Monday, October 20, 2014

Scottish independence, the price of Brent crude oil has fallen through the floor hovering at around $86 a barrel, if Scotland had voted Yes, rich people like Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon would be okay, but the poor and disadvantaged would be in dire straits, George Laird helped save Scotland for a better day…… no thanks required

Dear All

We are now about a month on since Alex Salmond, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were defeated by the people of Scotland.

And what sore losers they are and have become.

2,001,926 had the sense not to believe the lies of Salmond and Sturgeon which pumped out that a land of milk and honey was there for the taking by marking an X in the Yes box.

1,617,989 people which is 44.7% of the population got sucked into the ‘big lie’.

In the Labour heartlands, the Nationalists had a hate the English campaign which proved to be most successful in poorer areas of Scotland such as Glasgow, Dundee, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire all voted Yes.

The Yes crowd won only 4 out of 32 areas.

In the SNP heartlands, which might have been expected to turn out for the SNP, the people decided not to back Salmond and that was a spectacular failure.

A lot of the lies used were based on economics and issues tied to it.

As several people and organizations gave out warnings especially on Oil and its price, Alex Salmond simply dismissed their opinion as politically-motivated “stuff and nonsense”.

Salmond has a habit of getting it wrong.

The Scottish National Party is a deeply ignorant party so their bid for independence was always going to fail; it was seen by many as a bid based on hatred of the English but couch in the language of “Westminster”.

Well now it is time that the 1,617,989 Yes people woke up and get back into the world of reality, the reality is that oil prices prove the financial case for independence was based on false premises.

What you heard screamed in public by Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was rather different to what was being said in private by John Swinney. Swinney’s briefing to Scottish Cabinet colleagues warned that falling oil revenues could jeopardise an independent Scotland’s ability to pay pensions and benefits.

In poor areas, the gullible were sucked in to believing that their benefits were going to be boosted, the reality is that their benefits would be getting cut, services would be getting cut, food banks wouldn’t be ended they would be increasing as would the numbers using them.

There is nothing unusual about people in parties such as the SNP conning the poor, what is remarkable is that people still vote for them. Scots need to wake up to the fact that they shouldn’t be loyal to any party.

Tribalism and cronyism is why nothing gets done and the poor in Salmond and Sturgeon’s Scotland are no better off.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are not going to help the white working class much in the same way as other parties have let them down badly. 

A few Sunday’s ago, I was at George Square to see what the ‘hope over fear’ rally was about, it isn’t about helping the poor, it is about helping Tommy Sheridan trying to revamp his image.

Sheridan is playing a role nothing more screaming about the rich and how independence will continue. Obviously it will continue as many people have a vested interest and draw a wage out of it.

To return to Oil, the price of Brent crude oil is hovering at around $86 a barrel.

You might remember Salmond dismissing anyone who spoke out by him saying that Investment would pour into the North Sea.

He added:

“Even with a cautious estimate of oil prices remaining at $113 a barrel, it’s clear that Scottish oil and gas could generate three times more than official estimates”.

The oil price having plummeted by 20 per cent since June, so what was Plan B to fix that, why there was no Plan B, just like there was no other plans, and if Scots had voted Yes, Salmond couldn’t have turned the country around into an economic powerhouse in under 18 months.

What does that mean?

In layman terms Salmond and Sturgeon would have entirely fucked this country and its people, and then blamed the English because let us get it right, nothing is ever their fault.

People like Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon aren’t remotely concerned about the implications of independence for Scotland or Scots residing within it, if you and your family suffer that isn’t their problem; it’s yours! Both rich Alex and rich Nicola who crave out a living ‘standing up for Scotland’ will getting their money first and all of it. They will tell any lie, ignore all warnings and disparage anyone who got in their road and stand back as the Nationalist attack dogs smear people.

So, you can be glad that people like me came out and fought to save Scotland for a better day. There was never any chance of the land of milk and honey being given to the poor, the task is to educate them to that fact.

The referendum changed Scotland but not all for the better, but one plus is that political parties in the unionist camp are now under extreme pressure to start to help people. If they don’t change and by change I don’t mean the name change suggested by the Independent Labour Party mob, there will be no such thing as ‘heartlands’ anymore.

I still believe that there is room for a new political party of the centre right which can take votes from everybody, in 2015, the Westminster election will take place, that result should prove interesting because it may it more noticeable that the new party of Scotland is needed.

You can't trust Alex Salmond and you can't trust unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, learn the lesson now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Well said. I was totally astounded at how many so called 'intelligent' people voted for independence. I however, think they were voting with their hearts and didn't use their heads to think about what would happen. Thankfully the biggest percentage weren't fooled by Salmond's rhetoric and Sturgeon's shouting style of politics. Now the next job is to get the SNP out and let's have a Scottish Government that will work for the people living in Scotland and not just against the dreaded 'English'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bullshit ahah

Anonymous said...

I see some snp proles have added their intellect to the argument


G Laird said...

Dear Crookie

"I see some snp proles have added their intellect to the argument"

That's what free speech is all about.

They are still at the anger stage at present.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University