Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scottish National Party votes against UK Government’s attempt to save innocent Iraqi civilians from Isis terrorists, major foreign policy blunder by SNP, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon leads backward small minded party, irrelevant on the World stage

Dear All

Last week on the 18th September 2014 about 1.6 million people in Scotland made a massive mistake, they voted for Scottish independence. If they had been successful it would have been a disaster domestically and internationally for Scots. Scotland is not ready to be an independent country, and the SNP have had their chance, their day is gone!

2 million people including myself voted No; it was the right thing to do, at the right time and for the right reasons!

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are completely unworthy and more importantly unfit to lead an independent Scotland.

After getting taken up the ‘political arse’ by 2 million Scots, Salmond took the petted lip. You would have thought after such extensive ‘political bummage’, the First Minster would have a ‘big smile’ on his face. To add to his tale of woe, he got booed at the Ryder Cup, deservedly so in my opinion.

Apparently there is also supposed to be a book in the pipeline about the Scottish independence referendum, I have been thinking about a suitable title for quite a while now, what sums up the Scottish National Party campaign as a title:

‘Born for Bum’!    

The Scottish National Party like to make out they have all the answers, but the reality is just as they were on the wrong side of history regarding independence, they are also on the wrong side of history regarding the problems in Iraq. In the world of international diplomacy, the Scottish National Party does particularly badly; they stumble about doing the politics of the student union.

As regular readers you will remember I have attended BBC independence debates both on TV and radio, one of the debates hosted by Gordon Brewer was held in Paisley, Gordon dubbed the audience the ‘Paisley Buddies’. During that show, the issue of Iraq and Isis came up, the politicians did the standard ‘isn’t it very terrible’ and ‘we need peace and to send supplies’. On the thorny issue of airstrikes, the MSPs particularly the SNP didn’t want to commit themselves. Gordon Brewer asked me did I support airstrikes. I immediately said “Yes”, but more than that, I said the Iraqi Government needed to send a request to Nato for a land force to re-occupy Iraq in order to protect the innocent civilian population and re-establish security and governance.

It is a job that must be done!

Two day later Prime Minister David Cameron said that Isis represented a threat to British National security and about five days after that President Obama made a statement about sending 300 advisors to assist the Iraqi government. Fast forward to present day, the allies have started come round to the George Laird view.

The House of Commons have voted by a majority for armed intervention against IS extremists in Iraq.  Opening the debate Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs Britain should not entirely "subcontract" to other countries' air forces the task of defeating an organisation which had murdered a British hostage. The killings by Isis show that they are nothing more than terrorists and criminals, they don’t recognise innocents in war; they have no code and are without honour, they are just recreational killers who don’t care who they kill, main or torture. Isis represents an unacceptable threat on the borders of Nato.

Cameron said:

"This is not a threat on the far side of the world. Left unchecked, we will face a terrorist caliphate on the shores of the Mediterranean, bordering a Nato member, with a declared and proven determination to attack our country and our people. This is not the stuff of fantasy - it is happening in front of us and we need to face up to it. The hallmarks of this campaign will be patience and persistence, not shock and awe."

The Prime Minster is right when he says that this will be a lengthy engagement, a mission that would take "not just months but years". In short, the allies left Iraq too soon for the government to establish total control of the country, major mistakes were made by not using the defeated Iraqi army and administration which was already there, in the vacuum this allowed terrorists to operate and flourish.

Now, look lets look at the Scottish National Party coming out of the ‘greatest political ass raping’ at the ballot box in living memory. Losing 28 areas out of 32 including all the SNP heartlands with the exception of Dundee, a total massacre, led to defeat by Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon. You would think that after being rejected by Scots on the independence issue because they are cranks, this would prompt a re-think of strategy.

No, no, no!

It is still the same miserable mindset that got them beaten being demonstrated, SNP MPs have voted against armed intervention against IS extremists. Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon said recently about how the SNP needed a ‘different approach’.

To show how, out of touch with reality the party actually is, the SNP voted against the plan for air-strikes to save lives because, it said, the UK Government strategy lacked a coherent post-conflict peace plan.

Innocent people are being tortured, maimed and murdered and these clowns want to ‘jaw jaw jaw’ like they are at a student debate, how many more people have to have their fucking heads cut off before it sinks in at the SNP something needs to be done now?

As to "mission creep" as articulated by the Nationalists, we are already in a third Iraq war, its time to gear up, lock and load, and act.

English SNP MP Angus Robertson is the Nationalists' foreign affairs spokesman, he is also as I recall their defence spokesman, he pissed that position straight up against the wall with the Nationalist defence plan for an independent Scotland, pure back of a fag packet stuff. Yet again, the people of Scotland backed Trident, a key failure of the SNP strategy for independence.

Robertson said:

"We do need to support the Iraqi government, a government hopefully not pursuing sectarian politics. We need to support the Kurdish government; we need to stop equivocating just because that maybe a government that pursues self-determination in the future. We need to support regional responsibility, stability, economic development, a stand against extremism from the neighbouring countries."

Isis cut people’s fucking heads off; they don’t do regional responsibility, stability and economic development.

Robertson added, it would be much better if there were an express UN motion covering action against the IS threat. Given Russia’s action in Ukraine, it is doubtful that Russia would sign up to military action; that foreign policy blunder is down to Putin.

People, Robertson says are right to be sceptical because they had heard strong justifications in recent years for intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that is about the only thing which is touches on as having any sense attached to it.  

The motion before the House of Commons he said "does support bombing but there is not a single mention in it anywhere about a strategy or plan to win the peace. The motion asks for a green light for military action which could last for years (but) there is no commitment in the motion for post-conflict resolution."

Apparently that is the feeble reason; the SNP would not support the UK Government motion.

Politically backward!

We are just about to enter the ‘era of tokenism’ under the inept leadership of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who was as equally to blame for losing the Scottish independence referendum. Sturgeon isn’t a leader of men, so it is highly doubtful that she would back the required military action that is needed to protect Iraqi civilians. There has to be an occupation force sent in with vast numbers and resources to work jointly with the Iraqi army.

As to Syria, a mistake was made there supporting the rebels, the West need to restore diplomatic relations to assist the Syrian Government restore order. In an ideal world proper democracy would be the norm, in the Middle East matters are complicated and the West needs to work constructive.

On the brink of the Sturgeon era, the SNP enters it with a massive political failure under its belt regarding foreign policy, just as unpopular Nicola Sturgeon left Scots women to die of cancer by failing to ensure proper drugs were made available, the SNP are not supporting saving the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Given this disastrous foreign policy intervention by the SNP who can deny the SNP are completely out of their depth politically, and as to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon being the “best person for the job” of First Minister, I think we already know the answer to that domestic question.


The SNP leadership should just stick to eating curries and let that be the limit of their foreign policy decision making interventions.

Finally, Angus Robertson foreign affairs spokesman is simply pitiful, as Prime Minister David Cameron aptly put it in the House of Commons previously …. ‘will you fuck off’!

Robertson really is a little Englander in every sense of the word.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie said...

The SNP really are a party of "rats", only interested in themselves. They have taken the "cowards" way out and voted against military action against the terror group IS. I hope the rest of the world will see this as "a snub" by the Scottish SNP government, to those countries who are willing to take action, to try and stop the terrible murders, death and destruction caused by I.S. By taking the cowards way out, the SNP will have blood on it's hands.

Anonymous said...

she is is a clown

Anonymous said...

No 1 you'll never stop the murders don't forget it was WM that that helped cause the bloody war to start with through greed. WM already have plenty blood on they're Iraqi oily hands.
No 2 only a small minority of country's support the bombing
The death of hostages is awful, however killing loads more people and most will be innocent bystanders then i would say WM has lots of blood on they're hands again.

Anonymous said...

Commenter number 3 - Rightyo!

The Iraqi Government has asked for help. This is entirely different to the situation back in 2003. Can you list the countries opposed to air strikes against IS?

Here is the main reason why the UK and US are approached for military support - they are both in the Top 4 countries worldwide for military spending. China has little interest in involving itself with external conflicts when it has a huge number of problems within its own borders. And Putin's Russia is unlikely to help, partly out of annoyance at the West, partly as unrest in and around its borders makes Russia dominant within the Middle East.

The US and UK are ASKED to help, purely as they are really only the countries that can provide the hardware in sufficient quantities to turn the tide against IS. Iraq needs military hardware, not Governments supporting action but providing no physical means to do it.

The SNP oppose action as it means they can claim they are different to Westminster, and drive yet another faux-wedge within the UK. The SNP believe they occupy the moral high-ground, they occupy idiocy.

The SNP barely do domestic politics, and have no grasp of geo-politics.