Friday, October 3, 2014

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond demonstrates why Scots were 100% right to reject independence, “we'll bring in law to stop councils chasing 'missing' voters for unpaid poll tax”, we have an SNP administration unfit and unworthy to be a government, Salmond shows he is no statesman again!

Dear All

No one likes to pay bills!

Aside from losing money, the time factor of having to stand in a queue isn’t good.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond got wiped out in an epic defeat on the 18th September, I take pride in the fact I helped to defend my community, in Govan, I had helped to save both Govan shipbuilders and the BBC.

The staff at both of these institutions would have found themselves unemployed, the orders from the UK to build warships would have dried up and the BBC would have been shut down because the Nationalists hate it.

In the drive for independence, the SNP and their allies signed up many people to vote for them and their poisonous vision, people who had disappeared from the voters roll suddenly popped back up.  One of the reasons that some people disappeared was to avoid paying council tax.

In an act lacking personal and professional integrity the loser Alex Salmond has decided to bring in new legislation to prevent councils from collecting "ancient" debts resulting from the Poll Tax.

I had to pay that crap, so it is only right that the hundreds of millions owed by others should also be recovered as well.

Salmond said:

 "After 25 years it is about time that the Poll Tax was finally dead and buried in Scotland."

The poll tax was a disaster for the Tories right across Britain and the idea was dreamed up in Scotland. This is one of the main reasons that saw the Scottish Conservatives become a mainstream but fringe party until the list system allowed them back at Holyrood. There is one Tory MP in Scotland. Recently David Cameron gave a speech wanting more, given the result of the referendum and the fact Ukip has emerged as a force in British politics. Things might become tight if he loses his working class voters to Nigel Farage.
The Poll Tax, was introduced by Margaret Thatcher when she was prime minister who became a hate figure in Scotland, when she died some people were celebrating her death as some sort of victory.

It showed Scotland in a rather bad light.

At the height of the large scale non-payment campaign and major protests, out popped Tommy Sheridan who made a name for himself in Pollok and on the wider political scene as a campaigner. There were massive protests and riots, the aftermath left a bitter taste in the minds of Scots that England was using Scotland as a guinea pig for every dirty little act to be put upon the poor and disadvantaged.

Before it was rolled out across the UK.

And it was noticed by the people that Scotland was being treated this way which ensured the Scottish Tory brand became toxic and remained so to present day.

Salmond announced yesterday that councils would not be able to take any further action to recover Poll Tax debts. His take on the charge is:

"It is over 20 years since the Poll Tax came to an end and I believe the expanded electoral roll should not be used to collect poll tax debts."

It seems that Salmond and the SNP want try and keep voters who registered in the referendum and get them to vote in the Westminster 2015 election for the SNP.

I would say this is an abuse of power and I would also say people paid this charge acting in good faith, will they be getting their money back?

The answer is of course no, the law shouldn’t be used for personal advantage of the few over the many, this shows how Scots were right to reject independence, the SNP is a pathetic excuse for a political party, this is just another symptom of what happens having the wrong people in charge.

Will Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon speak out to reverse this decision, probably not; she is in my opinion rather common, a little schemer with no statesmanlike qualities about her.

And how Scotland will suffer for it when she becomes leader of the SNP!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

its like watching a car crash :(


Sherbie. said...

If Salmond and his clique bring in laws that stop councils chasing "missing voters" for unpaid poll tax, then what about bringing in a law to pay back everyone who paid their poll tax over the years!! Thank God you're going Salmond because you are a curse to Scotland, and take that Sturgeon with you.