Monday, September 1, 2014

Scottish independence: First Minister Alex Salmond ‘justifies’ the physical assault of Labour MP Jim Murphy, Salmond exposes the lie of SNP ‘civic nationalism’, Alex Salmond isn't a people's champion, he represents a nasty vile clique

Dear All

It seems that the Scottish National Party has chosen a rather poor choice for their ‘Champion’.

For decades Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have stood at SNP Conferences and preached what some would describe as ‘anti English’ hate.

The Nationalists and their cohorts are losing, they haven’t just lost the argument they have also lost the people.

Alex Salmond has U turned on the Nato.

Alex Salmond has U turned on the EU.

Alex Salmond has U turned on currency.

A rather poor choice for a ‘Champion’!

The Scottish National Party is entering the post Salmond era, his weak and pathetic condemnation of the attack on Labour MP Jim Murphy is a clear example of this aspect.

A strong Nationalist leader wouldn’t tolerate this type of behaviour.

The best response that Alex Salmond can come out with is a risible response to the Nationalist ‘wild dogs’, steer clear of unionist rallies. Through-out this campaign we have seen time and time again of idiots who gate crash Better Together events, only to be laughed at for the pathetic nonsense that this is.

SNP leader Alex Salmond is in the eyes of many people I have spoken to directly responsible for the Yes campaign turning "sinister".

He made this campaign all about himself, when he talks, he speaks of himself getting mandate, during the debates, he placed himself centre stage. He doesn’t possess the essential characteristics; he turned the SNP into a party within a party which functions under the ‘cult of personality’.

It’s a poisonous nasty vile clique which relies on the wits of others.   

For him to just mumble steer clear of unionist rallies is certainly not good enough, ignore the unionists in future, he cries, it is a bit too late to call of the dogs while in attack mode. If the ‘hate mobs’ suddenly stop then how many people will wonder if these people are directly controlled by Nationalists? If they don’t stop, then Salmond looks weak and ineffective, impotent to coin a phrase.

Salmond said:

"I condemn any egg throwing or any intimidation from any side."

The subtext of that statement for many will be that this abuse is ‘tit for tat’, that clearly isn’t the case, Better Together’s activists aren’t gate crashing events to deliberately cause trouble, spread fear and intimidation.

As some sort of justification which shows that he is unworthy of leadership, he add:

"Somebody was convicted, of course, of online threats against me. Somebody thought his car should be a political weapon. There was a woman, a Yes campaigner, assaulted on the streets of Glasgow. I don't hold press conferences accusing Mr Murphy of orchestrating these events, because I know that would be ridiculous to do so. So let me be absolutely clear to people watching, if Mr Murphy comes balling and shouting in a street corner near you any time soon keep doing your shopping, keep doing what you were doing. He's just like the guy with The End Is Nigh round his neck - he'll go away soon."

Let George Laird be absolutely clear to Alex Salmond, your time is up, clear your desk, pack up Joan McAlpine and just disappear.

The End Is Nigh for Alex Salmond.

Although Ukip has offered to join Mr Murphy's tour to Salmond urged campaigners to steer clear of Ukip and its leader Nigel Farage. Farage was subjected to a hate mob and told to go ‘back to England’ by people who claim to support ethnic diversity. The standard Nationalist accusation that Nigel Farge was a racist was levelled; there is a pattern of abuse which is used by the Yes supporters.

Terms like paedophile, racist, homosexual, homophobic, traitor, quisling, and terrorist have been used against people campaign for under the Better Together banner.

On the issue of Ukip campaigning, Salmond said:

“If Mr Farage comes in a blaze of publicity in the next few days, as he says he's going to do, ignore him, he will go back to Clacton very soon."

There is a by-election in Clacton; the Conservative MP Douglas Carswell has resigned his seat to fight a by-election as the Ukip candidate. If there was an MSP by-election in Scotland, Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon would be attending that, most recently they did so at the Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath by-elections.

Maybe Alex Salmond should realise that ‘smart mouth’ doesn’t equal ‘smart brain’.

Labour MP Jim Murphy told SKY presenter:

"I don't mind heckles and, d'you know what, I don't even mind people throwing eggs - that's just a dry cleaning bill. But what happened after the first televised debate between Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond is that things took a sinister turn. Instead of turning up in crowds of people on all sides there was an organised mob of Yes supporters, facilitated through Yes Scotland and local organisations through websites, Facebook and other social media."

Jim Murphy added that the organised Yes hate mobs turned over tables, climbed on crates and tried "to attack a photographer because they happened to be English". The Nationalists at present are trying to stop hate footage being shown on youtube. 

Mr. Murphy also importantly aid:

“Yes Scotland at a local level have made that happen."

At a Better Together event at Silverburn Shopping Centre, the Nationalists turned up, one of the Yes supporters was filming a woman, filming BT women is something which I have observed in other events.

The question which arises is what do these men do with footage of women?

On another occasion, Yes supporters marched through a BT event again at the Silverburn Shopping Centre showing a complete lack of respect, among the idiots was David McDonald, an SNP Councillor. I found it quite amusing that these clowns did so thinking they were proving some kind of a point. If the point was to prove they were ignorant peasants they succeeded, not a remarkable achievement in my opinion.  

Cowardice is a hallmark of the SNP and their supporters; Alex Salmond isn’t a leader of men; he just leads a ‘gang’. A strong Nationalist leader wouldn’t tolerate this type of behaviour, it would be made clear such behaviour of threats and intimidation would result in arrest by Police Scotland and prosecution.

Without exception!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


J F said...

George, the person who really angers me is Blair Jenkins. What is he playing at! Is he really the head of Yes Scotland? This is someone who says only Yes can provide a fairer more democratic Scotland, is this with baying mobs and the attempts to silence anyone with a differing opinion! Mr Jenkins needs to hang his head in shame!

G Laird said...

Dear J F

“George, the person who really angers me is Blair Jenkins. What is he playing at! Is he really the head of Yes Scotland?”

He is the head but the reality is that the SNP loaded up their cronies into key positions; it is said by many, even ex employees to be an SNP front.

“This is someone who says only Yes can provide a fairer more democratic Scotland, is this with baying mobs and the attempts to silence anyone with a differing opinion!”

He says a lot and most of it will be forgotten as soon as he said it.

“Mr Jenkins needs to hang his head in shame!”

I look at Blair Jenkins and don’t see anything other than someone who wants to be the head of a Scottish broadcasting Service.

After the vote he will disappear soon enough.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

I believe pete wisharts parents are voting no.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"I believe pete wisharts parents are voting no."

Probably to keep him in a job.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Univesrity

Anonymous said...

The thing about the bitter victimisation of J Murphy for me is that that same man was shown helping out at the scene of the Clutha night club disaster, selflessly showing a great togetherness and understanding for what was going on that fateful night. How quickly we forget that spirit of true humanity in order to discount his opinions for the need of political point scoring. The ugly side to politics that I could sell do without.