Monday, February 13, 2012

SNP Member George Laird asks the question, does Alex Salmond stand for fairness, equality and social justice as civil war looms in Glasgow SNP

Dear All

The ex-Labour councillor Anne Marie Millar has called for a full-scale inquiry into her allegations she was intimidated by a former colleague during the crucial budget vote in Glasgow last week which was packed with high drama.

Despite making the allegations, repeatedly, no one from the Labour Party has been in contact with her since the incident.

This isn't unusual in political parties, especially when someone is claiming they have been victimised and discriminated against. Political parties such as Labour and the Scottish National Party prefer to bury complaints instead of taking action.

The Scottish National Party is no different than the Labour Party who shows an equally distasteful disregard to serious allegations being made by their working class members.

A complaint submitted to the Scottish National Party on 5/9/2011 still hasn’t been acknowledged.

What does that say about the SNP’s claims to uphold fairness, equality and social justice?

I don’t believe at present that the Scottish National Party does stand for fairness, equality and social justice if my personal experiences are anything to go by. I want Alex Salmond to prove that the party stands for fairness, equality and social justice by ordering a full investigation in allegations made in writing and previously sent to him.

5/9/2011 not even an acknowledgment.

Alex Salmond silent.

Nicola Sturgeon silent.

Peter Murrell silent.

Ian McCann silent.

Derek Mackay silent.

As my friend says; how could these people lead Scotland to be a democratic country when they can’t defend the democracy within their own party?

I contrast my experience with SNP MP Dr. Whiteford, she makes unsubstantiated allegations against Labour MP Ian Davidson with no evidence or witnesses to back up her claim.

I; on the other hand submit a complaint based on information sent to me by someone which has been corroborated by a witness.

Dr. Whiteford, rich middle class, former employee of Alex Salmond has her complaint and the full backing of the party within hours on unsubstantiated allegations.

George Laird in the period of 5 and a half months is ignored.

Two members, same party and it is the working class person who is treated differently.

I can only conclude that if I was rich, important and middle class, I would have received the same treatment as Dr. Whiteford.

But I am not rich; I am poor, working class and Glaswegian.

Interestingly Humza Yousaf, Glasgow SNP List MSP interjected on the Labour allegations of bullying by saying:

"How can Johann Lamont hope to run the opposition when she can't even stop the civil war in her own constituency party?"

The same question might as well be put to Alex Salmond.

I am publicly calling for Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party to stand up for the working class members of his own party.

It is time to find out, is Alex Salmond willing to stand up for all of Scotland or is it limited to the rich middle class within his own party?

I think the people of Scotland should have the answer to that question: so far the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond and the senior SNP figures has been awfully silent on serious serious allegations within Glasgow SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George, try not to pretend Glasgow SNP is anything like as split as Glasgow Labour. One minor issue doesn't mean a civil war.

blogging this sort of stuff is counter-productive to fighting for independence. You are much better deployed aiming your considerable blogging guns at the shambles that is Glasgow Labour!

Anonymous said...

no he does not little ayatollh he is a dangers person going to cause a big split in our country

George Laird said...

Dear Anon

Interesting you should use the line:

"One minor issue doesn't mean a civil war".

Please since you know so much, tell us all what the 'minor' issue is.

Tell us all in detail the contents of the David McLean email and what specific allegeation was levelled at me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

George, I don't mean to be-little whatever issue it is, and i mean no offense if it is you who have been at the wrong end of something from your perspective.

I don't know what it is - or frankly care, Salmond is a great man and wouldn't have time to answer your email - surely you understand that. Political parties always have these wee strasmashes, but the bigger picture is greater.

And surely the chance of independence is more important than whatever it is?

Calm yerself doon and get out campaigning again.