Friday, October 17, 2014

Further evidence uncovered that Alex Salmond’s claim that he had “too many talented people” in the SNP was completely bogus rubbish, Scotland ‘needs direct EU representation’ says SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop, try winning an independence referendum first dear, the rules of the EU don’t allow it!

Dear All

Talking rubbish can be great fun, chew the fat, having a blether or spinning a yarn can all be very good in the right setting.

SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop says Scotland should be given direct representation in the European Union and other international bodies in the package of powers currently being negotiated by the Smith Commission.

Firstly, this isn’t within the power of the Smith Commission, this is also not in the gift of the UK Government either, it is however extraordinary ignorance.

The EU is made up of members States; those member States have the right to seen people as elected MEPs to the European Parliament. Scotland has six MEPs, Two Labour, two SNP, one Ukip and one Conservative.

There is no provision for part of a country in this case Scotland to be recognised as a member in its own right while not having a distinct membership.

Legally what Fiona Hyslop is saying is bullshit.

Laughingly Hyslop has trotted out this ignorant ill thought-out rubbish to a Brussels think-tank, I have been to Belgium, I recommend the country and the chocolate. It is also a great place to feed the ducks as I recall. 

That happy episode was more productive that Hyslop’s journey of fantasy.

Scottish interests are currently represented in the Council of Europe and other international state gatherings by UK ministers.

It is and remains a closed shop, it is closed shop run by rules and regulations.

If and I do say if the Smith Commission and then the UK Government went along with this crap, it would never in a million years pass at the EU given other member States having a veto, it is a receipt for internal social disorder.

Nationalists believe Scotland should have its own voice in the EU and internationally; and even take the lead role “in areas such as fisheries, where Scotland has the predominant interest within the UK”, by Scotland they mean the SNP.

The SNP also believe in independence and couldn’t deliver on that either, so belief is one thing, reality is something else. If the SNP want their own voice in the EU and internationally, then they need to win an independence referendum.


And that is as they say the ‘end of the story’.

Having lost the vote, the SNP say Scottish ministers say the Smith Commission must live up to pre-referendum unionist pledges of “devo max”.

There weren’t pledges of “devo max”, this is the SNP trying to hoodwink voters and cause trouble.

Additional powers were offered but that isn’t why people voted No, people voted No because they didn’t trust Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon. The Nats are trying to make out this was widely interpreted by people as the devolution of all powers but foreign affairs and defence.

The Smith Commission will have an offer, but there will be a limit to get to and not beyond.

During Hyslop’s jaunt she told the European Policy Centre that the package of powers must also include an element of direct foreign representation as well.

She said:

“Following the referendum, proposals for new powers will be developed by a Commission established by the UK Government and headed by Lord Smith of Kelvin. The important point here is that we are looking for powers for a purpose. We want to reflect Scottish views of the world with the aims of improving the lives of people in Scotland and contributing as a good global citizen. We are making the case that additional powers should include specific competence for Scotland to act directly in the European Union, and internationally, to improve Scotland’s sustainable economic performance, maintain the integrity of Scottish Government policy in its areas of responsibility and make a distinctive contribution to global challenges. Scotland’s relationship with the European Union is particularly important in this new debate”.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon will be getting nothing in relation to this idea. Sturgeon is a caretaker leader, she will do her 10 years or so eating strawberries and cream sitting in the Royal box at Wimbledon before the less than gifted click on to the fact, she isn’t leading them to independence.

Then she will piss off.

The less than gifted will then gather round a new Messiah promising to lead them to the “Promised Land” and the cycle will be repeated again.

Scotland won’t sign up to an SNP agenda for independence; and as Ms. Hyslop clear demonstrates she is completely out of her depth on foreign affairs. Prior to this ‘job’ which she now has she had to be removed from the education brief because she was deemed incompetent by many people who vocally complained about her performance!

As to her comment about:

“Scotland remains an outward facing nation, keen to share our talents, goods and ideas with those around the world”.

I would agree that Scotland is talented but she isn’t and neither is the Scottish National Party, in a party of 80,000 not a single person stood up and told her not to spout this shite.

Not a single person.

I don’t know about you but that certainly tells a story!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Sherbie. said...

This is just pure ignorance from Fiona Hyslop. Here we have yet another useless SNP MSP who is a failure from the past. She was "sacked and demoted" in 2009. To think that 5 years on she comes out with ignorant rubbish like this says it all.