Thursday, February 9, 2012

Labour Councillor Stephen Dornan jumps ship from Glasgow Labour Party over unfairness and bias of party selection process

Dear Comrades

This is to inform you of my decision to resign from the Labour Party. A resignation letter has been sent to the general secretary of the party.

This decision has been prompted by the action of the central Labour Party in stopping the Govan Labour Party from exercising its democratic right to choose its own candidates for election in May 2012.

This action, taken under the influence of party officials from London, makes no sense in terms of my performance in the Council, where I have and continue to take decisive action to improve the life of Glasgow's people. Nor is it sensible given my strong track record of building my own and the Labour Party's vote in Govan.

The initial reason provided for the refusal to allow the Govan Labour Party a voice on my candidacy suggested that my performance in community engagement was weak.

My track record locally, even before my initial election - in tenants associations, community councils, voluntary food co-ops, debt counselling and local youth groups - clearly demonstrated that this justification was concocted.

At my appeal I was strongly supported by a community councillor; a community group representative; and the local MP Ian Davidson. These voices of community representation were ignored.

I believe that the decision to prevent my candidacy was taken under the dual influence of London officials who, as usual, think that they know best what the people of Govan and Glasgow need; and by cliques within the Labour Party in Glasgow who sought to make space for the followers of the Party's dynasties but knew that leaving the choice in the hands of local parties would not deliver the required result.

The current complaint to the Standards Commissioner over the alleged use of public positions to influence the Labour Party selection processes is a prime example.

I know that many of you share my concerns that the national Labour Party has distanced itself from its socailist principles at a time when these are needed more than ever.

I would like to thank comrades for their support and advice throughout the years. My values have not changed and I look forward to working with you in the interests of Glasgow and its people.

I remain and will always be a strong supporter of the labour movement.

Your sincerely

Stephen Dornan

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Anonymous said...

he might be right the people at the top have to look at themselfs and ask the question they should not be picking who stands for election that is the job for the local clp not them