Thursday, September 4, 2014

Scottish independence: Prime Minister David Cameron says Alex Salmond's debt threat will be 'crippling' for Scottish families, the only way to protect yourself, your family, friends and community is to vote No on 18th September, you cannot sit on the fence now

Dear All

We are about two weeks out before voters go to the polls and Vote No to independence. The SNP campaign strategy has been inept, for the most part their TV performances have been weak; their supporters have used intimidation and smear tactics such as we witnessed against Jim Murphy and others, including myself.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are going to lose.

One of the most notable blunders was Alex Salmond's threat to default on Scotland's share of the national debt if it votes to leave the UK.

Salmond wants a short term currency union to tide him over to getting EU membership and adopting the Euro, however that fell flat from both UK Government and EU. An independent Scotland needs a central bank, even although a deal can’t be done, Salmond said he would use the pound anyway, ‘Sterlingisation’ but that tactic has backfired as well.

David Cameron says the debt threat "one of the most chilling" claims made throughout the referendum debate.

He missed out stupid, poor political judgment and poor financial judgment.

Alex Salmond has lost the plot,

Cameron says that ethere will be consequences to such a move, basically he says the situation would be "crippling" for the Scottish people.

Interest rates they pay on mortgages and credit cards would rocket and hurt those on tight budgets.

Why should an ordinary Scot pay for Salmond‘s blunder?

There are many reasons to vote No but this one on debt is so bad, it gets a place near the top of the list.

The SNP at this late day still cannot provide a credible answer on questions over the currency.

80 years a political party and done no work…… clowns.

After saying the pound was an ‘asset’, he has now undermined his case by admitting the currency is not an asset.

Therefore he played politics; he played a game of deceit with people’s future by attempting to con them.

I said it from the start and I say it again, there is an issue of trust regards Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Cameron called the threat “reckless”.

He said:

"I think it is one of the most chilling things that has been said in this referendum campaign that a separate Scotland would consider defaulting on its debt.
"We all know what happens if you don't pay your debt, no one will lend you any money unless you pay a punitive interest rate. We all know what that means for home owners – much, much higher mortgage rates. For businesses, crippling interest rates, those are the consequences of what the separatists are proposing and we need to get that message out loud and clear in the coming days."

The bottom line, if you want to protect what you, your family and your community have, you cannot sit on the fence now, you have got to go and Vote No on 18th September.

If you don’t you will be lighting the fuse on the social, economic and financial destruction of Scotland.

 Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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J F said...

Im almost half hoping for a yes vote to see how things would pan out George, as Salmond and wee Nippy go up against the real world of the Brirish State, NATO and the EU. It would be great to see their reaction as each and every assertion made to date on currency, EU membership, Trident, Debt, Central Bank and assets is ripped apart and blown to bits. How would they spin a botched disaster as being in the interests of Scots. Elaine C Smith on her car crash STV Debate summed it up 'what will Independence offer working class Scots' 'och I dont know it will just be better'. I dont know who is the worst ambassador for Yes Scotmand, her or Blare and Drone Jenkins.