for a quote:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

Alex Salmond.

“Now, you don’t have a Cabinet”!

George Laird.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Here's a man wishing the Troubles of Northern Ireland on Scotland.
Spiteful, petty and meanspirited.

There is a lot of clowns out on the streets with nothing to do but cause trouble.
Sturgeon should know to go too. Bring in fresh leadership and start Governing the country. It's over for now but, always another day.
Although it was derided, the currency was the big thing. If they had done some work on that it would have been a canter.

J F said...

Hi George, given that a lot of SNP support. particularly at Westminster in the North East is 'soft Tory' do you think they will stay with the 'rat ship' for the 2015 General Election - or will there be a surpsise 4 or 5 gains for the Tories. I hope you are right that Sturgeon will lead the SNP into the wilderness, and her clique as you say is very non white and non hetrosexual and non working class.

Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond has spent his whole political career as an opposition MP and it shows in the manner he has conducted himself since becoming First Minister. It is a lot harder to create something new and better than it is to try to destroy what has been a successful relationship. His deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, has learnt her craft from him and is just a mouthpiece with no talent whatsoever and gives no hope for the future.

Alex should now relax and enjoy the golf, hopefully it wont cost us half a million pounds this time and less than £1000 pounds a night for his hotel room.

Allan said...

Ah peddling the same pretendy Nostradamus stuff again George.

Not even the only person to make that prediction at the same time Doris...

weeg said...

Eck and Nic think they invented Scotland, they have been wrong and their entire doctrine is based on assumptions.

The No result proves all of the comment on this forum and many others like it is absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...