Friday, February 3, 2012

Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne resigns as Government as CPS decide to prosecute him over claims he dodged a speeding ban, career in meltdown

Dear All

It’s a miracle and it’s on a Friday too!

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is to face criminal charges over claims he dodged a speeding ban and has now resigned as a Government Minister.

Like Cinderella, he is going to the ‘bail’.

I know it is a play on words but its Friday.

So, Chris Huhne’s MP career now hangs in the balance, as both he and his ex-wife face charges and they will both appear in court on February 16.

His ex- wife Vicky Pryce is the reason for his downfall, she spilled the beans, but not ‘green’ beans.

The move to stick it to Huhne was announced this morning by Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC.

That decision follows an eight-month police investigation.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned especially a Greek one!

Didn’t Huhne watch the Guns of Naverone where a Greek woman plugs a traitor?

If only he had been a film buff.

Huhne betrayed his wife by shagging another woman behind her back, as Huhne went the ‘extra yard’, little did he know that his ‘cock of destiny’ moments could led to meeting ‘big bertie’ (that’s a joke).

His wife is no dimwit; there is brains rolling about in her head, a former visiting professor at t City University's Cass Business School from 2002-6 and since 2008, and at Imperial College Business School since 2010; a visiting Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford since 2008; a Fellow of the Society of Business Economists since 2005, and has sat on the Council of the University of Kent since 2005 and of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) from 2008-9.[3] She was a Member on the Council of the Royal Economic Society (REconS) from 2002-7.

She is on the vengeance trail, the target Chris Huhne, the only way she possible saw it for ‘payback’, was ‘pull the pin on the grenade’ as she sacrifices her career too.

It’s all good heroic stuff.

You have got to like this woman!

The decision to proceed with the case means effectively that the Liberal Democrat's Cabinet career is well and truly over, he has resigned, never to be a Cabinet Minister again.

At present he is now just a backbench MP.

Who knows perhaps he thinks he should take the gamble and see how things play out down the Old Bailey.
Maybe he might not get jail.

The charges relate to claims that Mr Huhne, who was an MEP at the time, got his wife to accept penalty points on his behalf which would have led to him being banned from driving.

Pervert the course of justice, false declaration etc etc all serious stuff.

No way back if found guilty.

MP career stuffed as well methinks.

Earlier, both Mr Huhne's Lib Dem and Tory colleagues expressed support for his remaining in post during the investigation but then they would say that.

Further down the line when the papers gets their second wind and a trial starts his ‘supporters’ will be harder to find than Lord Lucan.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has backed off Huhne like a guy who has stepped in dog poo and walked on someone’s cream coloured carpet, then said to the wife, ‘what’s the problem, I have cleaned it up’!

Clegg warned it would be a "very serious issue", and insisted the coalition was determined to uphold the "highest standards of probity" among ministers.

100% lack of support!

And earlier the Cabinet Secretary is also chipped in that Huhne would have to resign if he gets done, bang to rights, me old darling!

Huhne has consistently denied claims he was the one behind the wheel on the fateful day.

But he has to enter a Court of Law and face his angry ex-wife, who looks like a credible witness on paper.

Looks like a case of ‘beware of Greeks baring gifts’ or in this case beware of ‘Chris Huhne baring ass’.

Chris Huhne has resigned as a Government Minister, but his ex-wife probably wants the double or even the treble.

She has scored the first goal to take an early lead, now she is looking to the courts to finish the job.

As an economic she knows the value of getting in specialist labour to move a project forward.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


windmill's in his mind said...

"hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" right enough George.
I suspect Ms Pryce has had time to reflect and is now deeply worried as she will go to prison for conspiracy if they're found guilty. Maybe she will 'come out' in prison and be more desirable to the Hoon.
Ms Pryce could have given a copy of her Times newspaper e mails to the police if she wanted the case dealt with quicker so I suspect she's worried now.

Anonymous said...

their has been so much happening it the house of commons it is hard to tell who is lieing and who is telling the truth so the easy way forward would be their out if the are caught telling lies and cant stand for office again for 10 years
the thuth is the only way forward