Monday, February 6, 2012

Support for indy slips, Glasgow SNP Cllr Candidates, ‘they may take our lives but they will never take our policies’, might help to have one!

Dear All

Think of a pop star, a film star and a sporting hero.

Everyone who makes it has their 15 minutes of fame, which sometimes can stretch.

Being popular is great, why wouldn’t it be, everyone likes to be well thought off.

But there are dangers in being populist especially in politics, the only way to tackle that ebb and flow of ‘the Atlantic tide’ is to be seen as competent!

That is far more important in my opinion than chasing the popular vote backed up with no policies, trying to be all things to all men generally turns out to be relevant to none.

Support for Scottish independence has slipped in recent months.

This isn’t surprising in fact I have been saying this for sometime within Glasgow SNP, however the Scottish National Party are saying that the tide is turning in their favour.

George Laird was right again as events unfold.

Alex Salmond even has problems even trying to persuade one of his hard core activists to come out and sell his message at the Glasgow Council election.

As to the new poll by TNS-BMRB, support for independence is 35%.

44% would vote No!

21% remain undecided.

This study runs contrary to the claim by SNP strategists. There was much hype by the SNP about the vast influx of ‘new’ members to the party but I didn't see this as momentum, no matter how it was parceled up, this was because there was a co-ordinated campaign to make this public.

As a media strategy however it was all good bread and butter standard stuff.

But politics is about two things, illusion and reality.

Illusion sells your story but reality keeps you in power.

Support for the Union up by six points because there is a lack of substance floating about the place.

And before anyone gets upset, let us remember the words of SNP leader Allison Hunter on the reality of substance regarding policies:

“I haven’t thought about that yet. Actually, I’m not an out-there leader. I’m a team leader. So we haven’t actually thought about that yet.”

This begs the question, what have the Glasgow SNP Group of Councillors being doing for the last 5 years in their group meetings?

Now we know:

“Actually, I’m not an out-there leader. I’m a team leader. So we haven’t actually thought about that yet.”

If she wants to be a ‘team’ leader then maybe she should go sell timeshare and double glazing.

In case anyone has missed what I have been saying at Glasgow SNP, I will refresh everyone’s memories, this is the most important election in Scottish History which is why I called for a dedicated Glasgow training hub to teach activists.

Whoever takes control of Glasgow Council takes a key milestone in the road to independence. It doesn’t guarantee that the independence vote will be won but it is incredibly helpful.

SNP Council Leader Allison Hunter in an STV interview voiced the opinion that the people of Glasgow want change.

The question is change to what? When pressed on Glasgow developments stemming from the Scottish Government, other than the new Southern Hospital, she had to fall back on roads improvement.

On twitter SNP Cllr Grant Thoms floated a self build idea as a policy to kick start house building, I don’t know if this is a Glasgow SNP policy since I don't think he is standing in Glasgow, but the idea to make it easier to self build wasn’t a giant leap forward.

There is no Neil Armstrong at Glasgow SNP standing as a candidate who is willing to make a giant leap for mankind, even locally.

Chris Eynon, head of TNS-BMRB Scotland, said:

"From the initial skirmishes, it would appear that the independence bandwagon has currently lost its momentum, in spite of the poll timing coinciding with the high-profile launch of the consultation in Edinburgh Castle on Burns Day."

Mr Eynon believes some earlier ratings simply reflected the popularity of the SNP Government. But he said the debate around the practicalities of an independent Scotland had resulted in a "weakening of support and reassertion of opposition" to independence.

After 11 polls over five years, support for independence is now back to exactly the same figure it started on, having fluctuated between 31% and 41%.

And that shows the extent of the SNP problem, popularity will carry you so far, but there has to be more behind it.

This should worry SNP ‘team’ Leader Allison Hunter because as she says:

“Actually, I’m not an out-there leader. I’m a team leader.”

It is a bit late in the day to sell the message of ‘change’ when for the last 5 years in public office you haven’t developed any policies to put to the people who may want that enacted.

A recent idea to have a 'petitions committee' to make Glasgow Council, 'Holyrood on the Clyde' is unnecessary duplication because people can already complain to their local councillors and council departments on issues of concern. It may impress some but it doesn’t impress me or any reasonable person who understands avenues are already available.

At present, the Glasgow Council campaign from what I can see is low key, and it isn’t enough to hope that the SNP Holyrood 'bounce' will carry the SNP over the line to win the city.

Also I don’t see the X Factor accepting table dancing Nationalist Council Candidates as contestants screaming ‘freedom’ anytime soon.

The X Factor is choosy much like Glaswegians.

Mind you I can do a good Mel Gibson Braveheart impression shouting ‘freedom’ but it is mostly comedy when I want to take the piss out of idiots.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, George. A real tour de force.
All the best. EC

Anonymous said...

Polls are rigged...

George Laird said...

Dear EC

"Brilliant post, George. A real tour de force.
All the best. EC"

Thank you for that, nice to know that others can look at things without allowing emotion to sway them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

George - No one will take you seriously until you stop pretending to be endorsed by Glasgow University.

George Laird said...

Dear Councillor Kelly

I have never claimed to be endorsed by Glasgow University, I am campaigning for human rights to be introduced AT Glasgow University which have been denied to many students.

As to being taken seriously, I proposed the Scottish National Police Force and Fire Service to the SNP at their National Assembley in September 2010.

Both of those are now bills.

People do take me seriously, seriously enough in the SNP to nick my ideas and not give me credit for them but I respect your opinion not to.

If you are here to start an argument, please get a number and take a seat and I will try to get round to you.

I have some bastards I have to deal with first; unfortunately that puts you to the back of the queue.

Please forgive me but this is a serious matter, too serious for a Labour halfwit such as you to get in my way.

I recently had the misfortune to listen to a former colleague of yours called Derek Mackay. He was trying comedy; however he came across as provincial, he can’t do comedy and I have serious doubts despite him being a council leader in your mud hut area that he can amount to anything better.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University