Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Human Rights Abusing Glasgow University extends trainee pilot scheme for teachers, circa 18 years ago; I was already doing that at the University

Dear All

George Laird, humble Glaswegian pottering about the place.

Years ago, I was a fitness teacher for GUSA at human rights abusing Glasgow University, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

As someone who is always ahead of my time, I quickly established myself as the premier weight training instructor at the university gym.

At a young age, I began teaching fitness and so discovered that the conventional monkey see monkey do wasn’t how learning should be conducted.

As part of my teaching of students and staff, everyone who entered my classes to learn the skill of weight training was automatically enrolled into teacher training.

Classes weren’t simply about completing exercises they were about how to analysis performance.

My students became so good, that the staff asked for their help in making the gym better for all.

I taught the elite of the university because I produced the elite.

Now, circa 18 years, my style of teaching method has won praise by the Scottish Government who has looked at radical plans to transform the way teachers are trained.

The ideas are similar to mine used in traditional teaching hospitals.

I taught a shitload of medics, dentists, vets, doctors and very other type of person in the gym.

SNP Education Secretary Michael Russell has endorsed moves by human rights abusing Glasgow University to extend a pilot scheme introduced in the city.

The model borrows from the traditional approach of medical training where student doctors follow an experienced colleague on his or her rounds.

Similar to what I piloted about 18 years ago.

Research found that the pilot in schools in Glasgow had improved the experience of student teachers.

In particular, the research singled out the use of "learning rounds" – where groups of students observe teachers, as well as each other.

Exactly how I taught my classes at university many years ago.

Mike Russell said:

"I am confident this truly innovative model will be of great value to pupils, teachers and to the student teachers."

At the time of my teaching for free at human rights abusing Glasgow University, I was held and treated with contempt by the ‘teaching’ staff, some of whom weren’t even George Laird trainee standard.

One day, a staff member called Ann McPhail, PhD, Graduate assistant and international athlete approached one of my trainees and asked why she went to George Laird to learn weight training and not the staff, she replied:

“George Laird is a proper instructor”.

Tail between her legs Ann McPhail sloped off very quickly.

She now teaches in a shithole called the University of Limerick.

A suitable punishment, looking at her bio at University of Limerick, you might be tempted to think she was George Laird standard but at Glasgow she wasn’t.

Not by a long chalk.

As I said at the time to my trainees, it is easier to get into medical school at Glasgow University than a George Laird class.

And I considered myself better at teaching than the Dean of the Medical Faculty, since I didn’t have a failure rate.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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