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Arc of delusion, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tries to place herself as ‘destiny’s woman’ to lead Scotland to independence; Scotland rejected Nicola Sturgeon on the 18th September, lame duck in waiting waits to take First Minister post, her lack of class is a serious issue, common and it shows!

Dear All

You may remember that throughout the entire Scottish independence campaign, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was telling people about how confident they were about Scotland becoming independent. Salmond was walking about the place buoyed up by the fact that his polling had him a winner.

In the early hours of the 19th September, I witness the result at the Glasgow count on the big screen across the country, in 28 areas out of 32, the SNP lost. In the 4 areas they did win, “the Nationalists” used excessive manpower and an anti English campaign which some people said bordered on racist, mixed in with false hope and delusion.

I was repeatedly asked my opinion as some people became concerned, when the poll came in that the race was ‘neck and neck’, it prompted quite a few people to seek my views, even someone from Glasgow City Council popped by the blog to ask if I was worried.


There was never a time during the entire two year campaign by the Nationalists were I was phased by what they were doing, either on the ground or in social media.  There is a phrase the Nationalist like to use to rabble rouse. “too wee, too poor, too stupid”, they think by saying the intelligent among us will jump into bed with them and support their cause.

Scotland isn’t “too wee, too poor, too stupid”, it never has been, but the slogan could be applied to describe the Scottish National Party as a political organisation. Already, I have seen that some people who support independence have already setup a party called the Scottish Independence Party (SIP). I can only presume that the poisonous SNP vision of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon isn’t to their taste. And this isn’t just a Glasgow based construct; they are planning to be a National body operating through Scotland.      

The SNP campaign was as one person described it about the 13th Century, Bannockburn, 1314, the slaughter of the English and rejoicing of it in a field in Stirling. Although symbolism has its place, in the context of the Scottish independence referendum campaign, it was extraordinary bad taste and politically inept.

Now, we have unpopular Nicola Sturgeon trying to re-invent herself for the position of First Minister and the SNP desperate to hang onto the voters for the 2015 and 2016 elections. From Bannockburn, 1314, we have now moved forward a couple of centuries to now find ourselves in the time of Shakespeare. Sturgeon is now quoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth and specifically MacDuff.

Macduff asks:

“Stands Scotland where it did?” And Ross answers: “Alas, poor country! Almost afraid to know itself.”

Scotland does ‘know itself’, the decision on the 19th September proved that without a doubt, this country will not accept being run independently by the Scottish National Party in charge. Also on knowing itself, we found out rather graphically what some people suspected, pure hatred and bile of the Nationalists and their allies.

In MacBeth, since Sturgeon has touched on that there are three other characters, ‘the three witches’, hideous crones whose ugly disgusting appearance matched their black hearted souls, horrible both inside and out. Perhaps, Ms. Sturgeon, Mhairi Munter and fat Natalie McGarry are playing out those parts as Scotland’s story unfolds.  

Nicola Sturgeon is trying to make out she is in control of events, playing a role that Salmond is vacating as a puppet master pulling the strings and directing events. She isn’t directing anything; the Smith Commission is all about the victor dictating terms not the losers, the losers being the Nationalists. Although there are ‘talks’ which Sturgeon will try and ‘big up’, the offer by Westminster is already a done deal, they have already decided, they will go in low and be ‘beaten up’ to a higher offer by all the Scottish parties both Yes and No as the Labour, Tories and Lib Dems take control and throw Sturgeon a biscuit or two! Scottish No Parties has two million people in their corner, and Sturgeon doesn’t.

In terms, that Scotland does not stand in the same place as it did before the vote, she is right, it’s seen the end of Alex Salmond, no loss in my opinion. Salmond had become a dangerous liability; I think the technical term is a ‘bam’. You only look at his recent outpourings to be amazed about how petty he really is, his poll tax or Eck’s Law, his radio phone in with Kaye Adams or even his extended ‘victory tour’ round Scotland, presumably staying at the best hotels which charge a fortune.

Sturgeon says Scotland is now more politically engaged and assertive than at any stage of the democratic era. Well done, for recognising the bleeding obvious, however, did she spot the flaw? Events are about to spiral out of her control, she cannot deliver on expectation, and she can’t keep doing piecemeal politics. Sturgeon also says that “the entire Westminster establishment abandoning business and upping sticks to pay a panic visit to Scotland”. Isn’t it funny that that Westminster abandoned business for a few weeks and the SNP abandoned the entire government of Scotland since May 2011! Presumably, Westminster is much more adapt at time management that Ms. Sturgeon and her nasty vicious clique.

“Our strengths and weaknesses, virtues and faults, were played out in the full glare of national and international publicity”.

People have gotten an eye opener how inept, mean spirited and lacking in all the areas of government and nationhood the SNP actually are. Scotland would have been plunged into chaos by the gross stupidity of the Scottish National Party leadership.

In seeking to deny reality, Sturgeon said:

“The picture that emerged may not have been perfect – and the intolerance of the tiny minority on both sides must be acknowledged and addressed – but we did emerge with huge credit at home and abroad with much to be proud of in the way we conducted ourselves in this biggest democratic exercise in Scotland’s history”.

It wasn’t a minority of little bastards on the Nationalist side by any means; it was a considerable number of people. One of which who has previously worked with you and is connected to your inner circle of ‘friends’/ SNP Candidates and elected representatives, he has been arrested and charged by Police Scotland. I was personally subjected to a year long hate campaign which even continued when I stood for public office in the Govan by-election. 

In her rant of delusion, Sturgeon added:

“there is a new self-confidence in the land demanding powers for a purpose – the ability to create more jobs and tackle the gross inequality that scars our country. That is the project which all of Scotland is now focused on”.

In the SNP, which is a ‘rat ship’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon knows full well, that there is gross inequality, it is a two tier party, were the working class are ‘second class’ members. If you take the you can see how unequal the SNP actually is by the number of little dynasties which have emerged, the Sturgeon clan, the Ewing clan, the Gibson clan, and the Huner clan to name but a few, and there are more of them in the party, however these ones are easily recognisable. Do not kid yourself on that Nicola Sturgeon stands for equality, that’s bullshit!

Here is classic delusion:

“Let me make a confession. While I was never complacent, I did believe up until polls closed, that Yes would win”.

This is the same shit she parroted in 2012 prior to the Glasgow City Council elections in which she was speaking along the lines of ‘winds of change’, what happened to the winds of change? Remember this was Glasgow Labour Party at it weakest, I called the Labour Council of Shame because so many of them deserved to get the boot. Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon got handed her ass by Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson in an epic defeat, of course there were considerable problems with the SNP campaign led by Allison Hunter, one of which was Hunter herself who discovered that she was nothing more than an admin person, and not a nice admin person at that.

“The countless canvassing sessions and public meetings I did in every corner of the country, particularly as we neared polling day, convinced me of that”.

That dear was you speaking to your own converted voters in the main, people had already made their minds up when you decided to lie and lie and lie on the main issues such as the EU.

People aren’t stupid!

“In the circumstances, achieving 45 per cent and 1.6 million votes for an independent Scotland was remarkable, and, in my opinion, will be judged in days to come as the moment which determined that independence was a question of “when, not if”.

It was done by running an English hate campaign and that is unremarkable.

“I believe that there is a strong relationship between the extent of the powers we wield in the Scottish Parliament, and people’s confidence in our abilities to succeed as an independent country”.

Simple minded rubbish, did Sturgeon pick that up on an Irvine street corner, I wonder if she eats caramels? She might as well have said that because it wouldn’t have any more effect on the people of Scotland than this tripe.

Let me tell unpopular Nicola Sturgeon what the future is, the Westminster deal is already done and dusted, she is a caretaker leader, the SNP will see infighting as new members demand another referendum, some sitting SNP MSPs will be replaced by militants, if they are denied then the SNP will be spilt by infighting as people demand a new leader and rule changes. Salmond isn’t going anywhere; people will be looking to him and not her. Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t command natural leadership, she is an angry wee Nat, the ‘good times’ which she thinks are about to start will be very short lived.

A ‘Rat ship’ will eventually sink, the only difference is that when this one does, Nicola Sturgeon will be seen as the woman who didn’t deliver Scottish independence and put the cause of Nationalism back decades!

Nicola Sturgeon is common and it shows!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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