Thursday, October 2, 2014

Guns, guns, guns, Police Scotland do a long overdue U turn on their policy of armed police after complaints by politicians, local authorities and members of the public, in local news, two Nicola Sturgeon clique political non entities and ‘attack dogs’ attack BT Campaigner, ‘it’s like being attacked by two dead fat ugly sheep’!

Dear All

Right across the entire SNP government portfolio, it is a tale of disaster, a lame duck First Minister Alex Salmond who led his nasty vile clique to defeat in the Scottish independence referendum. At present, Salmond was last seen ‘hiding in the bunker’ at Gleneagles, as I understand it; he is grabbing his last taste of the high life at the taxpayers’ expense on his way out of the door.

Goodies….. goody goody yum yum!

I helped put a lot of SNP politicians into Public Office but I was well satisfied by the result by the Scottish people in rejecting Salmond at the ballot box on indy. He had to be removed for the future of Scotland and its people, he was a threat to national security and stability; he didn’t represent the people. Arrogant small minded, a fool playing stupid games with people’s lives.

Other lame duck SNP Ministers include:

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who let many Scots women die of cancer by failing to provide the proper drugs as Health Sec, she is currently trying to re-invent herself as the “best person for the job” as SNP leader and First Minister. She now wants to lead a supposedly independence party by turning it into a home rule party, you can’t make it up as 75,000 mugs have signed to independence and they are in the process of being betrayed. Obviously Wimbledon Royal box tickets for the tennis are in Sturgeon’s future and free to boot! ‘Standing up for Scotland’ but ‘sitting down with Scotland’s oppressors’ who have committed so many injustices against Scots, lets you know that Nationalism is a total sham with the SNP.

Recently two of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s “pals”, have decided to have a go at me on twitter, one of them is fat Natalie McGarry, the loser of Cowdenbeath by-election. She knows the person arrested by Police Scotland who ran a hate campaign against me and she is also named in a statement of that criminal investigation. Although Holyrood is held in low esteem by many people, if she ever gets elected to public office it will sink lower.

McGarry has a problem telling the truth.

I have to say I enjoyed that Cowdenbeath by-election although I took no part in it; McGarry lost about 50% of the SNP vote from 2011. The public saw right though her and said no thanks, the right person won and the ‘baddie’ lost. Some people told me that people within Glasgow SNP, they were routing for the Labour Party to win.

At least there is some commonsense still kicking about the place!

The other minor character is Mhairi Hunter, who in an act of pettiness worthy of her mother, Allison Hunter, got a youtube comedy video of mine banned under a spurious reason.  Hunter like her mother is a major dullard and a political non entity. I sat in an SNP meeting as the Hunter clan tried to do a presentation. Hunter jr was reading and I had to stop reading the document I was given because I felt I had stumbled into an 8 years old’s reading class. Although politics can be boring and tedious, and I have listened to SNP Cllr Norman McLeod reading out the date on a document, the least I expect in a presentation is a reasonable flow. It was torture listening to that drivel; I almost wanted to shout out the next word for her. That night I knew for the first time that anyone really can enter political office; the SNP had set the bar so low. I am sure I won’t be seeing the end of McGarry and Hunter bad mouthing me in future to others, that said, ‘clowns’ do amuse me, perhaps they had decided to take over from Hamish who was a resident critic on this blog prior to his early retirement.

To show what a major dullard Mhairi Hunter is, she contacted the head of Better Together, Blair McDougall to complain about me via twitter, the problems with that baseless complaint is, I am not a Better Together employee and two, the campaign ended about two weeks ago.

Is he going to contact me and ask for the T shirt back?

Plainly Ms. Hunter grasp on reality is slipping. I think what might have upset her and her Pollok SNP chums is that I managed to get 22,956 votes for Better Together with a group about 5 people.

Pollok SNP with about 30 plus only managed to get 26,807 votes. And of course my blog was well read by the public as the ‘go to’ blog for hard hitting indy news from a working class perspective. My regular slots on BBC TV and radio programmes also went rather well which surprised many of my friends.

There is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

Finally to finish off this section on unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, she has surrounded herself with rather ugly pals, both male and female; this is sometimes done by women who feel the need to boost their low self esteem. I am reminded of Nicola’s recent visit to the BBC radio debate in the Sikh centre in Glasgow were she looked utterly miserable, isolated, desperate and needy, life sucked out of her. Sturgeon’s punishment from God is having Natalie McGarry and Mhairi Hunter as ‘friends’, I would feel sorry for her but she is unlikeable as a human being, her fake concern, her fake smile and her fake hair colour is to me to what her life has become, a hollow woman devoid of substance.

Her troubles are just about to start, you see you can’t outrun destiny, Alex Salmond using rat like behaviour tried and got stuffed on the 18th September, and now, well sit back and see Nicola implode, each day till she resigns will be a ‘day of hell’ for her! Just as the clock ticked down for Salmond, her leadership clock is just about to start heading towards zero.

Education Sec is an Englishman called Mike Russell, he wasn’t exactly a star in the referendum; with the Nationalists running an anti Westminster campaign which some people seen as racist, the Englishman Russell wasn’t to be seen or it seems heard. Education under his watch is a failure, people gave him a vote of no confidence and he is still there.

Russell is a relic of a bygone age much like Salmond.

Now, we get to Kenny MacAskill, he is the Justice Sec in name only, he is in my opinion a disgrace who has undermined the foundations of justice and a fair trial. He let convicted mass murderer and terrorist Al Megrahi walk out of jail and leave Scotland, although the compassion bit is a judgment call, letting Megrahi leave Scottish jurisdiction was staggering incompetence. Since then he has gone from blunder to blunder, anyone of which should have had his ass erased from government permanently, it’s a long list to be sure.

He is the worst Justice Sec in the history of Holyrood, and that says something in a parliament noted for such poor quality in its ranks. His PA, Karen Newton joined my twitter followers list yesterday, I politely asked her to leave; I have no interest in offending innocent people.

In 2010, I attended the Scottish National Party in Perth hosted by unpopular Nicola Sturgeon; the purpose was to allow members to flag up ideas. So, I packed my ham sandwiches and pepsi and trotted up to Perth. I proposed the Scottish National Police and Fire Service, I sat down at a table and literally rammed the proposal through destroying all the arguments and objections, I was lucky that I met Brian, an ex Policeman who also had the same idea. I suggested that rather him going elsewhere, we act jointly to get it on the agenda. The structure I laid out had accountability built into satisfy objections, a third lock, local boards, national board and a Justice 3 committee. The Justice 3 committee would not have members from the other two justice committees sitting on it; even then I was aware that the ignorant in Holyrood need trained up much like the SNP activists I saw on the ground.          
The Police idea became SNP Policy despite Kenny MacAskill not being a supporter, my idea was part of a process on how future policing should be moulded. Stage one was the creation of the National Force, let people and politicians get used to the concept and let it bed itself in. The idea was sound as I laid it out, what was to be later produced by the SNP was a shambles. An example was the National board which was to have about 11 members, in my ideas the board would have a membership of over 20, with sub committees on various issues such as funding and logistics.

Stage 2 was the arming of the Police, the folding of certain other agencies into Police Scotland such as Border Agency, Customs and the Police connected to protection of Nuclear Power Stations as well as Scottish MoD Police; that is why the National board had to be so big. Now that independence has been sunk by the disgraceful campaign of hate and bile conducted by the Nationalists, stage 2 is off, but that doesn’t mean that Stage one which was botched can’t be revisited and fixed.

I favour an armed Police Force; we see this as normal on the continent of Europe when we go on holiday or on business. In Britain, we rarely see armed officers unless we travel to the airports or ferries or high value target venue. Police Scotland rolled out a policy were armed officers suddenly sprung up and no one had any input on this measure. Unsurprisingly the public reacted rather badly and with concern, we have always had policing by consent. I have to say having watched armed officers doing traffic, I found it odd, not that they were armed but some cases, four armed officers would attend a traffic stop or be standing round a street beggar. In normal circumstances, two unarmed officers would attend these routine matters which generally were paperwork activities.

Now armed officers will in future only be deployed to firearms incidents, or where there is a threat to life, after an about-turn by Police Scotland. The policy was a PR disaster even although we all accept that there is a need for officers carrying guns. The U turn or new policy has been announced in the wake of pressure from politicians, local authorities and members of the public. The SNP MSPs or as I preferred to call them, ‘the sheep’ have been strangely silent on this issue, the so called ‘social justice champions’ lost their voices or maybe they were too busy chasing indy to bother about proper governance in Scotland.

Alison McInnes, justice spokesman for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, said:

“This u-turn is a win for the many local communities across Scotland who were alarmed by this undemocratic and fundamental change in policing approach. We have always been clear that there is a correct time and place for armed response vehicle officers. It is not reasonable nor proportionate for those officers to undertake routine duties in supermarkets, high streets or on people's doorsteps. Once again, the Justice Secretary's inaction has shown how out of step the SNP is when it comes to protecting civil liberties.”

Arming the Police isn’t a civil liberties issue; it is an operational matter, if it was European Police Forces would all be in violation of civil liberties right across Europe. A Police Officer carrying a gun doesn’t impinge on a person’s civil liberties at all.

Graeme Pearson, Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman added:

“The Scottish Government and Mr MacAskill still have questions to answer as a result of standing by for more than a year impotent.”

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingston said:

“Having a small number of armed police officers available means we can retain our operational flexibility and ensure that more than 98 per cent of our officers remain unarmed but we remain best-placed to support the public when the need arises. The threat of firearms and other serious criminality does not discriminate between the city or the town and the rural community, or indeed the Highlands and the Borders.”

Quite so ma’am!

The secret to arming Scotland’s Police is the same as comedy…… timing!

Finally, to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, two of your attack dogs have decided to have a go at me, if you are going to have dogs, surely legislation needs to be brought forward to ensure they are ‘kept on a lead’. I am sure they have accrued enough ‘brownie points’ sucking up your ass!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


freedomfighter said...

its still better than we have now SNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNPsnpSNP

Frank Grimes said...

Thats good satire. Had me pishin maself from start to finish. 10/10

Anonymous said...

Careful George!!!
Sounds as if those two might want to scream "wumminhater"
as some point. I think your being drawn into a trap. I heard it takes 32 hours for the Sun to orbit Mz McGarrie. She apparently cleared the shelves at the local foodbank. Every six weeks you can clearly see her mouchtache. Groucho would have been proud.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“Careful George!!!”

I always am, however thank you for your concern after being set upon by unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s attack dogs.

“Sounds as if those two might want to scream "wumminhater"”

Fat Natalie has a history for crying wolf on the "wumminhater” front as I previously read, she also has a problem telling the truth as well.

A despicable low brow creature worthy of the deepest contempt, as to the other loon, not the brightest person in the world, in fact I spent 20 years at University, I met smart, in the SNP, I met dense.

“as some point. I think your being drawn into a trap”.

These two clowns are to be ignored; they are so low down the food chain, that they are politically meaningless.

“I heard it takes 32 hours for the Sun to orbit Mz McGarrie”.

Send me the footage.

“She apparently cleared the shelves at the local foodbank”.

I think you may have mistaken someone else for her.

“Every six weeks you can clearly see her mouchtache. Groucho would have been proud”.

I am all about empowerment and also about giving certain people the middle finger because it’s the right thing to do.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University