Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alex Salmond tried to set up a fight with what he dubbed as ‘Team Westminster’ V ‘Team Scotland’, the fact of the matter is that ‘Team Westminster’ easily beat ‘Team Salmond’ because the Nationalists are run as a vile nasty small minded petty clique within the SNP, lack of talent, lack of vision and lack of ethics, in short ‘fuck all going for them’

Dear All

There is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, through-out the campaign; the SNP politicians behind Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are simply woeful. Their plan to win was ill-conceived; their activists were a rabble sprinkled with neds. They allowed unsuitable people to advocate their message on TV and on the ground, and they didn’t do the work.

In all areas, the SNP who Salmond had dubbed ‘Team Scotland’ was a monumental disaster, Team Scotland was a coalition of the centre left with SNP joined by Scottish Greens and the SSP, other left leanings groups tagged along such as the RIC rent a mob and Solidarity.

Tommy Sheridan used the referendum to try and re-establish himself and his brand.

The centre right of Scottish people were effectively barred from joining the Nationalist campaign in their own right because it didn’t fit in with the SNP running their anti Tory campaign.

People of Scotland took a look at Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and rejected them at the ballot box, over 2 million.

In the end, like most things it came down to quality, Team Westminster proved themselves to be more than a match for Salmond’s Team Scotland.

Despite Salmond’s repeated attempts to turn it into a contest between him and Team Westminster, the Scottish independence referendum ended up a full blown anti English campaign. Another fail was Salmond trying to wrap himself in the Saltire as if he and the SNP owned it. This turned many people off as Salmond and the SNP made the referendum into ‘Us and them’, petty politics of the student union.

In the cackhanded Saltire episode, Gordon Brown said:

“It’s not his Scotland, it’s our Scotland, it’s everyone’s Scotland.”

Gordon Brown had an excellent referendum campaign along with Jim Murphy.

Salmond went on about the “Westminster elite”, his ‘rats’ talked about social justice, equality and fairness, we, the people of Scotland were expected to forget that Salmond loves luxury, we were expected to forget him parking his arse in £2,900 a night hotels, taking the pish right out of us and attempt to portray himself as a ‘man of the people’.

A major problem for the SNP is the lack of talent in its ranks, as Salmond previously said he had too many talented people, we know now that is a delusion. Westminster has the quality politically and Holyrood is very much the lesser place.

It is full of wee shits!

I have never been a fan of the Holyrood list, it is undemocratic and doesn’t give the public a say in who is elected; the list should be scrapped completely. It allows poor quality people to become MSPs, it is a blank cheque for corruption, cronyism and nepotism. The list system can also be rigged, I see it as a vote riggers charter were members can suddenly be signed up to a political party to vote for a particular candidate.

And as a reminder of how standards have fallen,

Scottish health Minister Alex Neil lies to the Scottish Parliament and then was allowed to get away it because of the SNP majority, he should have been removed from the Cabinet but wasn’t by Salmond.

The supposed new dawn of Scotland was to be built on shit not solid foundations; in the end the people of Scotland made the right choice at the right time. I am glad, I helped deliver a resounding No, I did it for the people of Scotland.

Alex Salmond marched his ‘hate mob’ up to the top of the hill, he then lost, the SNP were rejected, his poisonous vision rejected, he marched them back down in defeat then resigned.

The majority of Scots aren’t going to back the SNP for independence no matter what ‘clothes’ they dress up in, they are a nasty vile vicious clique who have had their day, and their day is over.

Ignorant stupid little people who need managed, unworthy of trust, unworthy of leadership.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

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